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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1983:   Molecular Neurobiology, Vol. XLVIII

Organizer: J.D. Watson, R. McKay


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xiiiPart 1Acetyicholine Receptor and Its ChannelThe Arrangement and Functions of the Chains of the Acetylcholine Receptor of Torpedo Electric Tissue A. Karlin, R. Cox, R. -R. Kaldany, P. Lobel, and E. Holtzman    1Subunit Organization and Structure of an Acetylcholine Receptor R. H. Fairclough, J. Finer-Moore, R. A. Love, K. Krisrofferson, P. J. Desmeules, and R, .M. Stroud    9The Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor: Subunit Structure, Functional Binding Sites, and Ion Transport Properties M .A. Raftery, S.M.J. Dunn, B. M. Conti-Tronconi, D. S. Middlemas, and R.. D. Crawford    21Allosteric Properties of the Acetyicholine Receptor Protein from Torpedo mar- morata J.-P. Changeux, F. Bon, J. Cartaud, A. Devillers-Thiéry, J. Giraudat, T. Heidmann, B. Holton, H. -O. Nghhiêm, J. -L. Popot, R. Van Rapenbusch, and S. Tzartos    35Muscarinic Receptor Subclasses: Allosteric Interactions N.J.M. Birdsall, E. C. Hulme, and J. M. Stockton    53Molecular Structure of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor S. Numa, M. Noda, H. Takahashi, T. Tanabe, M. Toyosato, Y. Furutani, and S. Kikyotani    57Molecular Cloning of the Acetylcholine Receptor J. Patrick, M. Ballivet, L. Boas, T. Claudio, J. Forrest, H. Ingraham, P. Mason, S. Stengelin, S. Ueno, and S. Heinemann    71Structure and Expression of Genomic Clones Coding for the d-Subunit of the Torpedo Acetylcholine Receptor N. D. Hershey, D. J. Noonan, K. S. Mixter, T. Claudio, and N. Davidson    79Genomic Sequences Encoding the a-Subunit of Acetylcholine Receptor Are Conserved in Evolution M. Ballivet, P. Nef, R. Stalder, and B. Fulpius    83Use of Monoclonal Antibodies to Study Acetylcholine Receptors from Electric Organs, Muscle, and Brain and the Autoimmune Response to Receptor in Myasthenia Gravis J. Lindstrom, S. Tzartos, W. Gullick, S. Hockschwender, L. Swanson, P. Sargent, M. Jacob, and M. Montal    89A Developmental Change in the Immunological Properties of Acetylcholine Receptors at the Rat Neuromuscular Junction Z. W. Hall, M. -P. Roisin, Y. Gu, and P.D. Gorin    101Acetyicholine and GABA Receptors: Subunits of Central and Peripheral Receptors and Their Encoding Nucleic Acids E.A. Barnard, D. Beeson, G. Bilbe, D.A. Brown, A. Constanti, B.M. Conti-Tronconi, J.O. Dolly, S.M.J. Dunn, F. Mehraban, B.M. Richards, and T.G. Smart    109Molecular Events in the Synthesis and Assembly of a Nicotinic Acetylcholine Recep- tor D.J. Anderson and G. Blobel    125The Regulation of Acetylcholine Receptor Expression in Mammalian Muscle J. P. Merlie, R. Sebbane, S. Gardner, E. Olson, and J. Lindstrom    135Sodium ChannelInactivation of Open and Closed Sodium Channels Determined Separately R. W. Aldrich and C. F. Stevens    147Structure and Functional Reconstitution of the Voltage-sensitive Sodium Channel from Rat Brain J.A. Talvenheimo, M.M. Tamkun, R.P. Hartshorne, D.J. Messner, R.G. Sharkey, M.R.C. Costa, and W.A. Catterall    155The Voltage-regulated Sodium Channel from the Electroplax of Electrophorus elec- tricus W. S. Agnew, J.A. Miller, M. H. Ellisman, R.L. Rosenberg, S.A. Tomiko, and S.R. Levinson    165Immunochemical Studies of the Voltage-sensitive Sodium Channel from the Electroplax of the Eel Electrophorous electricus L. C. Fritz, H. -P. H. Moore, M. A. Raftery, and J. P. Brockes    181The Molecular Mechanism of Action of the b-Adrenergic Receptor M. Schramm, M. Korner, G. Neufeld, and E. Nedivi    187 Calcium and Potassium ChannelsModulation of Calcium Channels in Cultured Cardiac Cells by Isoproterenol and 8-Bromo-cAMP H. Reuter, A.B. Cachelin, I.E. De Peyer, and S. Kokubun    193Calcium Channels: Mechanisms of b-Adrenergic Modulation of Ion Permeation R. W. Tsien, B.P. Bean, P. Hess, and M. Nowycky    201Modulation of a Specific Potassium Channel in Sensory Neurons of Aplysia by Serotonin and cAMP-dependent Protein Phosphorylation J.S. Carmardo, M.J. Shuster, S.A. Siegelbaum, and E.R. Kandel    213Genetic and Voltage-clamp Analysis of a Drosophila Potassium Channel L. Salkoff    221Mutating a Gene for a Potassium Channel by Hybrid Dysgenesis: An Approach to the Cloning of the Shaker Locus in Drosophila L. Y Jan, S. Barbel, L. Timpe, C. Laf- fer, L. Salkoff, P. O'Farrell, and Y. N. Jan    233Ion Transport by Single Receptor Channels B. Sakmann, J. Bormann, and O.P. Hamill    247Excitable Membrane Properties of Cultured Central Nervous System Neurons and Clonal Pituitary Cells J. L. Barker, B. Dufy D. G. Owen, and M. Segal    259Glutamate- and GABA-receptor Channels at the Locus Nerve-Muscle Junction: Noise Analysis and Single-channel Recording S. G. Cull-Candy    269Chemical and Pharmacological Approaches to the Definition and Quantitation of Calcium Channels P.J. Gengo, E. Lochowski, D. E. Rampe, A. Rutledge, A. M. Triggle, D.J. Triggle, and R.A. Janis    279Purification and Characterization of ATP-dependent Calcium Pumps from Synap- tosomes S.M. Goldin, S. Y Chan, D.M. Papazian, E.J. Hess, and H. Rahamimoff    287Studies of the Na+ -K + ATPase of Skeletal Muscle and Nerve D. M. Fambrough    297Studies on Neuronal Proteins with Recombinant DNA TechniquesDetection and Regulation of the Tyrosine Hydroxylase mRNA Levels in Rat Adrenal Medulla and Brain Tissues J. Mallet, N. Faucon Biguet, M. Buda, A. Lamouroux, and D. Samolyk    305Cloning and Characterization of Rat-brain-specific Transcripts: Rare, Brain-specific Transcripts and Tyrosine Hydroxylase D.M. Chikaraishi, M.H. Brilliant, and E.J. Lewis    309Dopamine-b-Hydroxylase Rat mRNA: Structure, Regulation, and Tissue Localiza- tion K. O'Malley, A. Mauron, G. Makk, D.L. Wong, R.D. Ciaranello, J.D. Barchas, and L. Kedes    319Evidence for the Existence of Homologous Gene Coding Regions for the Catecholamine Biosynthetic Enzymes T.H. Joh, E.E. Baetge, M.E. Ross, and D.J. Reis    327Neuron-specific Phosphoproteins as Models for Neuronal Gene Expression L.J. DeGennaro, S.D. Kanazir, W. C. Wallace, R.M. Lewis, and P. Greengard    337Expression of Cell-type-specific Neuronal Phosphoproteins R.M. Lewis, W. C. Wallace, S.D. Kanazir, and P. Greengard    347Studies on Voltage-operated Calcium Channels Using Radioligands R.J. Gould, K.M.M. Murphy, and S.H. Snyder    355Molecular Aspects of NeuropeptidesPeptides in Neuronal Function-Studies Using Frog Autonomic Ganglia Y.N. Jan, C. W. Bowers, D. Branton, L. Evans, and L. Y. Jan    363Generation of Diversity and Evolution of Opioid Peptides E. Herbert, E. Oates, G. Martens, M. Comb, H. Rosen, and M. Uhler    375Analysis of POMC Gene Expression by Transcription Assay and In Situ Hybridization Histochemistry J. L. Roberts, J. H. Eberwine, and C. E. Gee    385The Enkephalinergic Neuron: Implications of a Polyenkephalin Precursor J. Rossier, D. Liston, G. Patey, M. Chaminade, A.S. Foutz, A. Cupo, P. Giraud, M.P. Roisin, J. P. Henry, P. Verbanck, and J.-J. Vanderhaeghen    393The Molecular Basis of a Neuroendocrine Fixed Action Pattern: Egg Laying in Aplysia A..C. Mahon and R. H. Scheller    405Molecular Events in Developmental Regulation of Neuroendocrine Genes- Characterization of the Novel Neuropeptide CGRP R..M. Evans, S. Amara, and M. G. Rosenfeld    413The Kallikrein Multigene Family: Specific Processing of Biologically Active Pep- tides J. Shine, A..J. Mason, B.A. Evans, and R..I. Richards    419The Biosynthesis and Processing of Proteins in the Mouse 7S Nerve Growth Factor Complex T.L.J. Darling, P.E. Petrides, P. Beguin, P. Frey, E.M. Shooter, M. Selby, and W.J. Rutter    427Sequence Homology of Human and Mouse b-NGF Subunit Genes A. Ullrich, A. Gray, C. Berman, L Coussens, and T.J. Dull    435

Part 2

Genetic Analysis of the Nervous System

Neuronal Cell Lineages in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans J.E. Sulston    443

Mutations That Affect Neural Cell Lineages and Cell Fates during the Development of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans H.R. Horvitz, P. W Steinberg, I.S. Green- wald, W. Fixsen, and H.M. Ellis    453

Genetic Expression and Postnatal Development of the Brain: Some Characteristics of Nonpolyadenylated mRNAs W.E. Hahn, N. Chaudhari, L. Beck, K. Wilber, and D. Peffley    465

Cellular Localization and Function of the Proteins Encoded by Brain-specific mRNAs J. G. Sutcliffe, R..J. Milner, and F.E. Bloom    477

Gene Expression and the Diversity of Identified Neurons L. Buck, R. Stein, M. Palaz- zolo, D. Anderson, and R. Axe    485

Chromatin Changes Accompanying Neuronal Differentiation C. C. Kuenzle, C. W. Heiz- mann, U.Hübscher, R. Hobi, G. C. Winkler, A. W. Jaeger, and G. Morgenegg    493

Neuronal Surface Molecules

Molecular and Biological Properites of a Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule U. Rutishauser    501

Structure and Modulation of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecules in Early and Late Em- bryogenesis G.M. Edelman, S. Hoffman, C.-M. Chuong, J.-P. Thiery, R. Brackenbury, W.J. Gallin, M. Grumet, M.E. Greenberg, J.J. Hemperly, C. Cohen, and B.A. Cunningham    515

Neural Surface Antigens during Nervous System Development C. Goridis, H. Deagostini-Bazin, M. Hirn, M.-R. Hirsch, G. Rougon, R. Sadoul, O.K. Langley, G. Gombos, and J. Finne    527

The Structure and Function of Myoblast Adherons D. Schubert, M. LaCorbiere, F. G. Klier, and C. Birdwell    539

Do Monoclonal Antibodies Stain Sets of Functionally Related Leech Neurons? B. Zipser, R. Stewart, T. Flanagan, M. Flaster, and E.R. Macagno    551

Cell-type Specificity and Developmental Expression of Neural Cell-surface Components Involved in Cell Interactions and of Structurally Related Molecules M. Schachner, A. Faissner, J. Kruse, J. Lindner, D. H. Meier, F. G. Rathjen, and H. Wernecke    557

Glial Cell Lineages in the Rat Optic Nerve M. C. Raff, R. H. Miller, and M. Noble    569

The Regulation of Axon Organization

Navigational Substrates for Peripheral Pioneer Growth Cones: Limb-axis Polarity Cues, Limb-segment Boundaries, and Guidepost Neurons D. Bentley and M. Caudy    573

Guidance of Neuronal Growth Cones: Selective Fasciculation in the Grasshopper Em- bryo J.A.. Raper, M.J. Bastiani, and C..S. Goodman    587

The Molecular Organization of the Leech Nervous System R..D. McKay, S. Hockfield, J. Johansen, and K. Frederiksen    599

Studies on Extracellular Matrix Components That Promote Neurite Outgrowth A. D. Lander, K Tomaselli, A.L. Calof, and L.F. Reichardt    611

The Production of a Monoclonal Antibody That Blocks the Action of a Neurite Outgrowth-promoting Factor W. D. Matthew and P. H. Patterson    625

Factors That Determine Connectivity in the Nervous System of C. elegans J. G. White, E. Southgate, J.N. Thomson, and S. Brenner    633

What Genes Are Necessary to Make an Identified Synapse? R.J. Wyman and J.B. Thomas    641

Synaptic Organization and Function

Molecular Components of the Synaptic Basal Lamina That Direct Differentiation of Regenerating Neuromuscular Junctions R.M. Nitkin, B. G. Wallace, M.E. Spira, E. W. Godfrey, and U.J. McMahan    653

The Basal Lamina of the Neuromuscular Junction J. R. Sanes and A. Y. Chiu    667

Quantitation and Purification of Neurotrophic Molecules H. Thoenen, S. Korsching, Y-A. Barde, and D. Edgar    679

Cytochemical and Physiological Properties of Sensory and Dorsal Horn Neurons That Transmit Cutaneous Sensation J. Dodd, C.E. Jahr, P.N. Hamilton, M.J.S. Heath, W.D. Matthew, and T.M. Jessell    685

Membrane Traffic in Neurons and Peptide-secreting Cells R. B. Kelly, K. M. Buckley, T.L. Burgess, S.S. Carlson, P. Caroni, J.E. Hooper, A. Katzen, H.-P. Moore, S.R. Pfeffer, and T.A. Schroer    697

Synapse Formation by Neuroblastoma Hybrid Cells M. Nirenberg, S. Wilson, H. Higashida, A. Rotter, K. Krueger, N. Busis, R. Ray, K. Kenimer, M. Adler, and H. Fukui    707

The Cellular Organization of Neurons

Neurofilaments, a Subclass of Intermediate Filaments: Structure and Expression K. Weber, G. Shaw, M. Osborn, E. Debus, and N. Geisler    717

Molecular Biology of Neuronal Geometry: Expression of Neurofilament Genes In- fluences Axonal Diameter R.J. Lasek, M. M. Oblinger, and P. F. Drake    731

Polyribosomes at the Base of Dendritic Spines of Central Nervous System Neurons- Possible Role in Synapse Construction and Modification O. Steward    745

Cell-surface Molecules That Characterize Different Stages in the Development of Cerebellar Interneurons W.B. Stallcup, L. Beasley, and J. Levine    761

Neuronal Microdifferentiation A. Matus, G. Huber, and R. Bernhardt    775

Expression of mRNA for Microtubule Proteins in the Developing Nervous System I. Ginzburg, T. Scherson, S. Rybak, Y. Kimhi, D. Neuman, M. Schwartz, and U.Z. Littauer    783

Axonally Transported Proteins in Axon Development, Maintenance, and Regenera- tion C. Baitinger, R. Cheney, D. Clements, M. Glicksman, N. Hirokawa, J. Levine, K. Meiri, C. Simon, P. Skene, and M. Willard    791


Bacterial Chemotaxis and Molecular Neurobiology J. Adler    803

Information Processing in a Sensory System D. E. Koshland, Jr., A. F. Russo, and N.I. Gutterson    805

What Molecular Steps Determine the Time Course of the Memory for Short-term Sen- sitization in Aplysia? J. H. Schwartz, L. Bernier, V. F. Castellucci, M. Pala