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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1972:   The Mechanism of Muscle Contraction, Vol. XXXVII

Organizer: James Watson


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Symposium Participants    vii
Foreword    xvii
The Amino Acid Sequence of Rabbit Skeletal Muscle Actin M. Elzinga and J. H. Collins 1
Structural Studies on the Light Chains of Myosin A. G. Weeds and G. Frank 9
Stoichiometry and Sequential Removal of the Light Chains of Myosin S. Sarkar 14
A Phosphorylated Light Chain Component of Myosin from Skeletal Muscle W. T. Perrie, L. B. Smillie, and S. V. Perry 17
An Immunochemical Approach to the Interaction of Light and Heavy Chains in Myosin S. Lowey and J. C. Holt 19
Studies on the Role of Light and Heavy Chains in Myosin Adenosine Triphos- phatase P. Dreizen and D. H. Richards 29
Myosin-linked Regulatory Systems: The Role of the Light Chains J. Kendrick- Jones, E. M. Szentkirályi, and A. G. Szent-Györgyi 47
Studies on the Helical Segment of the Myosin Molecule N. A. Biró, L. Szilagyi, and M. Bálint 55
Studies on the Structure and Assembly Pattern of the Light Meromyosin Section of the Myosin Rod 31. Young, M. V. King, D. S. O’Hara, and P. J. Molberg 65
Association of Myosin to Form Contractile Systems W. F. Harrington, M. Burke, and J. S. Barton 77
C-Protein and the Periodicity in the Thick Filaments of Vertebrate Skeletal Muscle G. Offer 87
The Myosin Filament: Immunochemical and Ultrastructural Approaches to Molecular Organization F. A. Pepe 97
Filaments from Purified Smooth Muscle Myosin A. Sobieszek and J. V. Small 109
Inhibition of Heavy Meromyosin by Purine Disulfide Analogs of Adenosine Triphosphate R. G. Yount, J. S. Frye, and K. R. O’Keefe 113
Inhibition of Myosin ATPase with a Disulfide Analog of ATP H. J. Mannlierz, R. S. Goody, and F. Eckstein 119
An ATP-Binding Peptide C. Barany and R. B. Merrifteld 121
Transient Kinetic Studies of the Mg++-dependent ATPase of Myosin and Its Proteolytic Subfragments C. R. Bagshaw, J. F. Eccleston, D. R. Trentham, D. W. Yates, and R. S. Goody 127
Actin Activation of Heavy Meromyosin and Subfragment-1 ATPases: Steady State Kinetics Studies C. Moos 137
Evidence for a Refractory State of Heavy Meromyosin and Subfragment- 1 Unable to Bind to Actin in the Presence of ATP E. Eisenberg and W. W. Kielley 145
Possible Differentiation between Rigor Type Interactions of the Two Myosin Heads with Actin M. C. Schaub and J. G. Watterson 153
A Proposal for the Mechanism of Contraction in Intact Frog Muscle M. Bárány and K. Bárány 157
Formation and Decomposition of the Myosin-Phosphate-ADP Complex in the Myosin-ATPase Reaction Y. Tonomura, Y. Hayashi, and A. Inoue 169
Studies on the Mechanism of Myosin and Actomyosin ATPase J. F. Koretz, T. Hunt, and E. W. Taylor 179
Investigation of Conformational Changes in Spin-labeled Myosin: Implications for the Molecular Mechanism of Muscle Contraction J. C. Seidel and J. Gergely 187
Does A Myosin Cross-Bridge Progress Arm-over-Arm on the Actin Filament? J. Botts, R. Cooke, C. dos Remedios, J. Duke, R. Mendelson, M. F. Morales, T. Tokiwa, G. Viniegra, and R. Yount 195
Links between Mechanical and Biochemical Kinetics of Muscle D. C. S. White 201
Regulatory Proteins of Muscle with Special Reference to Troponin S. Ebashi, I. Ohtsuki, and K. Mihashi 215
Studies on the Subunit Composition of Troponin D. J. Hartshorne and P. Dreizen 225
Troponin Subunits and Their Interactions M. L. Greaser,M. Yamaguchi, C. Brekke, J. Potter, and J. Gergely 235
Troponin—Its Composition and Interaction with Tropomyosin and F-Actin W. Drabikowski, E. Nowak, B. Barylko, and R. Dabrowska 245
Localization and Mode of Action of the Inhibitory Protein Component of the Troponin Complex S. V. Perry, H. A. Cole, J. F. Head, and F. J. Wilson 251
Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation of the Inhibitory Component of Troponin J. T. Stull, P. J. England, C. O. Brostrom, and E. G. Krebs 263
Manifestations of Cooperative Behavior in the Regulated Actin Filament during Actin-activated ATP Hydrolysis in the Presence of Calcium R. D. Bremel, J.M. Murray, and A. Weber. 267
Dynamic Property of F-Actin and Thin Filament F. Oosawa, S. Fujime, S. Ishiwata, and K. Mihashi 277
Tropomyosin-Troponin Assembly C. Cohen, D. L. D. Caspar, J. P. Johnson, K. Nauss, S. S. Margossian, and D. A. D. Parry 287
Tropomyosin: Amino Acid Sequence and Coiled-Coil Structure R. S. Hodges, J. Sodek, L. B. Smillie, and L. Jurasek 299
Structure of the Actin-containing Filaments in Vertebrate Skeletal Muscle J. Hanson, V. Lednev, E. J. O’Brien, and P. M. Bennett 311
Myosin-linked Regulatory Systems: Comparative Studies W. Lehman, J. Kendrick-Jones, and A. G. Szent-Györgyi 319
Structural Studies by X-Ray Diffraction of Striated Muscle Permeated with Certain Ions and Proteins E. Rome 331
X-Ray Evidence for a Conformational Change in the Actin-containing Filaments of Vertebrate Striated Muscle J. C. Haselgrove 341
Studies of the Low-Angle X-Ray Pattern of a Mulluscan Smooth Muscle during Tonic Contraction and Rigor J. Lowy and P. J. Vibert 353
Structural Changes in the Actin- and Myosin-containing Filaments during Contraction H. E. Huxley 361
Changes in the Polarization of Tryptophan Fluorescence in the Actomyosin System of Working Muscle Fibers G. J. Steiger, J. C. Rüegg, K. M. Boldt, D. W. Lübbers, and W. Breull 377
The Structure and Function of Insect Muscle P. Armitage, A. Miller, C. D. Rodger, and R. T. Tregear 379
Intensity Fluctuation Autocorrelation Studies of Resting and Contracting Frog Sartorius Muscle F. D. Carlson, R. Bonner, and A. Fraser 389
How Many Myosins per Cross-Bridge? I. Flight Muscle Myofibrils from the Blowfly, Sarcophaga bullata M. K. Reedy, G. F. Bahr, and D. A. Fischman 397
How Many Myosins per Cross-Bridge? II. Flight Muscle Myosin from the Blowfly, Sarcophaga bullata B. Bullard and M. K. Reedy 423
Biochemical and Ultrastructural Studies on Vertebrate Smooth Muscle R. V. Rice and A. C. Brady 429
The Core Component of the Myosin-containing Elements of Vertebrate Smooth Muscle J. V. Small and A. Sobieszek 439
Effects of ATP Analogs on the Low-Angle X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of Insect Flight Muscle J. Barrington Leigh, K. C. Holmes, H. G. Mannherz, G. Rosenbaum, F. Eckstein, and R. Goody 443
X-Ray Diagrams from Skeletal Muscle in the Presence of ATP Analogs R. W. Lymn and H. E. Huxley 449

The Biosynthesis of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Membranes and the Mechanism of Calcium Transport A. Martonosi, R. Boland, and R. A. Halpin 455
Isolation of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Proteins D. H. MacLennan, C. C. Yip, G. H.Iles, and P. Seeman. 469
Electrical Events in the T-System of Frog Skeletal Muscle L. D. Peachy 479 Calcium and the Control of Contraction and Relaxation in a Molluscan Catch Muscle B. Twarog and Y. Muneoka 489
Length Dependence of Activation of Skinned Muscle Fibers by Calcium M. Endo 505

M and Z Band Components and the Assembly of Myofibrils J. D. Etlinger and D. A. Fischman 511
Functions of Cytoplasmic Fibers in Non-Muscle Cell Motility R. D. Goldman and D. M. Knipe 523
Myosin Messenger RNA: Studies on Its Purification, Properties and Translation during Myogenesis in Culture G. E. Morris, E. A. Buzash, A. W. Rourke, K. Tepperman, W. C. Thompson, and S. M. Heywood 535
Gene Expression during Differentiation of Contractile Muscle Fibers D. Yaffe and H. Dym 543
Selected Topics in Skeletal Myogenesis H. Holtzer, J. W. Sanger, H. Ishikawa, and K. Strahs 549

Cytoplasmic Actin: A Comparative Study D. Bray 567
The “Contractile” Proteins of Acanthamoeba castellanii T. D. Pollard and E. D. Korn 573
Effects of Cytochalasin B on Actin Filaments J. A. Spudich 585
Studies on the Contractile Proteins from Blood Platelets J. Abramowitz,M. N. Malik, A. Stracher, and T. C. Detwiler 595
The Characterization of Contractile Proteins from Platelets and Fibroblasts R. S. Adelstein and M. A. Conti 599
Physarum Myosin: Two New Properties V. T. Nachmias 607

Heat, Work, and Phosphocreatine Splitting during Muscular Contraction C. Gilbert, K. M. Kretzschmar, and D. R. Wilkie 613
Chemical and Mechanical Changes during Stretching of Activated Frog Skeletal Muscle N. A. Curtin and R. E. Davies 619
Comments on Activation Heat and Its Relation to Activation A. Fraser 627
In Vitro Calorimetric Studies Relating to the Interpretation of Muscle Heat Experiments R C. Woledge 629
Regulation of Force and Speed of Shortening in Muscle Contraction F. J. Julian and M. R. Sollins 635
An Interpretation of the Effects of Fiber Length and Calcium on the Mechanical Properties of Insect Flight Muscle B. H. Abbott 647
Estimates of Force and Time of Actomyosin Interaction in an Active Muscle and of the Number Interacting at Any One Time J. Pybus and R. Tregear 655
Muscle Contraction Transients, Cross-Bridge Kinetics, and the Fenn Effect R. J. Podolsky and A. C. Nolan 661
Mechanical Transients and the Origin of Muscular Force A. F. Huxley and R. M. Simmons 669
The Conversion of Osmotic into Chemical Energy Coupled with Calcium Trans- location across the Sarcoplasmic Membrane M. Makinose 681
A Model for Muscle Contraction in Which Cross-Bridge Attachment and Force Generation Are Distinct F. J. Julian, K. R. Sollins, and M. R. Sollins 685

Muscle 1972: Progress and Problems H. E. Huxley 689