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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1999:   Signaling and Gene Expression in the Immune System, Vol. LXIV

Organizer: Bruce Stillman


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xxi Lymphocyte Development Lymphoid Development from Stem Cells and the Common Lymphocyte ProgenitorsK. Akashi, M. Kondo, S. Cheshier, J. Shizuru, K. Gandy, J. Domen, R. Mebius, D. Traver,and I.L. Weissman    1 PU.1, a Shared Transcriptional Regulator of Lymphoid and Myeloid Cell Fates H. Singh,R.P. DeKoter, and J.C. Walsh    13 Differentiation, Dedifferentiation, and Redifferentiation of B-lineage Lymphocytes: Roles ofthe Surrogate Light Chain and the Pax5 Gene A. Rolink, S. Nutt, M. Busslinger,E. ten Boekel, T. Seidl, J. Andersson, and F. Melchers    21 Notch and the CD4 Versus CD8 Lineage Decision P. Valdez and E. Robey    27 Consequences of Notch-mediated Inhibition of the Transcription Factor E47 W. Pear, Z. Tang, S. DeRocco, D. Allman, R. Hardy, J. Pui, L. Xu, F. Karnell, J. Aster, and T. Kadesch    33 Role of Helix-Loop-Helix Proteins in Lymphocyte Development C. Murre    39 Controlling Lymphopoiesis with a Combinatorial E-protein Code R.J. Barndt and Y. Zhuang    45 The Molecular Basis of B-cell Lineage Commitment S.L. Nutt, A.G. Rolink, and M. Busslinger    51 Role of B-lymphocyte-induced Maturation Protein-1 in Terminal Differentiation of B Cells andOther Cell Lineages C. Angelin-Duclos, G. Cattoretti, D.H. Chang, K.-I. Lin, Y. Lin,J. Yu, and K. Calame    61 The Lymphochip: A Specialized cDNA Microarray for the Genomic-scale Analysis of GeneExpression in Normal and Malignant Lymphocytes A. Alizadeh, M. Eisen, R.E. Davis,C. Ma, H. Sabet, T. Tran, J.I. Powell, L. Yang, G.E. Marti, D.T. Moore, J.R. Hudson, Jr.,W.C. Chan, T. Greiner, D. Weisenburger, J.O. Armitage, I. Lossos, R. Levy, D. Botstein,P.O. Brown, and L.M. Staudt    71 Transcription Factors and the Control of Lymphocyte Development Ikaros Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in the Control of the Differentiation of theHemo-lymphoid System J. Koipally, J. Kim, B. Jones, A. Jackson, N. Avitahl,S. Winandy, M. Trevisan, A. Nichogiannopoulou, C. Kelley, and K. Georgopoulos    79 Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation in Lymphocyte Progenitors: Insight from anAnalysis of the Terminal Transferase Promoter P. Ernst, K. Hahm, B.S. Cobb,K.E. Brown, L.A. Trinh, A.S. McCarty, M. Merkenschlager, C.A. Klug, A.G. Fisher,and S.T. Smale    87 Mechanisms of m Enhancer Regulation in B Lymphocytes B.S. Nikolajczyk, W. Dang, and R. Sen    99 Differential Regulation of Immunoglobulin Gene Transcription via Nuclear Matrix-associatedRegions C. Webb, R.-T. Zong, D. Lin, Z. Wang, M. Kaplan, Y. Paulin, E. Smith, L. Probst,J. Bryant, A. Goldstein, R. Scheuermann, and P. Tucker    109 B-cell-specific Coactivator OCA-B: Biochemical Aspects, Role in B-Cell Development andBeyond Y. Luo and R.G. Roeder    119 Control of Lymphocyte Differentiation by the LEF-1/TCF Family of Transcription FactorsT. Reya, R. Okamura, and R. Grosschedl    133 Activation and Repression of Wingless/Wnt Target Genes by the TCF/LEF-1 Family ofTranscription Factors H.C. Korswagen and H.C. Clevers    141 The INF-b Enhancer: A Paradigm for Understanding Activation and Repression of InducibleGene Expression N. Munshi, J. Yie, M. Merika, K. Senger, S. Lomvardas, T. Agalioti, and D. Thanos    149 Recombination and Allelic Exclusion V(D)J Recombination: Links to Transposition and Double-strand Break Repair M. Gellert,J.E. Hesse, K. Hiom, M. Melek, M. Modesti, T.T. Paull, D.A. Ramsden, and D.C. van Gent    161 Nonhomologous End-joining Proteins Are Required for V(D)J Recombination, Normal Growth,and Neurogenesis J.M. Sekiguchi, Y. Gao, Y. Gu, K. Frank, Y. Sun, J. Chaudhuri, C. Zhu,H.-L. Cheng, J. Manis, D. Ferguson, L. Davidson, M.E. Greenberg, and F.W. Alt    169 Regulation of Chromatin Accessibility for V(D)J Recombination C. Hernandez-Munain,M. Taylor McMurry, and M.S. Krangel    183 What Prevents Intermolecular V(D)J Recombination? L.E. Huye, J.-O. Han, and D.B. Roth    191 Demethylation and the Establishment of k Allelic Exclusion R. Mostoslavsky, A. Kirillov,Y.-H. Ji, M. Goldmit, M. Holzmann, T. Wirth, H. Cedar, and Y. Bergman    197 RAG Expression in B Cells in Secondary Lymphoid Tissues W. Yu, H. Nagaoka, Z. Misulovin,E. Meffre, H. Suh, M. Jankovic, N. Yannoutsos, R. Casellas, E. Besmer, F. Papavasiliou,X. Qin, and M.C. Nussenzweig    207 Antibody Diversification and Selection in the Mature B-Cell Compartment M.S. Neuberger,A. Lanoue, M.R. Ehrenstein, F.D. Batista, J.E. Sale, and G.T. Williams    211 Molecular Mechanism of Immunoglobulin Class Switch Recombination K. Kinoshita,C.-G. Lee, J. Tashiro, M. Muramatsu, X.-C. Chen, K. Yoshikawa, and T. Honjo    217 Molecular Aspects of Somatic Hypermutation of Immunoglobulin Genes U. Storb, A. Peters,N. Kim, H.M. Shen, G. Bozek, N. Michael, J. Hackett, Jr., E. Klotz, J.D. Reynolds,L.A. Loeb, and T.E. Martin    227 T-cell Activation and Receptor Signaling Structural, Biochemical, and Biophysical Studies of HLA-A2/Altered Peptide Ligands Bindingto Viral-peptide-specific Human T-cell Receptors B.M. Baker, Y.-H. Ding, D.N. Garboczi, W.E. Biddison, and D.C. Wiley    235 Visualizing T-cell Recognition M.M. Davis, C. Wülfing, M.F. Krummel, P.A. Savage, J. Xu,C. Sumen, M.L. Dustin, and Y.-H. Chien    243 Three Signals and a Master Switch in the Regulation of T-cell Immunity A. Lanzavecchia    253 Studies on the Adapter Molecule LAT L.E. Samelson, S.C. Bunnell, R.P. Trible, T. Yamazaki,and W. Zhang    259 The Adapter Proteins LAT and SLP-76 Are Required for T-cell Activation T.S. Finco,D. Yablonski, J. Lin, and A. Weiss    265 Signaling in Primary Thymocytes after Presentation of Altered Peptide Ligands by Antigen-presenting Cells or MHC-peptide Tetramers L.A. Smyth, L. Reynolds, R. Tyrrell,O. Williams, T. Norton, T. Schumacher, V. Tybulewicz, S.C. Ley, and D. Kioussis    275 The Impact of Pre-T-cell Receptor Signals on Gene Expression in Developing T CellsH. von Boehmer, I. Aifantis, O. Azogui, C. Saint-Ruf, and F. Grassi    283 The PTK-STAT Signaling Pathway Has Essential Roles in T-cell Activation in Response toAntigen Stimulation T. Welte, D. Leitenberg, B.N. Dittel, B.K. al-Ramadi, W.R. Hansen,B. Xie, C.A. Janeway, Jr., A.L.M. Bothwell, K. Bottomly, and X.-Y. Fu    291 CTLA-4 -The Costimulatory Molecule That Doesn't: Regulation of T-cell Responses byInhibition C.A. Chambers and J.P. Allison    303 B-cell Activation and Receptor Signaling Mechanisms of Self-tolerance and Autoimmunity: From Whole-animal Phenotypes toMolecular Pathways C.C. Goodnow, R. Glynne, D. Mack, B. Weintraub, J. Rathmell,J.I. Healy, S. Chaudhry, L. Miosge, A. Loy, and L. Wilson    313 The Maintenance and the Activation Signal of the B-cell Antigen Receptor M. Reth andJ. Wienands    323

Inhibitory Receptors and Their Modes of Action D.C. Fong and J.C. Cambier    329

Cell Death and Survival in the Immune System

Genetic Analysis of Apoptotic and Survival Signals T.W. Mak and W.-C. Yeh    335

Death and Survival Signals Determine Active/Inactive Conformations of Pro-apoptotic BAX,BAD, and BID Molecules S.J. Korsmeyer, A. Gross, H. Harada, J. Zha, K. Wang,X.-M. Yin, M. Wei, and S. Zinkel    343

Control of Apoptosis in Hematopoietic Cells by the Bcl-2 Family of Proteins J.M. Adams,D.C.S. Huang, H. Puthalakath, P. Bouillet, G. Vairo, K. Moriishi, G. Hausmann,L. O'Reilly, K. Newton, S. Ogilvy, M.L. Bath, C.G. Print, A.W. Harris, A. Strasser,and S. Cory    351

RIPs: An Emerging Family of Kinases Involved in Pro-inflammatory and Apoptotic Signaling V.M. Dixit    359

Receptor-mediated Apoptosis in T Lymphocytes J. Zhang, A. DeYoung, H.G. Kasler,N.H. Kabra, A.A. Kuang, G. Diehl, S.J. Sohn, C. Bishop, and A. Winoto    363

Role of the Nuclear Hormone Receptor RORg in Transcriptional Regulation, ThymocyteSurvival, and Lymphoid Organogenesis D.R. Littman, Z. Sun, D. Unutmaz,M.J. Sunshine, H.T. Petrie, and Y.-R. Zou    373

What Keeps a Resting T Cell Alive? C.B. Thompson, J.C. Rathmell, K.A. Frauwirth,T. Lindsten, C.M. Rudin, J.T. Opferman, P.G. Ashton-Rickardt, M.H. Harris, N.S. Chandel,P.T. Schumacker, and M.G. Vander Heiden    383

Cytokine Signaling and Responses

Differential Roles of Cytokine Signaling during T-cell Development R. Moriggl,J.-C. Marine, D.J. Topham, S. Teglund, V. Sexl, C. McKay, R. Piekorz, D. Wang,E. Parganas, A. Yoshimura, and J.N. Ihle    389

Negative Regulation of Cytokine Signaling by the SOCS Proteins N.A. Nicola, S.E. Nicholson,D. Metcalf, J.-G. Zhang, M. Baca, A. Farley, T.A. Willson, R. Starr, W. Alexander, andD.J. Hilton    397

IL-4 Signaling Is Regulated through the Recruitment of Phosphatases, Kinases, and SOCSProteins to the Receptor Complex J. Losman, X.P. Chen, H. Jiang, P.-Y. Pan,M. Kashiwada, C. Giallourakis, S. Cowan, K. Foltenyi, and P. Rothman    405

Signaling via the IL-2 and IL-7 Receptors from the Membrane to the Nucleus W.J. Leonard,K. Imada, H. Nakajima, A. Puel, E. Soldaini, and S. John    417

Potential Roles of Stat1 and Stat3 in Cellular Transformation J.F. Bromberg and J.E. Darnell, Jr.    425

Innate Immune Induction of the Adaptive Immune Response R. Medzhitov and C.A. Janeway, Jr.    429

Attenuation of Tumor Necrosis Factor a Gene Transcription in Macrophages by an AutocrineFactor M. Baer, S. Nedospasov, and P.F. Johnson    437

Mechanism of Chromatin Recognition and Transcriptional Regulation by LEF-1 and theWnt/Wg-responsive LEF-1:b-Catenin Complex A. Tutter, G.S. McAlpine, and K.A. Jones    445

HIV and SIV Nef Modulate Signal Transduction and Protein Sorting in T Cells J. Skowronski,M.E. Greenberg, M. Lock, R. Mariani, S. Salghetti, T. Swigut, and A.J. Iafrate    453

Transcription Factor IRF-1 and Its Family Members in the Regulation of Host DefenseT. Taniguchi, N. Tanaka, K. Ogasawara, S. Taki, M. Sato, and A. Takaoka    465


NF-kB Activation by Tumor Necrosis Factor and Interleukin-1 Z. Cao, M. Tanaka, C. Regnier,M. Rothe, A. Yamit-hezi, J.D. Woronicz, M.E. Fuentes, M.H. Durnin, S.A. Dalrymple,and D.V. Goeddel    473

Role of NF-kB in T-lymphocyte Development R.E. Voll and S. Ghosh    485

The IkB Kinase: A Master Regulator of NF-kB, Innate Immunity, and Epidermal DifferentiationM. Delhase and M. Karin    491

Signaling through Calcium, Calcineurin, and NF-AT in Lymphocyte Activation and DevelopmentK. Stankunas, I.A. Graef, J.R. Neilson, S.-H. Park, and G.R. Crabtree    505

NF-AT5: The NF-AT Family of Transcription Factors Expands in a New Direction C. López-Rodríguez, J. Aramburu, A.S. Rakeman, N.G. Copeland, D.J. Gilbert, S. Thomas, C. Disteche, N.A. Jenkins, and A. Rao    517

Signal Integration by Transcription-factor Assemblies: Interactions of NFAT1 and AP-1 onthe IL-2 Promoter L. Chen, A. Rao, and S.C. Harrison    527

Structure and Mechanism in NF-kB/IkB Signaling T. Huxford, S. Malek, and G. Ghosh    533

Structural Studies of Human TRAF2 H. Wu, Y.C. Park, H. Ye, and L. Tong    541

Structural and Biochemical Analysis of Signal Transduction by the TRAF Family of AdapterProteins S.M. McWhirter, S.S. Pullen, B.G. Werneburg, M.E. Labadia, R.H. Ingraham,J.J. Crute, M.R. Kehry, and T. Alber    551

T-cell Differentiation

Molecular Basis of T-cell Differentiation R.A. Flavell, B. Li, C. Dong, H.-T. Lu,D.D. Yang, H. Enslen, C. Tournier, A. Whitmarsh, M. Wysk, D. Conze, M. Rincón,and R.J. Davis    563

Tissue-specific Regulation of Cytokine Gene Expression I.-C. Ho, J.I. Kim, S.J. Szabo,and L.H. Glimcher    573

Bi-stable Transcriptional Circuitry and GATA-3 Auto-activation in Th2 CommitmentK.M. Murphy, W. Ouyang, S. Ranganath, and T.L. Murphy    585

Multiple Levels of Regulation of Th2 Cytokine Gene Expression N. Arai, H.J. Lee, I. Ferber,H. Kurata, and A. O'Garra    589

Bias in the Expression of IL-4 Alleles: The Use of T Cells from a GFP Knock-in MouseC. Pannetier, J. Hu-Li, and W.E. Paul    599

Summary: Signals and Beyond R.A. Flavell    603