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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1989:   Immunological Recognition, Vol. LIV

Organizer: James D. Watson, John R. Inglis


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Part 1
Symposium Participants    v Foreword    xxi Introduction Approaching the Asymptote? Evolution and Revolution in Immunology C. A. Janeway, Jr.    1 Implications of the Diversity of the Immunoglobulin Gene SuperfamilyT. Hunkapiller, J. Goverman, B. F. Koop, and L. Hood    15 Lymphocyte Development and Receptor Selection T Cells Diversity, Development, Ligands, and Probable Functions of gd T Cells S. Tonegawa, A. Berns, M. Bonneville, A. Farr, I. Ishida, K. Ito, S. Itohara, C. A. Janeway, Jr., O. Kanagawa, M. Katsuki, R. Kubo, J. Lafaille, P. Mombaerts, D. Murphy, N. Nakanishi, Y. Takagaki, L. Van Kaer, and S. Verbeek    31 A TCR g d Cell Recognizing a Novel TL-encoded Gene Product B. A. Houlden, L. A. Matis, R. Q. Cron, S. M. Widacki, G. D. Brown, C. Pampeno, D. Meruelo, and J. A. Bluestone    45 Phenotypic Analysis of Mice Transgenic for the TCR Cg 4 (Vg 1.1Jg 4Cg 4) Gene D. A. Ferrick, X. Min, D. A. Gajewski, and T. W. Mak    57 T-cell Subpopulations Expressing Distinct Forms of the TCR in Normal, Athymic, and Neonatally TCRab-suppressed Rats T. Hünig, G. Tiefenthaler, A. Lawetzky, R. Kubo, and E. Schlipköter    61 T-cell Development in Birds M. D. Cooper, R. P. Bucy, J. F. George, J. M. Lahti, D. Char, and C.-L. H. Chen    69 Developmental Analysis of the Mouse Hematolymphoid System S. Heimfeld, C. J. Guidos, B. Holzmann, M. H. Siegelman, and I. Weissman    75 Developmental Regulation of the TCRad Locus A. Winoto and D. Baltimore    87 How Important Is the Direct Recognition of Polymorphic MHC Residues by TCR in the Generation of the T-cell Repertoire? P. Kourilsky, J.-M. Claverie, A. Proch-nicka-Chalufour, A.-L. Spetz-Hagberg, and E.-L. Larsson-Sciard    93 T-cell Repertoire and Thymus P. Marrack, M. Blackman, H. G. Burgert, J.M. McCormack, J. Cambier, T. H. Finkel, and J. Kappler    105 Control of T-cell Development by TCRab for Antigen H. von Boehmer, H. Kishi, P. Borgulya, B. Scott, W. van Ewijk, H. S. Teh, and P. Kisielow    111 TCR Recognition and Selection In Vivo M. M. Davis, L. J. Berg, A. Y. Lin, B. Fazekas de St. Groth, B. Devaux, C. G. Sagerström, P. J. Bjorkman, and J. F. Elliott    119 Positive and Negative Selection of the T-cell Antigen Receptor Repertoire in Nontrans-genic Mice H. R. MacDonald, D. Speiser, R. Lees, R. Schneider, R. M. Zinker-nagel, and H. Hengartner    129 A Third Set of Genes Regulates Thymic Selection E. Palmer, D. L. Woodland, M. P. Happ, J. Bill, and O. Kanagawa    135 Positive and Negative Selection of T Lymphocytes D. Y. Loh, W. C. Sha, C. A. Nelson, R. D. Newberry, D. M. Kranz, and J.H. Russell    147 Both TCR/MHC and Accessory Molecule/MHC Interactions Are Required for Positive and Negative Selection of Mature T Cells in the Thymus J. C. Zúñiga-Pflücker, L. A. Jones, D. L. Longo, and A. M. Kruisbeek    153 B Cells Selection of Lymphocyte Repertoires: The Limits of Clonal Versus Network Or-ganization A. Coutinho, A. Bandeira, P. Pereira, D. Portnoi, D. Holmberg, C. Martinez, and A. A. Freitas    159 Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation during Early B-cell Development by Stromal Cell Molecules S.-I. Nishikawa, S.-I. Hayashi, M. Ogawa, T. Kunisada, S. Nishikawa, T. Sudo, H. Nakauchi, and T. Suda    171 Molecular Mechanism for Immunoglobulin Double-isotype Expression A. Shimizu, T. Kinashi, M. C. Nussenzweig, T.-R. Mizuta, P. Leder, and T. Honjo    175 Cellular Stages and Molecular Steps of Murine B-cell Development F. Melchers, A. Strasser, S. R. Bauer, A. Kudo, P. Thalmann, and A. Rolink    183 Control of VDJ Recombinase Activity P. Ferrier, B. Krippl, A. J. Furley, T. K. Blackwell, H. Suh, M. Mendelsohn, A. Winoto, W. D. Cook, L. Hood, F. Costan-tini, and F. W. Alt    191 The Role of Ideotypic Interactions and B-cell Subsets in Development of the B-cell Repertoire J. F. Kearney, M. Vakil, and N. Solvason    203Growth and Selection of B Cells In Vivo K. Rajewsky, H. Gu, P. Vieira, and I. Förster.    209 Conventional and Ly-1 B-cell Lineages in Normal and m Transgenic Mice L. A. Herzenberg and A. M. Stall    219 Templated, Targeted Sequence Diversification Displays a Similar Choreography in Different Organisms V. David and N. Maizels    227 Recognition by Antibodies Comparative Study of Two Fab-lysozyme Crystal Structures D. R. Davies, S. Sheriff, and E. Padlan    233 Immunochemical and Crystallographic Studies of Antibody D1.3 in Its Free, Antigen-liganded, and Idiotope-bound States G. A. Bentley, T. N. Bhat, G. Boulot, T. Fischmann, J. Navaza, R. J. Poljak, M.-M. Riottot, and D. Tello    239 Antibody Recognition of the Influenza Virus Neuraminidase G. M. Air, W. G. Laver, R. G. Webster, M. C. Els, and M. Luo    247 Crystal Structures of Neuraminidase-Antibody Complexes W. R. Tulip, J. N. Vargh-ese, R. G. Webster, G. M. Air, W. G. Laver, and P. M. Colman    257 Generating Binding Activities from Escherichia coli by Expression of a Repertoire of Immunoglobulin Variable Domains D. Güssow, E. S. Ward, A. D. Griffiths, P. T. Jones, and G. Winter    265 A Combinatorial System for Cloning and Expressing the Catalytic Antibody Repertoire in Escherichia coli S. A. Iverson, L. Sastry, W. D. Huse, J. A. Sorge, S. J. Ben-kovic, and R. A. Lerner    273 A New Effector Mechanism for Antibodies: Catalytic Cleavage of Peptide Bonds S. Paul    283 Antigen Recognition by T Cells Antigen Processing Proteolytic Processing in Endosomal Vesicles J. S. Blum, R. Diaz, S. Diment, M. Fiani, L. Mayorga, J. S. Rodman, and P. D. Stahl    287 The Importance of Antigen Processing in Determinant Selection and of the Cell Membrane as a Reservoir of Processed Antigen B. Benacerraf, M. T. Michalek, L. H. Dang, and K. L. Rock    293 A Mutant Cell in Which Association of Class I Heavy and Light Chains Is Induced by Viral Peptides A. Townsend, C. Öhlén, L. Foster, J. Bastin, H.-G. Ljunggren, and K. Kärre    299 Structural and Functional Aspects of HLA Class II Glycoproteins and the Associated Invariant Chain P. Cresswell, J. S. Blum, M. S. Marks, and P. A. Roche    309 Intracellular Colocalization of Molecules Involved in Antigen Processing and Presentation by B Cells F. M. Brodsky, B. Koppelman, J. S. Blum, M. S. Marks, P. Cresswell, and L. Guagliardi    319 Antigen Binding and Processing by B-cell Antigen-presenting Cells: Influence on T- and B-cell Activation T. L. Delovitch, A. H. Lazarus, M. L. Phillips, and J. W. Semple    333 Processing of Immunoglobulin-associated Antigen in B Lymphocytes C. Watts, M. A. West, P. A. Reid, and H. W. Davidson    345 Interactions between Peptides, MHC Molecules, and Lymphocyte Receptors Comparison of Orthorhombic and Monoclinic Crystal Structures of HLA-A2 D. R. Madden, M. A. Saper, T. P. J. Garrett, P. J. Bjorkman, J. L. Strominger, and D. C. Wiley    353 Mutants of HLA-A2 in the Analysis of Its Structure and Function J. L. Strominger, J. Santos-Aguado, S. J. Burakoff, M. A. Vega, F. M. Gotch, P. A. Robbins, and A. J. McMichael    361 Model for the Interaction of T-cell Receptors with Peptide/MHC Complexes P. J. Bjorkman and M. M. Davis    365 T-cell Recognition of Superantigens: Inside or Outside the Groove? P. Dellabona, J. Peccoud, C. Benoist, and D. Mathis    375 Antigen-binding Function of Class II MHC Molecules E. R. Unanue, C. V. Harding, I. F. Luescher, and R. W. Roof    383 Studies on the Nature of Physiologically Processed Antigen and on the Conformation of Peptides Required for Interaction with MHC H. M. Grey, S. Demotz, S. Buus, and A. Sette    393 Consequences of Self and Foreign Superantigen Interaction with Specific Vb Elements of the Murine TCRab J. W. Kappler, A. Pullen, J. Callahan, Y. Choi, A. Herman, J. White, W. Potts, E. Wakeland, and P. Marrack    401 Structural Intermediates in the Reactions of Antigenic Peptides with MHC Mole-cules K. Dornmair, B. Rothenhäusler, and H. M. McConnell    409 Molecular Studies of Antigen Processing and Presentation to T Cells by Class II MHC Molecules J. A. Berzofsky, A. Kurata, H. Takahashi, S. J. Brett, and D. J. McKean    417 Structural Analysis of a Peptide-HLA Class II Complex J. B. Rothbard, R. Busch, C. M. Hill, and J. R. Lamb    431 Study on the Immunogenicity of Human Class II-restricted T-cell Epitopes: Processing Constraints, Degenerate Binding, and Promiscuous Recognition P. Panina-Bordignon, S. Demotz, G. Corradin, and A. Lanzavecchia    445 Binding of Self-antigens to Ia Molecules R. G. Lorenz, J. S. Chen, S. G. Williams, and P. M. Allen    453 Molecular Studies of Human Response to Allergens D. G. Marsh, P. Zwollo, S. K. Huang, B. Ghosh, and A. A. Ansari    459Monoclonal Antibodies and the Epitope Distribution of HLA Class II Polymorphisms J. G. Bodmer, S. G. E. Marsh, and J. M. Heyes    471

T-lymphocyte Recognition of a Membrane Glycoprotein T. J. Braciale, M. T. Sweet-ser, L. R. Brown, and V. L. Braciale    477B- and T-cell Recognition of Influenza Hemagglutinin D. B. Thomas, D. S. Burt, B. C. Barnett, C. M. Graham, and J. J. Skehel    487

Control of Cellular and Humoral Immune Responses by Peptides Containing T-cell Epitopes M. T. Scherer, B. M. C. Chan, F. Ria, J. A. Smith, D. L. Perkins, and M. L. Gefter    497

Examining the Crypticity of Antigenic Determinants A. Ametani, R. Apple, V. Bhar-dwaj, G. Gammon, A. Miller, and E. Sercarz    505

Expression and Function of Human Major Histocompatibility Complex HLA-DQw6 Genes in the C57BL/6 Mouse T. Sasazuki, T. Iwanaga, T. Inamitsu, Y. Yanagawa, M. Yasunami, A. Kimura, K. Hirokawa, and Y. Nishimura    513

Use of Mutants to Analyze Regions on the H-2Kb Molecule for Interaction with Immune Receptors S. G. Nathenson, K. Kesari, J. Sheil, and P. Ajitkumar    521

Diversity of Class I HLA Molecules: Functional and Evolutionary Interactions with T Cells P. Parham, R. J. Benjamin, B. P. Chen, C. Clayberger, P. D. Ennis, A. M. Krensky, D. A. Lawlor, D. R. Littman, A. M. Norment, H. T. Orr, R. D. Salter, and J. Zemmour    529

Structural Features of Peptides Recognized by H-2Kd-restricted T Cells J. L. Maryan-ski, J.-P. Abastado, G. Corradin, and J.-C. Cerottini    545

Class I MHC-restricted Cytotoxic Responses to Soluble Protein Antigen F. R. Car-bone, N. A. Hosken, M. W. Moore, and M. J. Bevan    551

A Peptide Derived from the a-Helical Region of Class I MHC Blocks CTL Engagement of the Class I MHC Molecule T. I. Munitz, J. Schneck, J. E. Coligan, W. L. Maloy, J. P. Henrich, S. O. Sharrow, D. H. Margulies, and A. Singer    557

Molecular Definition of a Mitochondrially Encoded Mouse Minor Histocompatibility Antigen K. Fischer Lindahl, E. Hermel, B. E. Loveland, S. Richards, C.-R. Wang, and H. Yonekawa    563

Cloning and Expression of the Neonatal Rat Intestinal Fc Receptor, a Major Histocom-patibility Complex Class I Antigen Homolog N. E. Simister and K. E. Mostov    571

Variation in HLA Expression on Tumors: An Escape from Immune Response M. E. F. Smith, J. G. Bodmer, A. P. Kelly, J. Trowsdale, S. C. Kirkland, and W. F. Bodmer.    581

Genes Coding for T-cell-defined Tum- Transplantation Antigens: Point Mutations, Antigenic Peptides, and Subgenic Expression T. Boon, A. Van Pel, E. De Plaen, P. Chomez, C. Lurquin, J.-P. Szikora, C. Sibille, B. Mariamé, B. Van den Eynde, B. Lethé, and V. Brichart    587

Immunosurveillance of Virus-induced Tumors C. J. M. Melief, W. L. E. Vasmel, R. Offringa, E. J. A. M. Sijts, E. A. Matthews, P. J. Peters, R. H. Meloen, A. J. van der Eb, and W. M. Kast    597

Part 2

Signals for Lymphocyte Activation, Proliferation, and Adhesion

T-cell Clonal Anergy R. H. Schwartz, D. L. Mueller, M. K. Jenkins, and H. Quill    605

The Biology of Human CD2 E.L. Reinherz, H.-C. Chang, L. K. Clayton, P. Gardner, F. D. Howard, S. Koyasu, Y.-J. Jin, P. Moingeon, and P. H. Sayre    611

Structure-Function Relationships of the Human T Lymphocyte CD2 Antigen M.H. Brown, E. Monostori, M. Gullberg, R. Zamoyska, G. Lang, D. Kioussis, and M. J. Crumpton    627

Structural Diversity in Domains of the Immunoglobulin Superfamily A. F. Williams, S. J. Davis, Q. He, and A. N. Barclay    637

Role of CD4 and CD8 in Enhancing T-cell Responses to Antigen J. R. Parnes, P. von Hoegen, M. C. Miceli, and R. Zamoyska    649

Cross-linking and Conformational Change in T-cell Receptors: Role in Activation and in Repertoire Selection C. A. Janeway, Jr., U. Dianzani, P. Portoles, S. Rath, E.-P. Reich, J. Rojo, J. Yagi, and D. B. Murphy    657

Problems in the Physiology of Class I and Class II MHC Molecules, and of CD4 A. G. Fisher, L. K. Goff, L. Lightstone, J. Marvel, N. A. Mitchison, G. Poirier, H. Stauss, and R. Zamoyska    667

Studies on the Leukocyte-common Antigen: Structure, Function, and Evolutionary Conservation R. J. Matthews, J. T. Pingel, C. M. Meyer, and M. L. Thomas    675

Cell Membrane Molecule I-J Transduces a Negative Signal for Early T-cell Activation Induced via the TCR Y. Asano, T. Nakayama, H. Kishimoto, T. Komuro, K. Sano, N. Utsunomiya, M. Nakanishi, and T. Tada    683

Interleukin-2 Receptor b Chain: Molecular Cloning and Functional Expression of the Human cDNA T. Taniguchi, M. Hatakeyama, S. Minamoto, T. Kono, T. Doi, M. Tsudo, M. Miyasaka, and T. Miyata    689

Immune Dysfunctions and Activation of Natural Killer Cells in Human IL-2 and IL-2/IL-2 Receptor L-chain Transgenic Mice Y. Ishida, M. Nishi, O. Taguchi, K. Inaba, N. Minato, M. Kawaichi, and T. Honjo    695

Regulation of the Biological Effects of IL-4 on Murine T and B Cells F. Ferdandez-Botran, V. M. Sanders, and E. S. Vitetta    705

Interleukin-6 Receptor and a Unique Mechanism of Its Signal Transduction T. Taga, M. Hibi, Y. Hirata, H. Yawata, S. Natsuka, K. Yasukawa, T. Totsuka, K. Yamasaki, T. Hirano, and T. Kishimoto    713

Regulation of the Polyphosphoinositide-specific Phosphodiesterase in B Lym-phocytes G. G. B. Klaus, M. M. Harnett, and K. P. Rigley    723

Signal Transduction by the Antigen Receptor of B Lymphocytes A. L. DeFranco, D. M. Page, J. H. Blum, and M. R. Gold    733

Three B-cell-surface Molecules Associating with Membrane Immunoglobulin R. M. E. Parkhouse    741

Signal Transduction through Interleukin-5 Receptors K. Takatsu, N. Yamaguchi, Y. Hitoshi, E. Sonoda, S. Mita, and A. Tominaga    745

Structure and Regulation of the Leukocyte Adhesion Receptor LFA-1 and Its Counter-receptors, ICAM-1 and ICAM-2 M.L. Dustin, J. Garcia-Aguilar, M. L. Hibbs, R. S. Larson, S. A. Stacker, D. E. Staunton, A. J. Wardlaw, and T. A. Springer    753

Transcriptionally Defective Retroviruses Containing lacZ for the In Situ Detection of Endogenous Genes and Developmentally Regulated Chromatin W. G. Kerr, G. P. Nolan, A. T. Serafini, and L. A. Herzenberg    767

Tolerance and Self Recognition

Induction of Tolerance by Embryonic Thymic Epithelial Grafts in Birds and Mam-mals N. M. Le Douarin, C. Corbel, C. Martin, M. Coltey, and J. Salaün     777

T-cell Tolerance to H-2 Molecules: Role of the Thymus J. Sprent, E.-K. Gao, and S. R. Webb    789

Activation Versus Tolerance: A Decision Made by T Helper Cells S. Guerder and P. Matzinger    799

Extrathymic Acquisition of Tolerance by T Lymphocytes J. F. A. P. Miller, G. Morahan, and J. Allison    807

Clonal Anergy of I-E-tolerant T Cells in Transgenic Mice with Pancreatic Expression of MHC Class II I-E L. C. Burkly, D. Lo, O. Kanagawa, R. L. Brinster, and R. A. Flavell    815

Alternative Self or Nonself Recognition of an Antigen Expressed in a Rare Cell Type in Transgenic Mice: Implications for Self-tolerance and Autoimmunity D. Hanahan, C. Jolicoeur, S. Alpert, and J. Skowronskið.    821

Inflammatory Destruction of Panacreatic b Cells in g-Interferon Transgenic Mice N. Sarvetnick, J. Shizuru, D. Liggitt, and T. Stewart    837

Reactivity and Tolerance of Virus-specific T Cells R. M. Zinkernagel, H. P. Pircher, M. Schulz, T. Leist, S. Oehen, and H. Hengartner    843

Evolution, Function, and Utilization of Major Histocompatibility Complex Polymorphism in Autoimmune Disease H. O. McDevitt, D. C. Wraith, D. E. Smilek, A. S. Lundberg, and L. Steinman    853

Autoimmune Disease and T-cell Immunologic Recognition L. Hood, V. Kumar, G. Osman, S. S. Beall, C. Gomez, W. Funkhouser, D. H. Kono, D. Nickerson, D. M. Zaller, and J. L. Urban    859

A New Hierarchy of TCR Specificity: Autoimmune Diseases Are Defined by Particular Va Vb Combinations and Not by Antigen Specificity E. Heber-Katz    875

Physiological Basis of T-cell Vaccination against Autoimmune Disease I. R. Cohen    879

Tolerance Induction in the Adult Using Monoclonal Antibodies to CD4, CD8, and CD11a (LFA-1) H. Waldmann, S. P. Cobbold, S. Qin, R. J. Benjamin, and M. Wise    885

Immunologic Tolerance within the B-lymphocyte Compartment: An Adult Tolerance Model G. J. V. Nossal, M. Karvelas, and P. A. Lalor    893

Models of B-cell Unresponsiveness D. W. Scott, J. E. Alés-Martínez, J. H. Chace, N. J. LoCascio, L. Silver, and G. L. Warner    899

Clonal Silencing of Self-reactive B Lymphocytes in a Transgenic Mouse Model C. C. Goodnow, J. Crosbie, S. Adelstein, T. B. Lavoie, S. J. Smith-Gill, D. Y. Mason, H. Jorgensen, R. A. Brink, H. Pritchard-Briscoe, M. Loughnan, R. H. Loblay, R. J. Trent, and A. Basten    907

Impact of Somatic Mutation on the S107 (T15) Heavy-chain V Region of Antibodies Reactive with Self and Nonself S. M. Behar, N. C. Chien, S. Corbet, B. Diamond, E. D. Getzoff, D. Lustgarten, V. A. Roberts, M. D. Scharff, and S.-U. Shin    921

Structural Patterns in Anti-DNA Antibodies from MRL/lpr Mice M. Z. Radic, M. A. Mascelli, J. Erikson, H. Shan, M. Shlomchik, and M. Weigert    933


Summary: The New Pragmatics of Immunology J. C. Howard    947