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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1996:   Function & Dysfunction in the Nervous System, Vol. LXI

Organizer: Bruce Stillman


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xvii Language and Visual Processing Cortical Plasticity Underlying Perceptual, Motor, and Cognitive Skill Development: Implications for Neurorehabilitation M.M. Merzenich, B. Wright, W. Jenkins, C. Xerri, N. Byl, S. Miller, and P. Tallal    1 What Words Are Telling Us about the Brain M.E. Raichle    9 Neural Mechanisms for Heading and Structure-from-motion Perception R.A. Andersen, D.C. Bradley, and K.V. Shenoy    15 Visual Responses in Vl of Freely Viewing Monkeys M.S. Livingstone, D.C. Freeman, and D.H. Hubel    27 Amblyopia: A Developmental Disorder of the Central Visual Pathways L. Kiorpes and J.A. Movshon    39 The Functional Anatomy of Visual Awareness C. Koch and J. Braun    49 Handedness A Single Locus, RGHT, Specifies Preference for Hand Utilization in Humans A.J.S. Klar    59 Perceptual Plasticity Functions and Roles of Glutamate Receptors in Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity S. Nakanishi, Y. Nakajima, A. Nomura, M. Masu, H. Iwakabe, Y. Hayashi, and M. Yokoi    67 Combination of Gene Targeting and Gene Transfer by Adenoviral Vectors in the Analysis of Neurotrophin-mediated Neuronal Plasticity O. Griesbeck, M. Korte, V. Staiger, C. Gravel, P. Carroll, T. Bonhoeffer, and H. Thoenen    77 Neurotrophins in Cortical Development D.R. Riddle, A.K. McAllister, D.C. Lo, and L.C. Katz    85 In Vivo Development of Neuronal Structure and Function H. T. Cline, G.-Y. Wu, and R. Malinow    95

Cortical Dynamics and Visual Perception C.D. Gilbert, A. Das, M.K. Ito, M.K. Kapadia, and G. Westheimer    105

What Neurological Syndromes Can Tell Us about Human Nature: Some Lessons from Phantom Limbs, Capgras Syndrome, and Anosognosia V.S. Ramachandran    115

Sensory Perception

The Molecular Biology of Olfactory Perception P. Mombaerts, F. Wang, C. Dulac, R. Vassar, S.K. Chao, A. Nemes, M. Mendelsohn, J. Edmondson, and R. Axel    135

Information Coding in the Mammalian Olfactory System L.B. Buck    147

Olfactory Recognition and Discrimination in Caenorhabditis elegans J.H. Chou, E.R. Troemel, P. Sengupta, H.A. Colbert, L. Tong, D.M. Tobin, K. Roayaie, J.G. Crump, N.D. Dwyer, and C.I. Bargmann    157

Genetic Approaches to Mammalian Olfaction R.R. Reed    165

Biochemical and Transgenic Analysis of Gustducin's Role in Bitter and Sweet Transduction G. T. Wong, L. Ruiz-Avila, D. Ming, K.S. Gannon, and R.F. Margolskee    173

Memory .

Memory, Memory Impairment, and the Medial Temporal Lobe L.R. Squire and S.M. Zola    185

Nueral Mechanisms of Declrative Memory H. Eichenbaum, J. Dusek, B. Young, andM. Bunsey    197

A Return to Genetic Dissection of Memory in Drosophila T. Tully, G. Bolwig, J. Christensen, J. Connolly, M. DelVecchio, J. DeZa