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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1974:   Tumor Viruses, Vol. XXXIX

Organizer: James Watson


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Symposium Participants    vForeword    xviiOpening RemarksOncogenic Viruses: The Last Twelve Years R. Dulbecco    1SV40 AND POLYOMAGenome Structure and GeneticsAltered Patterns of Protein Synthesis in Infection by SV40 Mutants P. Tegt meyer    9The Semiautonomous Replicon: A Molecular Model for the Oncogenicity of SV40 R. G. Martin, J. Y. Chou, J. Avila and R. Saral    17Transformation of Primate and Rodent Cells by Temperature-sensitive Mutants of SV40 J. S. Butel, J. S. Brugge and C. A. Noonan    25Properties of Temperature-sensitive Mutants of Polyoma Virus W. Eckhart    37Indirect Complementation of a Nontransforming Mutant of Polyoma Virus T. L. Benjamin and E. Goldman    41Polyoma Virus - A Study of Wild-type, Mutant and Defective DNAs M. Fried, B. E. Griffin, E. Lund and D. L. Robberson    45Mapping the Genes of Simian Virus 40 C..J. Lai and D. Nathans    53Mapping of Mutational Alterations in DNA with Si Nuclease: The Location of Deletions, Insertions and Temperature-sensitive Mutations in SV40 T. E. Shenk, C. Rhodes, P. W. J. Rigby and P. Berg    61Isolation and Characterization of Individual Clones of Simian Virus 40 Mutants Containing Deletions, Duplications and Insertions in Their DNA J. E. Mertz, J. Carbon, M. Herzberg, R. W. Davis and P. Berg    69Characterization of Defective Simian Virus 40 DNA: Comparison between Large- plaque and Small-plaque Types K. Yoshiike, A. Furuno, S. Watanabe, S. Uchida, K. Matsubara and Y. Takagi    85Characterization of SV40 DNA Rescued from Transformed Mouse Cells M. Botchan, B. Ozanne and J. Sambrook    95Host Substitution in SV40 and Polyoma DNA E. Winocour, N. Frenkel, S. Lavi, M. Osenholts and S. Rozenblatt    101Electron Microscopic Mapping of the Attachment Sites on SV40 DNA during Lytic Infection L. T. Chow, H. W. Boyer, E. G. Tischer and H. M. Goodman    109Characterization of Cloned Evolutionary Variants of Simian Virus 40 W. W. Brockman, T. N. H. Lee and D. Nathans    119Specific Reiteration of Viral DNA Sequences in Mammalian Cells M. A. Martin, G. Khoury and G. C. Fareed    129Formation of Reiterated Simian Virus 40 DNA D. Davoli and G. C. Fareed    137The Detection and Quantitation of SV40 Nucleic Acid Sequences Using Single-stranded SV40 DNA Probes G. Khoury, P. Howley, M. Brown and M. Martin    147RNA TranscriptionNucleotide Sequence about the 3¢ Terminus of SV40 DNA Transcripts and the Region Where DNA Synthesis Is Initiated R. Dhar, K. Subramanian, B. S. Zain, J. Pan and S. M. Weissman    153Mapping of SV40 mRNA Species on the Viral Genome R. A. Weinberg and J. E. Newbold    161Biogenesis and Characterization of SV40 and Polyoma RNAs in Productively Infected Cells Y. Aloni    165Approaches to the Sequence Determination of SV40 DNA W. Fiers, K. Danna, R. Rogiers, A. Vandevoorde, J. Van Herreweghe, H. Van Heuverswyn, G. Volckaert and R. Yang    179Virus-specific RNA in Cells Productively Infected or Transformed by Polyoma Virus R. Kamen, D. M. Lindstrom, H. Shure and R. W. Old    187ReplicationStepwise Relaxation of Supercoiled SV40 DNA W. Keller and I. Wendel    199Properties of Replicating SV40 DNA Molecules and Mapping Unpaired Regions in SV40 DNA I N. P. Salzman, J. Lebowitz, M. Chen, E. Sebring and C. F. Garon    209Polyoma DNA Replication: Location of the Origin in Different Virus Strains L. V. Crawford, A. K. Robbins, P. M. Nicklin and K. Osborn    219Replication of Polyoma DNA: Effects of Hydroxyurea and Arabinosyl Cytosine G. Magnusson, R. Craig, M. Närkhammar, P. Reichard, M. Staub and H. War- ner    227Proteins and Their SynthesisFingerprints of Polyoma Virus Proteins and Mouse Histones G. Fey and B. Hirt    235Virion Proteins of Polyoma Temperature-sensitive Mutants: Late Mutants T. Friedmann and W. Eckhart    243Endonucleolytic Cleavage of Polyoma Virus DNA: General Properties and Site Specificity of the Virion-associated Endonuclease A. Parodi, P. Rouget, O. Croissant, D. Blangy and F. Cuzin    247Intermolecular Disulfide Bonds: An Important Structural Feature of the Polyoma Virus Capsid G. Walter and W. Deppert    255The Organization of Proteins in Polyoma and Cellular Chromatin A. J. Louie    259SV40: T Antigen, the A Function and Transformation M. Osborn and K. Weber    267Regulation of 5V40 Tumor Antigen in Transformed Mouse 3T3 Cells J. A. Robb    277SV40 T Antigen: Partial Purification and Properties D. M. Livingston, I. C. Henderson and J. Hudson    283Dissociation and DNA Binding of SV40 T Antigen R. B. Carroll, L. Hager and R. Dulbecco    291An Antigen Associated with Messenger RNA in a Transformed Hamster Cell Line M.-E. Mirault, S. I. Reed and G. R.Stark    295Cytosine Arabinoside- and Interferon-mediated Control of Polyoma and SV40 Genome Expression G. Brandner and N. Mueller    305The Cell-free Translation of SV40 Messenger RNA C. L. Prives, H. Aviv, E. Gil- boa, M. Revel and E. Winocour    309Transformed CellsThe Stable Classes of Transformed Cells Induced by SV40 Infection of Esta- blished 3T3 Cells and Primary Rat Embryonic Cells R. Risser, D. Ri/kin and R. Pollack    317Factors Affecting the Process and Extent of Integration of the Viral Genome K. Hirai and V. Defendi    325Genetics of Cell Transformation by Simian Virus 40 C. M. Croce, K. Huebner, A. J. Girardi and H. Koprowski    335Variants of Simian Virus 40-transformed Mouse Cells Resistant to Cytochalasin B F. Kelly and J. Sambrook    345The SV40 Rescue Problem J. F. Watkins    355Localization and Distribution of Actin Fibers in Normal, Transformed and Re- vertant Cells K. Weber, E. Lazarides, R. D. Goldman, A. Vogel and R. Pol- lack    363Differential Susceptibility to Amphotericin B of 3T3 Cells Transformed by SV40 or Polyoma P. Amati and C. Lago    371Infection of Mouse Blastocysts with SV40 DNA: Normal Development of the In- fected Embryos and Persistence of SV40-specific DNA Sequences in the Adult Animals R. Jacnisch    375A Simplifying Concept in Tumor Virology: Virus-specific "Pleiotropic Effectors" R. Weil, C. Salomon, E. May and P. May    381ADENO VIRUSESGenome Structure and GeneticsCleavage Maps of DNA from Adenovirus Types 2 and 5 by Restriction Endo- nucleases EcoRI and HpaI C. Mulder, J. R. Arrand, H. Delius, W. Keller, U. Pettersson, R. J. Roberts and P. A. Sharp    397Extent of Terminal Repetition in Adenovirus 2 DNA J. R. Arrand, W. Keller and R. J. Roberts    401Structural Studies on Two Adenovirus 2-SV40 Hybrids Which Contain the En- tire 5V40 Genome T. J. Kelly, Jr., A. M. Lewis, Jr., A. S. Levine and S. Siegel    409Cell Transformation: A Study of Regulation with Types S and 12 Adenovirus Temperature-sensitive Mutants H. S. Ginsberg, M. J. Ensinger, R. S. Kauff- man, A. J. Mayer and U. Lundholm    419Genetic Analysis of Human Adenovirus Type 5 in Permissive and Nonpermissive Cells J. F. Williams, C. S. H. Young and P. E. Austin    427Physical Mapping of Temperature-sensitive Mutations of Adenoviruses T. Grodzicker, J. Williams, P. Sharp and J. Sambrook    439TranscriptionRNA Synthesis and Processing in Adenovirus-infected Cells L. Philipson, U. Pettersson, U. Lind berg, C. Tibbetts, B. Vennstrom and T. Persson    447Mapping of Adenovirus 2 RNA Sequences in Lytically Infected Cells and Trans- formed Cell Lines P. A. Sharp. P. H. Gallimore and S. J. Flint    457An Examination of the Nuclear RNA of Adenovirus-transformed Cells M. Gear- gieff S. Bachenheimer and J. E. Darnell    475RNA Transcription in Cultures Productively Infected with Adenovirus 2 E. A. Craig, J. Tal, T. Nishimoto, S. Zimmer, M. MeGrogan and H. J. Raskas    483The Transcriptional Role of Host DNA-dependent RNA Polymerases in Adeno- virus-infected KB Cells R. Weinmann, H. J. Raskas and R. G. Roeder    495In Vitro Transcription of Adenovirus 2 DNA byE. coli RNA Polymerase S. Sur- zycki, J. A. Surzycki, W. DeLorbe and G. N. Gussin    501ReplicationIntegration of Adenovirus DNA into the Cellular Genome W. Doer/ler, H. Bur- ger, J. Ortin, E. Fanning, D. T. Brown, M. Westphal, U. Winterhoff, B. Weiser and J. Schick    505A Circular DNA-Protein Complex from Adenoviruses and Its Possible Role in DNA Replication A. J. Robinson and A. J. D. Bellett    523The Viral DNA Replication Machinery of Adenovirus 12 H. Shimojo, K. Shiroki and K. Yamaguchi    533The Mechanism of Replication of Adenovirus Type 5 DNA J. S. Sussenbach, D. J. Ellens, P. Ch. van der Vliet, M. G. Kuijk, P. H. Steenbergh, J. M. VIak, Th. H. RozUn and H. S. Jansz    539Origins and Termini of Adenovirus Type 2 DNA Replication E. L. Winnacker    547Proteins and Their SynthesisEarly Events in Adenovirus-infected Cells W. C. Russell    551Adenovirus-infected, Cell-specific, DNA-binding Proteins A. J. Levine, P. C. van der Vlict, B. Rosenwirth, J. Rabek, G. Frenkel and M. Ensinger    559Human Adenovirus Infection in Monkey Cells: An Example of Host Restriction at a Step Late in Replication S. G. Baum and R. I. Fox    567Analysis of Adenovirus Type 2 Gene Functions by Cell-free Translation of Viral Messenger RNA H. Westphal, L. Eron, F.-J. Ferdinand, R. Callahan and S-P. Lai    575The Origin and Destiny of Adenovirus Proteins J. B. Lewis, C. W. Anderson, J. F. Atkins and R. F. Gesteland    581Transformed CellsRecent Studies on the Characteristics of Adenovirus-infected and -transformed Cells J. K. McDougall, A. R. Dunn and P. H. Gallimore    591Properties and Behavior of Hamster Embryo Cells Transformed by Human Ad- enovirus Type 5 R. D. Goldman, C. Chang and J. F. Williams    601

Viral DNA Sequences in Cells Transformed by Simian Virus 40, Adenovirus Type 2 and Adenovirus Type 5 J. Sambrook, M. Botchan, P. Gallimore, B. Ozanne, U. Pettersson, J. Williams and P. A. Sharp    615

Analysis of Multiple Viral Genome Fragments in Adenovirus 7-transformed Hamster Cells K. Fujinaga, K. Sekikawa, H. Yamazaki and M. Green    633

Studies on In Vitro Transformation by DNA and DNA Fragments of Human Adenoviruses and Simian Virus 40 F. L. Graham, P. J. Abrahams, C. Mul- der, H. L. He~neker, 5. 0. Warnaar, F. A. J. de Vries, W. Fiers and A. J. van der Eb    637

Studies of Hamster Cells Transformed by Adenovirus 2 and the Nondefective Ad2-SV40 Hybrids A. M. Lewis, Jr., J. H. Breeden, Y. L. Wewerka, L. E. Schnipper and A. S. Levine    651



Herpes Simplex

The Structure and Biological Properties of Herpes Simplex Virus DNA N. M. Wilkie, J. B. Clements, J. C. M. Macnab and J. H. Subak-Sharpe    657

Inverted Repetitions in the Chromosome of Herpes Simplex Virus P. Sheldrick and N. Berthelot-    667

Terminal Repetitions in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 DNA R. H. Grafstrom, J. C. Alwine, W. L. Steinhart and C. W. Hill    679

Analysis of DNA of Defective Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 by Restriction Endo- nuclease Cleavage and Nucleic Acid Hybridization M. Wagner, J. Share and W. C. Summers    683

Regulation of Herpesvirus Macromolecular Synthesis: Evidence for Multilevel Regulation of Herpes Simplex 1 RNA and Protein Synthesis B. Roizman, M. Kozak, R. W. lioness and G. Hayward    687

Thymidine Kinase Isozymes of Normal and Virus-infected Cells S. Kit, W.-C. Leung, G. N. Jorgensen, D. Trkula and D. R. Dubbs    703

Genetic and Biochemical Studies with Herpesvirus J. H. Subak-Sharpe, S. M. Brown, D. A. Ritchie, M. C. Timbu,y, J. C. M. Macnab, H. S. Marsden and J. Hay    717

Viral Gene Functions Expressed and Detected by Temperature-sensitive Mutants of Herpes Simplex Virus M. Benyesh-Melnick, P. A. Schaffer, R. J. Courtney, J. Esparza and S. Kimura    731

Demonstration of the Oncogenic Potential of Herpes Simplex Viruses and Human Cytomegalovirus F. Rapp and J.-L. H. Li    747

Transformation of Cells by Herpes Simplex Virus - Fact or Fantasy? B. R. Mc- Auslan, B. Gar/inkle, R. Adler, D. Devinney, R. Florkiewicz and J. E. Shaw    765

Epstein-Barr Virus

Immortalizing and Nonimmortalizing Laboratory Strains of Epstein-Barr Virus G. Miller, J. Robinson and L. Heston    773

Studies on the Epstein-Barr Virus Genome and the EBV-determined Nuclear Antigen in Human Malignant Disease G. Klein    783

EBV DNA in Nonlymphoid Cells of Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas and in a Malig- nant Lymphoma Obtained after Inoculation of EBV into Cottontop Marmo- sets H. Wolf J. Werner and H. zur Hausen    791

The Epstein-Barr Virus and Malignancy: Molecular Evidence J. S. Pagano    797

Plasmid DNA as a Possible State of Epstein-Barr Virus Genomes in Nonproduc- tive Cells M. Nonoyama and A. Tanaka    807

Sequence of Epstein-Barr Virus Productive Cycle in Human Lymphoblastoid Cells B. Hampar, J. G. Derge, A. Tanaka and M. Nonoyama    811

Response of B and T Lymphocytes and Other Blood Leukocytes in Chickens with Marek's Disease L. N. Payne, P. C. Powell and M. Rennie    817

Organization of Virion RNA Genome and Genetics

Electron Microscope Studies of Tumor Virus RNA H. J. Kung, J. M. Bailey, N. Davidson, P. K. Vogt, M.O. Nicolson and R. M. McAllister    827

Electron Microscope Measurements of Rous Sarcoma Virus RNA H. Delius, P. H. Duesberg and W. F. Mangel    835

Determination of the Molecular Weight of the RNA Subunits of Rous Sarcoma Virus by Electron Microscopy A. B. Jacobson and P. A. Bromley    845

Avian RNA Tumor Viruses: Mechanism of Recombination and Complexity of the Genome P. Duesberg, P. K. Vogt, K. Beemon and M. Lai    847

35S a and b RNA Subunits of Avian RNA Tumor Virus Strains Cloned and Pas- saged in Chick and Duck Cells M. P. Stone, R. E. Smith and W. K. ,Joklik    859

Base Sequence Complexity of 35S Avian Myeloblastosis Virus RNA Determined by Molecular Hybridization Kinetics M. A. Baluda, M. Shoyab, P. D. Mark- ham, R. M. Evans and W. N. Drohan    869

Studies of the Interrelationship of Chicken Leukosis Virus and Host Cell Genomes by RNA-DNA Hybridization P. E. Neiman, S. E. Wright and H. G. Purchase    875

A Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Mammalian RNA-containing Sarcoma Viruses E. M. Scolnick, R. J. Goldberg and W. P. Parks    885

Genetic Recombination among Temperature-sensitive Mutants of Rous Sarcoma Virus J. A. Wyke, J. G. Bell and J. A. Beamand    897

Phenotypically Mixed Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Particles Produced in Human Tumor Cell Lines J. Zavada, J. Bubenik, R. Widmaicr and Z. Zavadova    907

Phenotypic Mixing between Vesicular Stomatitis Virus and Avian RNA Tumor Viruses R. A. Weiss, D. Boettiger and D. N. Love    913

Reverse Transcriptase

Role of the Subunits of the Avian RNA Tumor Virus Reverse Transcriptase A. Panet, I. M. Verma and D. Baltimore    919

Structure and Properties of an RNA Primer for Initiation of Rous Sarcoma Virus DNA Synthesis In Vitro J. E. Dahlberg, F. Harada and R. C. Sawyer    925

Relationships between Components in Primate RNA Tumor Viruses and in the Cytoplasm of Human Leukemic Cells: Implications to Leukemogenesis R. C. Gallo, R. E. Gallagher, N. R. Miller, H. Mondal, W. C. Saxinger, R. J. Mayer, R. G. Smith and D. H. Gillespie    933

Reverse Transcriptase Associated with A-type Particles from Murine Myeloma Cells R. E. Thach, D. L. Robertson, N. L. Baenziger and D. C. Dobbertin    963

Reverse Transcriptase and RNase H: Present in a Murine Virus and in Both Sub- units of an Avian Virus K. Moelling    969

Proviral DNA and Its Transcription

Properties of Oncornavirus RNA-directed DNA Polymerase, the RNA Template, and the Intracellular Products Formed Early during Infection and Cell Transformation M. Green, D. Grandgenett, G. Gerard, H. M. Rho, M. C. Loni, M. Robins, S. Salzberg, G. Shanmugam, S. Bhaduri and G. Vecchio    975

Synthesis, Structure and Function of Avian Sarcoma Virus-specific DNA in Permissive and Nonpermissive Cells H. E. Varmus, R. V. Guntaka, C. T. Deng and J. M. Bishop    987

The Genome of RNA Tumor Viruses: A Functional Requirement for a Polyploid Structure? P. D. Cooper and J. A. Wyke    997

Studies on Characterization of the Integration Sites of Avian RNA Tumor Virus- specific DNA R. M. Evans, M. Shoyab and M. A. Baluda    1005

DNA-RNA Hybrid in Cells Infected by Murme Leukemia Virus T. Takano and M. Hatanaka    1009

Infectious Viral DNA in Rous Sarcoma Virus-transformed Nonproducer and Producer Animal Cells M. Hill, J. Hillova, D. Dantchev, R. Manage and G. Goubin    1015

Infectious DNA from Cells Infected with Rous Sarcoma Virus, Reticulcendothe- liosis Virus or Rous-associated Virus-0 G. M. Cooper and H. M. Temin    1027

AMV RNA Transcription in Cell-free Systems and Properties of In Vitro Chro- matin-directed RNA Synthesis G. Monroy, M. Jacquet, Y. Groner and J. Hurwitz    1033

Studies on the Structure and Synthesis of Rous Sarcoma Virus RNA C. Weiss- mann, J. T. Parsons, J. W. Coffin, L. Rymo, M. A. Billeter and H. Hofstetter    1043


Characterization of Murine Leukemia Virus-specific Proteins E. Fleissner, H. Ikeda, J-S. Tung, E. S. Vitetta, E. Tress, W. Hardy, Jr., E. Stockert, E. A. Boyse, T. Pincus and P. O'Donnell    1057

Synthesis of Avian RNA Tumor Virus Structural Proteins R. Eisenman, V. M. Vogt and H. Diggelmann    1067

Expression of Endogeneous Viruses

Problems of RSV Rescue from Virogenic Mammalian Cells J. Svododa, I. Hlo žánek, O. Mach and S. Zadražil    1077

Qualitative and Quantitative Studies of AKR-type Murine Leukemia Virus Sequences in Mouse DNA S. K. Chattopadhyay, D. R. Lowy, N. M. Teich, A. S. Levine and W. P. Rowe    1085

Mechanism of Induction of RNA Tumor Viruses by Halogenated Pyrimidines P. Besmer, D. Smotkin, W. Haseltine, H. Fan, A. T. Wilson, M. Paskind, R. Weinberg and D. Baltimore    1103

Structural Proteins of RNA Tumor Viruses as Probes for Viral Gene Expression M. Strand and J. T. August    1109

Gen etic Control of the Expression of Murine Leukemia Virus Proteins in Tissues of Normal, Young Adult Mice M. Strand, F. Lilly and J. T. August    1117

Immune Response in the Mouse to Endogenous Leukemia Viruses R. C. Nowin- ski, S. L. Kaehler and R. R. Burgess    1123

Differential Cellular Regulation of Three Distinct Classes of Type C RNA Viruses Endogenous to Mouse Cells S. A. Aaronson and J. R. Stephenson    1129

Control of Expression of Tumor Virus Genes in Uninfected Chicken Cells H. Hanaf~tsa, W. S. Hayward, J. H. Chen and T. Hanafusa    1139

Endogenous Mammary Tumor Viruses in Mice P. Bentvelzen    1145

Glucocorticoid Induction of Murine Mammary Tumor Virus In Vitro W. P. Parks, E. M. Scolnick and J. C. Ransom    1151

Endogenous Primate and Feline Type C Viruses G. J. Todaro, R. E. Benveniste, R. Callahan, M. M. Lieber and C. J. Sherr    1159

Activation and Repression of Virus Expression in Mammalian Cells Infected by Rous Sarcoma Virus D. Boettiger    1169

Transformed Tumor Cell Surfaces

The Chick Fibroblast Cell Surface after Transformation by Rous Sarcoma Virus P. W. Robbins, G. G. Wickus, P. E. Branton, B. J. Gaffney, C. B. Hirschberg, P. Fuchs and P. M. Blumberg    1173

The Role of Cell Surface Changes in RNA Tumor Virus-transformed Cells H. Bauer, R. Kurth, L. Rohrschneider, G. Pauli, R. R. Friis and H. Gelderblom    1181


Tumor Viruses: 1974 D. Baltimore    1187