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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1994:   Molecular Genetics of Cancer, Vol. LIX

Organizer: Bruce Stillman


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Control of Cell Cycle and Cell Growth
The Cancer Cell and the Cell Cycle Clock M. Hatakeyama, R.A. Herrera, T. Makela, S.F. Dowdy, T. Jacks, and R.A. Weinberg    1 D-type Cyclins and Their Cyclin-dependent Kinases: G1 Phase Integrators of the Mitogenic Response C.J. Sherr, J. Kato, D.E. Quelle, M. Matsuoka, and M.F. Roussel    11p21 Is a Component of Active Cell Cycle Kinases H. Zhang, G.J. Hannon, D. Casso, and D. Beach     21 Cyclins, Cdks,, and Cyclin Kinase Inhibitor J.M. Roberts, A. Koff, K. Polyak, E. Firpo, S. Collins, M. Ohtsubo, and J. Massagu√©    31 Role of a Cell Cycle Regulator in Hereditary and Sporadic Cancer A. Kamb    39 p16INK4 Mutations and Altered Expression in Human Tumors and Cell Lines A.Okamoto, D.J. Demetrick, E.A. Spillare, K. Hagiwara, S.P. Hussain, W.P. Bennett, K. Forrester, B. Gerwin, M.S. Greenblatt, M. Serrano, M. Shiseki, J. Yokota, D.H. Beach, and C.C. Harris    49 Molecular Genetic Approaches to the Study of Cellular Senescence T.J. Goletz, J.R. Smith, and O.M. Pereira-Smith    59

Molecular and Cell Biology of Replicative Senescence G.P. Dimri and J. Campisi    67

Growth Suppression by Members of the Retinoblastoma Protein Family L. Zhu, G.H. Enders, C.-L. Wu, M.A. Starz, K.H. Moberg, J.A. Lees, N. Dyson, and E. Harlow    75

The Adenovirus E1A-associated 300-kD Protein Exhibits Properties of a Transcriptional Coactivator and Belongs to an Evolutionarily Conserved Family R. Eckner, Z. Arany, M. Ewen, W. Sellers, and D.M. Livingston     85

The Corral Hypothesis: A Novel Regulatory Mode for Retinoblastoma Protein Function W.-H. Lee, Y. Xu, F. Hong, T. Durfee, M.A. Mancini, Y. Ueng, P.-L. Chen, and D. Riley    97

The Max Transcription Factor Network: Involvement of Mad in Differentiation and an Approach to Identification of Target Genes P. Hurlin, D.E. Ayer, C. Grandori, and R.N. Eisenman     109

BCL-6 and the Molecular Pathogenesis of B-cell Lymphoma R. Dalla-Favera, B.H. Ye, F. Lo Coco, C.C. Chang, K. Cechova, J. Zhang, A. Miglia