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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1991:   The Cell Cycle, Vol. LVI

Organizer: James D. Watson


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xxi START CLN- and CDC28-dependent Stimulation of CLN1 and CLN2 RNA Levels: Implications for Regulation by a-factor and by Cell Cycle Progression F.R. Cross    1 Some Facts and Thoughts on Cell Cycle Control in Yeast K. Nasmyth, L. Dirick, U. Surana, A. Amon, and F. Cvrckova    9 Characterization of G, and Mitotic Cyclins of Budding Yeast M. Tyers, I. Fitch, G. Tokiwa, C. Dahmann, R. Nash, M. Linskens, and B. Futcher    21 Regulators of Synthesis and Activity of the G, Cyclins of Budding Yeast I. Herskowitz, J. Ogas, B.J. Andrews, and F. Chang    33 Functional Redundancy in the Yeast Cell Cycle: FUS3 and KSSI Have Both Overlapping and Unique Functions E.A. Elion, J.A. Brill, and G.R. Fink    41 Genetic Suppression Analysis of the Function of a Protein Kinase C (PKC1 Gene Product) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Cycle Progression: The SKCd Mutations F.O. Fields and J. Thorner    51 Gl Control in Yeast and Animal Cells S.I. Reed, C. Wittenberg, D.J. Lew, V. Dulic, and M. Henze    61 Novel Mammalian Cyclins (CYL Genes) Expressed during Gl H. Matsushime, M.F. Roussel, and C.J. Sherr    69 The SIT4 Protein Phosphatase Is Required in Late G1 for Progression into S Phase A. Sutton, F. Lin, M.J.F. Sarabia, and K.T. Arndt    75 A Consensus of Cyclin Sequences Reveals Homology with the ras Oncogene P. O'Farrell and P. Léopold    83 The Putative Oncogene PRADl Encodes a Novel Cyclin A. Arnold, T. Motokura, T. Bloom, H. Kronenberg, J. Ruderman, H. Jüppner, and H.G. Kim    93 Transcription and Mitogenesis MYB and MYC in the Cell Cycle J.M. Bishop, M. Eilers, A.L. Katzen, T. Kornberg, G. Ramsay, and S. Schirm    99 The Myc:Max Protein Complex and Cell Growth Regulation E.M. Blackwood, B. Lüscher, L. Kretzner, and R.N. Eisenman    109 Functional Antagonism between Oncoprotein c-Jun and Steroid Hormone Receptors R. Schüle and R.M. Evans    119 c-myc and pRB: Role in TGF-b1 Inhibition of Keratinocyte Proliferation C.S. Murphy, J.A. Pietenpol, K. Münger, P.M. Howley, and H.L. Moses    129 Coordination between Cell Growth and Cell Cycle Transit in Animal Cells A. Zetterberg and O. Larsson    137 Oncoproteins Encoded by the Cancer-associated Human Papillomaviruses Target the Products of the Retinoblastoma and p53 Tumor Suppressor Genes P. M. Howley, M. Scheffner, J. Huibregtse, and K. Münger    149 E2F Transcription Factor Is a Target for the RB Protein and the Cyclin A Protein J.R. Nevins, S.P. Chellappan, M. Mudryj, S. Hiebert, S. Devoto, J. Horowitz, T. Hunter, and J. Pines    157 The c-myc Oncoprotein Forms a Specific Complex with the Product of the Retinoblastoma Gene A.K. Rustgi, N. Dyson, D. Hill, and R. Bernards    163 A Cell-cycle-regulated trans-Factor, DSCl, Controls Expression of DNA Synthesis Genes in Yeast L.H. Johnston, N.F. Lowndes, A.L. Johnson, and A. Sugino    169 The Cyclin-dependent Kinase Family M. Meyerson, B. Faha, L.-K. Su, E. Harlow, and L.-H. Tsai    177 RB Associates with an E2F-like, Sequence-specific DNA-binding Protein T. Chittenden, D.M. Livingston, and W.G. Kaelin, Jr.    187 Modulation of Retinoblastoma Protein Activity during the Cell Cycle S. Mittnacht, P.W. Hinds, S.F. Dowdy, and R.A. Weinberg    197 RB Protein as a Cellular "Corral" for Growth-promoting Proteins W.-H. Lee, R.E. Hollingsworth, Jr. Y.-W Qian, P.-L. Chen, F. Hong, and E.Y.-H.P. Lee    211 Regulation of Transformation and the Cell Cycle by p53 G. P. Zambelli, R. S. Quar tin, J. Martinez, I. Georgoff, J. Momand, D. Dittmer, C.A. Finlay, and A.J. Levin    219 Functional Consequences of the Interactions of the p53 Tumor Suppressor Protein and SV40 Large Tumor Antigen C. Prives, J. Bargonetti, P.N. Friedman, J.J. Manfredi, and E.H. Wang    227 Regulation of ras p21 by GTPase Activating Proteins F. McCormick, G.A. Martin, R. Clark, G. Bollag, and P. Polakis    237 Interactions of Growth Factor Receptors with Cytoplasmic Signaling Molecules L.T. Williams, J.A. Escobedo, W.J. Fantl, C.W. Turck, and A. Klippel    243 New Perspectives on Raf-1: The Involvement of p21ras in the Activation of Raf-1 and a Potential Role for Raf-1 in Events Occurring Later in the Cell Cycle H. Mamon, N. Williams, K. Wood, A.L. Frazier, P. Li, A. Zmuidzinas, N. Kremer, G. D' Acangelo, H. Qi, K. Smith, L. Feig, H. Piwnica- Worms, S. Halegoua, and T. Roberts    251 Structure, Regulation, and Function of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases N.K. Tonks, Q. Yang, and P. Guida, Jr.    265 DNA Replication Control of Initiation of the Escherichia coli Chromosome A. Kornberg    275 Regulation of DNA Replication during the Yeast Cell Cycle K.M. Hennessy and D. Botstein    279 Cell-cycle-regulated Phosphorylation of the Transcription Factor Oct-1 N. Segil, S.B. Roberts, and N. Heintz    285 Temporal Control of DNA Replication in Yeast B.M. Ferguson, B.J. Brewer, and W.L. Fangman    293 Initiation of SV40 DNA Replication: Mechanism and Control L.F. Erdile, K.L. Collins, A. Russo, P. Simancek, D. Small, C. Umbricht, D. Virshup, L. Cheng, S. Randall, D. Weinberg, I. Moarefi, E. Fanning, and T. Kelly    303 Phosphorylation of Replication Protein A: A Role for cdc2 Kinase in G1/S Regulation A. Dutta, S. Din, S.J. Brill, and B. Stillman    315 Association of p34cdc2 with Replicating DNA R. Fotedar and J.M. Roberts    325 Transcription Factor E2 Regulates BPV-1 DNA Replication In Vitro by Direct Protein- Protein Interaction L. Yang, I. Mohr, R. Li, T. Nottoli, S. Sun, and M. Botchan    335 Control of DNA Replication in Reconstituted Nuclei R. A. Laskey, L. S. Cox, G. H. Leno, A. Philpott, A.D. Mills, and A.M. Sleeman    347 Analysis of Escherichia coli Mutants with Altered DNA Content N. J. Trun, S. Gottesman, and A. Løbner-Olesen    353 Checkpoints Fidelity of Mitotic Chromosome Transmission M. Brown, B. Garvik, L. Hartwell, L. Kadyk, T. Seeley, and T. Weinert    359 RCC1 Is a Nuclear Protein Required for Coupling Activation of cdc2 Kinase with DNA Synthesis and for Start of the Cell Cycle H. Seino, H. Nishitani, T. Seki, N. Hisamoto, T. Tazunoki, N. Shiraki, M. Ohtsubo, K. Yamashita, T. Sekiguchi, and T. Nishimoto    367 Cloning and Characterization of Xenopus cdc2, a Component of MPF K.L. Milarski, W.G. Dunphy, P. Russell, S.J. Gould, and J.W. Newport    377 The spi1 GTPase Interacts with RCC1 in Cell Cycle Dependency T. Matsumoto and D. Beach    385

Coordinating Cell Cycle Events A.W. Murray    399

Mitotic Checkpoint Control in Fission Yeast T. Enoch, K.L. Gould, and P. Nurse    409

Differences in Mitotic Control among Mammalian Cells R.T. Schimke, A.L. Kung, D.F. Rush, and S.W. Sherwood    417

Mitotic Control

Control of p34cdc2 Activation M.J. Solomon, J. Gautier, T. Lee, and M.W. Kirschner    427

Cyclins and Their Partners during Xenopus Oocyte Maturation H. Kobayashi, R. Golsteyn, R. Poon, E. Stewart, J. Gannon, J. Minshull, R. Smith, and T. Hunt    437

Human Cell Division: The Involvement of Cyclins A and B1, and Multiple cdc2s J. Pines and T. Hunter    449

Exploring the Role of Drosophila Cyclin A in the Regulation of S Phase C.F. Lehner, N. Yakubovich, and P.H. O'Farrell    465

Mos and Ras: Two Oncoproteins That Display M-phase Activity I. Daar, R. Zhou, R.-L. Shen, A. Nebreda, M. Oskarsson, E. Santos, P. Pinto da Silva, Y. Masui, and G.F. Vande Woude    477

Subcellular Localization of the p34 cdc2 / p63cdc13 Protein Kinase in Fission Yeast C.E. Alfa, I.M. Gallagher, and J.S. Hyams    489

Control of the Cell Cycle in Early Embryos J. Ruderman, F. Luca, E. Shibuya, K. Gavin, T. Boulton, and M. Cobb    495

Concerted Roles of Cyclin A, cdc25+ Mitotic Inducer, and Type 2A Phosphatase in Activating the Cyclin B/cdc2 Protein Kinase at the G2/M Phase Transition A. Devault, J. -C. Cavadore, D. Fesquet, J. -C. Labbe, T. Lorca, A. Picard, U. Strausfeld, and M. Dorée    503

cdc2 Protein Kinase: Interactions with Cyclins and sucl P. Brambilla, B. Ducommun, and G. Draetta    515

Regulation of Protein Kinases Associated with Cyclin A and Cyclin B and Their Effect Ion Microtubule Dynamics and Nucleation in Xenopus Egg Extracts B. Buendia, P.R. Clarke, M.A. Felix, E. Karsenti, D. Leiss, and F. Verde    523

Cell Cycle and Mitotic Control in Xenopus Eggs J.L. Maller, L.M. Roy, and T. Izumi    533

Vertebrate cdc2 Kinase: Its Regulation by Phosphorylation and Its Mitotic Targets E.A. Nigg, W. Krek, and M. Peter    539

Role of the Cell-cycle-regulated NIMA Protein Kinase during G2 and Mitosis: Evid ence for Two Pathways of Mitotic Regulation A.H. Osmani, S.L. McGuire, K.L. O'Donnell, R.T. Pu, and S.A. Osmani    549

Coordination of Growth and Division during the Cell Cycle of Fission Yeast J.M. Mitchison, J. Creanor, and B. Novak    557

pl07wee1 Is a Serine/Threonine and Tyrosine Kinase That Promotes the Tyrosine Phosphorylation of the Cyclin/p34cdc2 Complex H. Piwnica-Worms, S. Atherton- Fessler, M.S. Lee, S. Ogg, K.I. Swenson, and L.L. Parker    567

cdc25 M-phase Inducer J. Millar, C. McGowan, R. Jones, K. Sadhu, A. Bueno, H. Richardson, and P. Russell    577

Molecular Mechanism of the Final Steps in the Activation of MPF A. Kumagai and W.G. Dunphy    585

Negative Control of cdc2 Kinase Activation by cAMP in Starfish Oocytes L. Meijer and D. Arion    591

stf1: A New Suppressor of the Mitotic Control Gene, cdc25, in Schizosaccharomyces pombe J.D. Hudson, H. Feilotter, C. Lingner, R. Rowley, and P.G. Young    599

New Elements in the Mitotic Control of the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe P.A. Fantes, E. Warbrick, D.A. Hughes, and S.A. MacNeill    605


Structural and Mechanical Control of Mitotic Progression J.R. McIntosh    613

Sister-chromatid Separation and Protein Dephosphorylation in Mitosis N. Kinoshita, H. Yamano, F. Le Bouftant-Sladeczek, H. Kurooka, H. Ohkura, E.M. Stone, M. Takeuchi, T. Toda, T. Yoshida, and M. Yanagida    621

Dynamic Aspects of Cytoskeletal and Karyoskeletal Intermediate Filament Systems during the Cell Cycle R.D. Goldman, Y.-H. Chou, C. Dessev, G. Dessev, J. Eriksson, A. Goldman, S. Khuon, R. Kohnken, M. Lowy, R. Miller, K. Murphy, P. Opal, O. Skalli, and K. Straube    629

Kinesin-like Proteins of Aspergillus nidulans A.P. Enos, M. O'Connell, and N.R. Morris    643

Studies on the Centrosome and Cytoplasmic Organization in the Early Drosophila Embryo D.R. Kellogg, W. Sullivan, W. Theurkauf, K. Oegema, J. W. Raft, and B.M. Alberts    649

TPR Proteins as Essential Components of the Yeast Cell Cycle R.S. Sikorski, W.A. Michaud, J.C. Wootton, M.S. Boguski, C. Connelly, and P. Hieter    663

Role of the Centromere/Kinetochore in Cell Cycle Control W.C. Earnshaw, R.L. Bernat, C.A. Cooke, and N.F. Rothfield    675

Yeast Spindle Pole Body Components M.P. Rout and J.V. Kilmartin    687

Multiple Kinesin-related Proteins in Yeast Mitosis D.M. Roof, P.B. Meluh, and M.D. Rose    693

Genetic Determinants of Spindle Pole Body Duplication in Budding Yeast M. Winey, P. Baum, L. Goetsch, and B. Byers    705

Cyclical Changes in the Subcellular Distribution of Proteins Essential for Mitosis during Embryogenesis in Drosophila D.M. Glover, S. Llamazares, C. Girdham, G. Maldonado- Codina, A. Moreira, A. Tavares, C.E. Sunkel, and C. Gonzalez    709

A Maternally Encoded Nuclear Envelope Protein Required for Embryonic Mitosis in Drosophila H. Lin, K. Song, G.A. Hutcheson, C.E. Goutte, and M.F. Wolfner    719

Meiotic Chromosome Metabolism: One View N. Kleckner, R. Padmore, and D.K. Bishop    729

Regulation of the Direction of Chromosome Movement A.A. Hyman and T.J. Mitchison    745

Biogenesis of the Escherichia coli Cell Division System L.I. Rothfield, W.R. Cook, and P.A. de Boer    751

Summary: Put Out More Flags T. Hunt    757