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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1992:   The Cell Surface, Vol. LVII

Organizer: Bruce Stillman


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xvii Receptors Receptors and Transmembrane Signaling B.L. Stoddard, H.-P. Biemann, and D.E. Koshland, Jr.    1 A Model for Transmembrane Signaling in a Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptor S.-H. Kim, G.G. Privé, J. Yeh, W.G. Scott, and M.V. Milburn    17 Receptor Protein-Tyrosine Kinases and Phosphatases T. Hunter, R.A. Lindberg, D.S. Middlemas, S. Tracy, and P. van der Geer    5The trk Family Tyrosine Kinases: Receptors for NGF-related Neurotrophins L.F. Parada, P. Tsoulfas, L. Tessarollo, J. Blair, S. Reid, and D. Soppet    43 Cloning and Analysis of Neurotrophic Factor Receptors Using Function-basedStrategies D.J. Glass, D.R. Gies, T. Stitt, S. Davis, P. Hantzopoulos, N.Y. Ip, M. Goldfarb, and G.D. Yancopoulos    53 Interactions of PDGF and FGF Receptors with Cytoplasmic Signaling Molecules K.G. Peters, J.A. Escobedo, W.J. Fantl, and L.T. Williams    63 Role of SH2-containing Proteins in Cellular Signaling by Receptor Tyrosine Kinases J. Schlessinger, M. Mohammadi, B. Margolis, and A. Ullrich    67 Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase and Growth Regulation S.P. Soltoff, C.L. Carpenter, K.R. Auger, R. Kapeller, B. Schaffhausen, and L.C. Cantley    75 The Type II TGF-b Receptor Signals Diverse Responses in Cooperation with the Type I Receptor J.L. Wrana, J. Carcamo, L. Attisano, S. Cheifetz, A. Zentella, F.López-Casillas, and J. Massagué    81 Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases: The Problems of a Growing Family N.K. Tonks, Q. Yang, A.J. Flint, M.F.B.G. Gebbink, B.R. Franza, Jr., D.E. Hill, H. Sun, and S. Brady-Kalnay    87 The Erythropoietin Receptor: Dimerization, Activation, and Tumorigenesis H.F. Lodish, D. Hilton, G. Longmore, S.S. Watowich, and A. Yoshimura    95 Regulation of Protein Tyrosine Kinase Activation by the T Cell Antigen Receptor z Chain A. Weiss, A.C. Chan, M. Iwashima, D. Straus, and B.A. Irving    107Activation of Immune System Effector Function by T-cell or Fc Receptor Intracellular Domains C. Romeo, W. Kolanus, M. Amiot, and B. Seed    117 G-Protein Coupled Receptors and Effectors G-Protein-coupled Receptors: Regulatory Role of Receptor Kinases and Arrestin Proteins R.J. Lefkowitz, J. Inglese, W.J. Koch, J. Ritcher, H. Attramadal, and M.G. Caron    127 Regulation of Mammalian Adenylyl Cyclases by G Protein a and bg Subunits W.-J. Tang, J.A. Iñiguez-Lluhi, S. Mumby, and A.G. Gilman    135 Detection of Coincident Signals by G Proteins and Adenylyl Cyclase H.R. Bourne, K.O. Lustig, Y.H. Wong, and B.R. Conklin    145 Thrombin Receptor Structure and Function S.R. Coughlin, R.M. Scarborough, T.-K.H. Vu, and D.T. Hung    149 Guanylyl Cyclases: Ligands and Functions T.D. Chrisman, S. Schulz, and D.L. Garbers    155 Lysophosphatidic Acid: A Novel Phospholipid with Hormone- and Growth Factor-like Activities W.H. Moolenaar, R.L. van der Bend, E.J. van Corven, K. Jalink, T.Eichholtz, and W.J. van Blitterswijk    163 G-Protein-linked Signaling Pathways Mediate Development in DictyosteliumR.L. Johnson, R. Gundersen, D. Hereld, G.S. Pitt, S. Tugendreich, C.L.Saxe, A.R. Kimmel, and P.N. Devreotes    169 Molecular Genetic Analysis of Signal Transduction Pathways Controlling Multicellular Development in Dictyostelium A.B. Cubitt, F. Carrel, S. Dharmawardhane, C. Gaskins, J. Hadwiger, P. Howard, S.K.O. Mann, K. Okaichi, K. Zhou, and R.A. Firtel    177 Adhesion Receptors Signaling between the Extracellular Matrix and the Cytoskeleton: Tyrosine Phosphorylation and Focal Adhesion Assembly L.H. Romer, K. Burridge, and C.E. Turner    193 Mechanisms of Fibronectin and Integrin Function during Cell Adhesion and Migration K.M. Yamada, S. Aota, S.K. Akiyama, and S.E. LaFlamme    203 Functional Roles for Integrin a-Subunit Cytoplasmic Domains M.E. Hemler, P.D. Kassner, and B.M.C. Chan    213 Ligand Binding to Integrins: Dynamic Regulation and Common Mechanisms M.H. Ginsberg, T.E. O'Toole, J.C. Loftus, and E.F. Plow    221 Role of aV Integrins and Vitronectin in Human Melanoma Cell Growth L.C. Sanders, B. Felding-Habermann, B.M. Mueller, and D.A. Cheresh    233 Genetic Interactions with Integrins during Wing Morphogenesis in Drosophila L.H.V. Wessendorf, M. Wehrli, A. DiAntonio, and M. Wilcox    241 Toward a Genetic Analysis of Cellular-Matrix Adhesion R.O. Hynes, E.L. George, E.N. Georges, J.-L. Guan, H. Rayburn, and J.T. Yang    249 Glycosylation-dependent Cell Adhesion Molecule 1: A Novel Mucin-like Adhesion Ligand for L-Selectin L.A. Lasky, M.S. Singer, D. Dowbenko, Y.Imai, W. Henzel, C. Fennie, S. Watson, and S.D. Rosen    259 Quantitative Determination of Selectin-Carbohydrate Interactions R.M. Nelson, A. Aruffo, S. Dolich, O. Cecconi, G. Mannori, and M.P. Bevilacqua    271 Molecular Mechanisms of Complex Carbohydrate Recognition at the Cell SurfaceW.I. Weis, M.S. Quesenberry, M.E. Taylor, K. Bezouška, W.A. Hendrickson,and K. Drickamer    281 Lymphocyte Homing Receptors M.C.-T. Hu, M.H. Siegelman, B. Holzmann, D.T. Crowe, and I.L. Weissman    291 Extracellular Matrix/Growth Factor Interactions E. Ruoslahti, Y. Yamaguchi, A. Hildebrand, and W.R. Border    309 Mediation and Inhibition of Cell Adhesion by Morphoregulatory Molecules G.M. Edelman    317 Cytoplasmic Control of Cadherin-mediated Cell-Cell Adhesions M. Takeichi, S. Hirano, N. Matsuyoshi, and T. Fujimori    327 Cadherins and the Morphogenesis of Epithelial Tissues in Xenopus Embryos C. Kintner    335 DCC: A Tumor Suppressor Gene Expressed on the Cell Surface L. Hedrick, K.R. Cho, J. Boyd, J. Risinger, and B. Vogelstein    345


Intercellular Signaling during Caenorhabditis elegans Vulval Induction P.W. Sternberg, R.J. Hill, G. Jongeward, L.S. Huang, and L. Carta    353

Genes Involved in Two Caenorhabditis elegans Cell-signaling Pathways S.G. Clark, M.J. Stern, and H.R. Horvitz    363

Signal Transduction Pathway Initiated by Activation of the sevenless Tyrosine Kinase Receptor M.A. Simon, R.W. Carthew, M.E. Fortini, U. Gaul, G. Mardon, and G.M. Rubin    375

Induction of the R7 Neuron in the Drosophila Compound Eye: The bride of sevenless and sevenless Interaction S.L. Zipursky, H. Krämer, R. Cagan, A. Hart, and D. Van Vactor, Jr.    381

Delta, Notch, and shaggy, Elements of a Lateral Signaling Pathway in Drosophila P. Simpson, M. Bourouis, P. Heitzler, L. Ruel, M. Haenlin, and P. Ramain    391

Regulation of Induction by GLP1, a Localized Cell Surface Receptor in Caenorhabditis elegans J. Kimble, S. Crittenden, E. Lambie, V. Kodoyianni, S. Mango, and E. Troemel    401

Extracellular Morphogens in Drosophila Embryonic Dorsal-Ventral Patterning K.V. Anderson, D.S. Schneider, D. Morisato, and E.L. Ferguson    409


Adhesive Interactions That Regulate Development of the Retina and Primary Visual Projection L.F. Reichardt, B. Bossy, I. de Curtis, K.M. Neugebauer, K. Venstrom, and D. Sretavan    419

Second Messengers Underlying Cell-conact-dependent Axonal Growth Stimulated by Transfected N-CAM, N-cadherin, or L1 F.S. Walsh and P. Doherty    431

Development of Neuromuscular Specificity in Drosophila A. Nose, D. Van Vactor, V. Auld, and C.S. Goodman    441

Rostrocaudal Differences among Muscles Revealed by a Transgene: Graded Expression at Low Copy Number J.R. Sanes, M.J. Donoghue, M.C. Wallace, and J.P. Merlie    451

Agrin: A Synaptic Basal Lamina Protein That Regulates Development of the Neuromuscular Junction J.T. Campanelli, M. Ferns, W. Hoch, F. Rupp, M. von Zastrow, Z. Hall, and R. H. Scheller    461

Control of Floor Plate Identity and Function in the Embryonic Nervous System A. Klar, T.M. Jessell, and A. Ruiz i Altaba    473

Neurexins M. Geppert, Y.A. Ushkaryov, Y. Hata, B. Davletov, A.G. Petrenko, and T.C. Südhof    483

Elucidation of Biophysical and Biological Properties of Voltage-gated Potassium Channels T.J. Baldwin, E. Isacoff, M. Li, G.A. Lopez, M. Sheng, M.L. Tsaur, Y.N.Jan, and L.Y. Jan    491

Mechanisms of Sensitivity and Specificity in Olfaction R.R. Reed    501

The Molecular Biology of Smell: Expression of the Multigene Family Encoding Putative Odorant Receptors A. Chess, L. Buck, M.M. Dowling, R. Axel, and J. Ngai    505

Pharmacological and Genetic Approaches to the Analysis of Tyrosine Kinase Function in Long-term Potentiation T.J. O'Dell, S.G.N. Grant, K. Klar, P.M. Soriano, and E.R. Kandel    517

a Calcium/Calmodulin Kinase II Mutant Mice: Deficient Long-term Potentiation and Impaired Spatial Learning A.J. Silva, Y. Wang, R. Paylor, J.M. Wehner, C.F. Stevens, and S. Tonegawa    527

Structure and Interactions of CD4 S.C. Harrison, J. Wang, Y. Yan, T. Garrett, J. Liu, U. Moebius, and E. Reinherz    541

Structural Aspects of CD4 and CD8 Involvement in the Cellular Immune ResponseW.A. Hendrickson, P.D. Kwong, D.J. Leahy, S.-E. Ryu, H. Yamaguchi, S. Fleury, and R.-P. Sékaly    549

Biochemical Anatomy of Antigen Processing C.A. Nelson, C.V. Harding, and E.R. Unanue    557

MHC Products: Biosybthesis, Intracellular Traffic, and "Empty" Molecules H.L. Ploegh    565

Transport and Expression of Class I MHC Glycoproteins in an Antigen-processing Mutant Cell Line E.-M. Click, K.S. Anderson, M.J. Androlewicz, M.L. Wei, and P. Cresswell    571

Dedicated Transporters for Peptide Export and Intercompartmental Traffic in the Yeast Saccharpmyces cerevisiae K. Kuchler, H.M. Göransson, M.N. Viswanathan, and J. Thorner    579

Membrane Traffic and Cytoskeletal Assembly

Each Caveola Contains Multiple Glycosyl-Phosphatidylinositol Anchored Membrane Proteins Y.-S. Ying, R.G.W. Anderson, and K.G. Rothberg    593

Molecular Flypaper, Atherosclerosis, and Host Defense: Structure and Function of the Macrophage Scavenger Receptor M. Krieger, J.M. Abrams, A. Lux, and H. Steller    605

Biogenesis of Cell-Surface Polarity in Epithelial Cells and Neurons K. Simons, P. Dupree, K. Fiedler, L. Huber, T. Kobayashi, T. Kurzchalia, V. Olkkonen, S. Pimplikar, R. Parton, and C. Dotti    611

Regulation of Epithelial Cell Polarity: A View from the Cell Surface W.J. Nelson, R. Wilson, D. Wollner, R. Mays, H. McNeill, and K. Siemers    621

Cytoplasmic Control of Cell Adhesion B. Geiger, O. Ayalon, D. Ginsberg, T. Volberg, J.L. Rodríguez Fernández Y. Yarden, and A. Ben-Ze'ev    631

Desmosomal Proteins: Mediators of Intercellular Coupling and Intermediate Filament Anchorage W.W. Franke, S.M. Troyanovsky, P.J. Koch, R. Troyanovsky, B. Fouquet, and R. E. Leube    643

Role of the Zygotic Genome in the Restructuring of the Actin Cytoskeleton at the Cycle-14 Transition during Drosophila Embryogenesis E.D. Schejter, L.S. Rose, M.A. Postner, and E. Wieschaus    653

Distinct Patterns of Actin Organization Regulated by the Small GTP-binding Proteins Rac and Rho A.J. Ridley and A. Hall    661

Summary: The Cell Surface Regulates Information Flow, Material Transport, and CellIdentity M.I. Simon    673