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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1970:   Transcription of Genetic Material, Vol. XXXV

Organizer: James Watson


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Foreword    v
List of Previous Volumes    viPhotographs of Some Symposium Participants    viiiList of Those Attending The Symposium    xiRNA SEQUENCESCORY, S., P. F. SPAHR, and J. M. ADAMS: Untranslated Nucleotide Sequences in R17 Bacteriophage RNA    1JEPPESEN, P. G. N., J. L. NICHOLS, F. SANGER, and B. G. BARRELL: Nucleotide Sequences from Bacteriophage R17 RNA    13SMITH, J. D., K. ANDERSON, A. CASHMORE, M. L. HOOPER, and H. L. RUSSELL: Studies on the Structure and Synthesis of Escherichia coli Tyrosine Transfer RNA    21FELLNER, P., C. EHRESMANN, and J. P. EBEL: Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of Sections of the 16 5 RNA from E. coli    29LARSEN, C. J., P. LEBOWITZ, S. M. WEISSMAN, and B. DUBUY: Studies of the Primary Structure of Low Molecular Weight Ribonueleic Acid other than tRNA    35BACTERIAL RNA POLYMERASE-JZILLIG, W., K. ZECHEL, D. RABUSSAY, M. SCHACHNER, V. S. SETHI, P. PALM, A. HElL, and W. SEIFERT: On the Role of Different Subunits of DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase from E. coli in the Transcription Process    47CASSANI, G., R. R. BURGESS, and H. M. GOODMAN: Streptolydigin Inhibition of RNA Polymerase    59HINKLE, D. C. and M. CHAMBERLIN: The Role of Sigma Subunit in Template Site Selection by E. coli RNA Polymerase    65KRAKOW, J. S. and K. VON DER HELM: Azotobacter RNA Polymerase Tran- sitions and the Release of Sigma    73JACOBSON, A. and D. GILLESPIE: An RNA Polymerase Mutant Defective in ATP Initiations    85DAVISON, J., K. BROOKMAN, L. PILARSKI, and H. ECHOLS: The Stimulation of RNA Synthesis by M Factor    95BACTERIAL RNA POLYMERASE-IIGOFF, C. G. and K. WEBER: A T4-Induced RNA Polymerase a Subunit Modification    101BREMER, H.: Influence of KCL on the in vitro Transcription of T4 DNA    109ROBERTS, J. W.: The r Factor: Termination and Anti-termination in Lambda    121RICHARDSON, J. P.: Rho Factor Function in T4 Transcriptio    127MILLETTE, R. L., C. D. TROTTER, P. HERRLICH, and M. SCHWEIGER: In vitro Synthesis, Termination, and Release of Active Messenger RNA    135MAITRA, U., A. H. LOCKWOOD, J. S. DUBNOFF, and A. GUHA: Termination, Release, and Reinitiation of RNA Chains from DNA Templates by Es- cherichia coli RNA Polymerase    143GOLDBERG, A. R.: Termination of in vitro RNA Synthesis by r Factor    157SEDAT, J. W. and R. L. SINSHEIMER: The in vivo f X mRNA    163 HAYASHI, Y., and M. HAYASHI: Fractionation of FX174 Specific Messenger RNA    171TAKANAMI, M, T. OKAMOTO, and M. SUGIURA: The Starting Nucleotide Sequen- ces and Size of RNA Transcribed in vitro on Phage DNA Templates    179YOUNG, E. T.: Control of Functional T4 Messenger Synthesis    189JAYARAMAN, R. and E. B. GOLDBERG: Transcription of Bacteriophage T4 Genome in vivo    197BRODY, E., R. SEDEROFF, A. BOLLE, and R. H. EPSTE1N: Early Transcription in T4-Infected Cells    203PHAGE TRANSCRIPTION-IICASCINO, A., S. RIVA, and E. P. GEIDUSCREK: DNA Ligation and the Coupling of T4 Late Transcription to Replication    213GRAU, O., B. M. OHLSSON-WILHELM, and E. P. GEIDUSCHEK: Transcription Specificity in Bacteriophage SPOl Development    221BAUTZ, E. K. F. and F. A. BAUTZ: Studies on the Function of the RNA Poly merase a Factor in Promoter Selection    227HAGER, G., B. D. HALL, and K. L. FIELDS: Transcription Factors from T4- Infected Escherichia coli    233TRAVERS, A.: RNA Polymerase and T4 Development    241 SUMMERS, W. C. and R. B. SIEGEL: Regulation of Coliphage T7 RNA Metab olism in vivo and in vitro    253CHAMBERLIN, M. and J. MCGRATH: Characterization of a T7-Specific RNA Polymerase Isolated from E. coli Infected with T7 Phage    259LINIAL, M. and M. H. MALAMY: The Effect of F Factors on RNA Synthesis and Degradation after Infection of E. coli with Phage f II    263DAVIS, R. W. and R. W. HYMAN: Physical Locations of the in vitro RNA Initia- tion Site and Termination Sites of T7M DNA    269PHAGE TRANSCRIPTION-IIICHADWICK, P., V. PIRROTTA, R. STEINBERG, N. HOPKINS, and M. PTASHNE: The l and 434 Phage Repressors    283GREEN, M. H., W. S. HAYWARD, and P. GARIGLIO: A Method for the Locali zation of Active Promoters    295KOURILSKY, P., M. F. BOURGUIGNON, M. BOUQUET, and F. GROS: Early Tran scription Controls after Induction of Prophage l    305HEINEMANN, S. F. and W. G. SPIEGELMAN: Role of the Gene N Product in Phage Lambda    315CHAMPOUX, J. J.: The Sequence and Orientation of Transcription in Bacterio phage l    319SPIEGELMAN, W. G., S. F. HEINEMANN, P. BRACHET, L. PEREIRA DA SILVA, and H. EISEN: Regulation of the Synthesis of Phage Lambda Repressor    325KUMAR, S., E. CALEF, and W. SZYBALSKI: Regulation of the Transcription ofEscherichia coli Phage l by its Early Genes N and tof    331 SZYBALSKI, W., K. BOVRE, M. FIANDT, S. HAYES, Z. HRADECNA, S. KUMAR,H. A. LOZERON, H. J. J. NIJKAMP, and W. F. STEVENS: Transcriptional Units and Their Controls in Escherichia coli Phage l: Operons and Scriptons    341HERSKOWITZ, I. and E. SIGNER: Control of Transcription from the r Strand of Bacteriophage Lambda    355SCHLEIF, R. and J. GREENBLATT: Transcription in the Lambda-ara Phage    369NAONO, S. and K. TOKUYAMA: On the Mechanism of l DNA Transcription in vitro    375 RELAXED VERSUS STRINGENT CONTROLLAZZARINI, R. A. and R. M. WINSLOW: The Regulation of RNA Synthesis duringGrowth Rate Transitions and Amino Acid Deprivation in E. coli    383 PRIMAKOFF, P. and P. BERG: Stringent Control of Transcription of Phage f 8Opsu3    391GALLANT, J., H. ERLICH, B. HALL, and T. LAFFLER: Analysis of the RC Func- tion    397CASHEL, M.: Inhibition of RNA Polymerase by ppGpp, a Nucleotide Accumulated during the Stringent Response to Amino Acid Starvation in E. coli    407TRAVERS, A., R. KAMEN, and M. CASHEL: The in vitro Synthesis of Ribosomal RNA    415POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE METHODS FOR CONTROL OFTRANSCRIPTION

PERLMAN, R., B. CHEN, B. DECROMBRUGGRE, M. EMMER, M. GOTTESMAN, H. VARMUS, and I. PASTAN: The Regulation of lac Operon Transcription by Cyclic Adenosine 3¢,5¢-Monophosphate    419

ORSHIMA, Y., T. HORIUCHI, Y. IIDA, and T. KAMEYAMA: Transcription and Repression of the lac Operon in vitro    425

ZUBAY, G., D. SCHWARTZ, and J. BECKWITH: The Mechanism of Activation of Catabolite-Sensitive Genes    433

ARDITTI, R., L. ERON, G. ZUBAY, G. TOCCHINI-VALENTINI, S. CONNAWAY, and J. BECKWITH: In vitro Transcription of the lac Operon Genes    437

LOSICK, H., A. L. SONENSHEIN, R. G. SHORENSTEIN, and C. HUSSEY: Role of RNA Polymerase in Sporulatio    443


ADESNIK, M. and C. LEVINTHAL: The Synthesis and Degradation of Lactose Operon Messenger RNA in E. coli    451

MOSTELLER, R. D., J. K. ROSE, and C. YANOFSKY: Transcription Initiation and Degradation of trp mRNA    461

BAKER, R. and C. YANOFSKY: Transcription Initiation Frequency for the Tryptophan Operon of Escherichia coli    467

IMAMOTO, F., Y. KANO, and S. TANI: Transcription of the Tryptophan Operon in Nonsense Mutants of Escherichia coli    471

LAVALLÉ, R. and G. DE HAUWER: Repression by Tryptophan at the Level of Transcription and Translation in E. coli    491

MORSE, D. E.: "Delayed-Early" mRNA for the Tryptophan Operon? An Effect of Chloramphenicol    495

PATO, M. L. and K. VON MEYENBURG: Residual RNA Synthesis in Escherichia coli after Inhibition of Initiation of Transcription by Rifampicin    497


MILLER, O. L., JR., B. R. BEATTY, B. A. HAMKALO, and C. A. THOMAS, JR.:Electron Microscopic Visualization of Transcription    505

DANEHOLT, B., J.-E. EDSTRÖM, E. EGYHÁZI, B. LAMBERT, and U. RINGBORG: RNA Synthesis in a Balbiani Ring in Chironomus tentans    513

PELLING, C.: Puff RNA in Polytene Chromosomes    521

ASHBURNER, M.: A Prodromus to the Genetic Analysis of Pufflng in Drosophila    533

SCHERRER, K. and G. SPOHR: Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Messenger-Like RNA and Their Relation to the Active Messenger RNA in Polyribosomes of HeLa Cells    539

DARNELL, J. E., G. N. PAGOULATOS, U. LINDBERG, and H. BALINT: Studies on the Relationship of mRNA to Heterogeneous Nuclear RNA in Mammalian Cells    555

PENMAN, S., H. FAN, S. PERLMAN, M. ROSBASH, R. WEINBERG, and E. ZYLBER:Distinct RNA Synthesis Systems of the HeLa Cell    561

PERRY, R. P., J. R. GREENBERG, and K. D. TARTOF: Transcription of Ribosomal, Heterogeneous Nuclear, and Messenger RNA in Eucaryotes    577

GRIERSON, D., M. E. ROGERS, M. L. SARTIRANA, and U. E. LOENING: The Synthesis of Ribosomal RNA in Different Organisms: Structure and Evolution of the rRNA Precursor    589

ATTARDI, G., Y. ALONI, B. ATTARDI, D. OJALA, L. PICA-MATTOCCIA, D. L. ROBBERSON, and B. STORRIE: Transcription of Mitochondrial DNA in HeLa Cells    599

MCCARTHY, B. J. and J. D. DUERKSEN: Fractionation of Mammalian Chromatin    621

CHETSANGA, C. J., D. L. POCCIA, R. J. HILL, and P. DOTY: Stage-Specific RNA Transcription in Developing Sea Urchins and Their Chromatins    629

TOMKINS, G. M., D. W. MARTIN, JR., R. H. STELLWAGEN, J. D. BAXTER, P. MAMONT, and B. B. LEVINSON: Regulation of Specific Protein Synthesis in Eucaryotic Cells    635


FURTH, J. J. and G. E. AUSTIN: RNA Polymerase of Lymphoid Tissue: A Preliminary Characterization of the Enzyme and the RNA It Synthesizes    641

BLATTI, S. P., C. J. INGLES, T. J. LINDELL, P. W. MORRIS, R. F. WEAVER, F. WEINBERG, and W. J. RUTTER: Structure and Regulatory Properties of Eucaryotic RNA Polymerase    649

MONJARDINO, J. P. and L. V. CRAWFORD: RNA Polymerase from Mouse Embryo Cells    659

SUGDEN, B. and J. SAMBROOK: RNA Polymerase from HeLa Cells    663

KELLER, W. and R. GOOR: Mammalian RNA Polymerase: Structural and Functional Properties    671

JACOB, S. T., E. M. SAJDEL, W. MUECKE, and H. N. MUNRO: Soluble RNA Polymerases of Rat Liver Nuclei: Properties, Template Specificity, and Amanitin Responses in vitro and in vivo    681

CHAMBON, P., F. GISSINGER, J. L. MANDEL, JR., C. KEDINGER, M. GNIAZDOW-SKI, and M. MEIRLAC: Purification and Properties of Calf Thymus DNA- Dependent RNA Polymerases A and B    693

STEIN, H. and P. HAUSEN: Factors Influencing the Activity of Mammalian RNA Polmyerase    709

SEIFART, K. H.: A Factor Stimulating the Transcription on Double-Stranded DNA by Purified RNA Polymerase from Rat Liver Nuclei    719

ROEDER, R. G., R. H. REEDER, and D. D. BROWN: Multiple Forms of RNA Polymerase in Xenopua laevis: Their Relationship to RNA Synthesis in vivo and Their Fidelity of Transcription in vitro    727

TOCCHINI-VALENTINI, G. P. and M. CRIPPA: RNA Polymerases from Xenopus laevis    737


KATES, J.: Transcription of the Vaccinia Virus Genome and the Occurrence ofPolyriboadenylic Acid Sequences in Messenger RNA    743

ROIZMAN, B., S. BACHENHEIMER, E. K. WAGNER, and T. SAVAGE: Synthesis andTransport of RNA in Herpesvirus-Infected Mammalian Cells    753

MILLWARD, S. and M. NONOYAMA: Segmented Structure of the Reovirus Genome    73

SHATRIN, A. J. and A. K. BANERJEE: In vitro Transcription of Double-Stranded RNA by Reovirus-Associated RNA Polymerase    781

JOKLIK,W. K., J. J. SKEHEL, and H. J. ZWEERINK: The Transcription of the Reovirus Genome    791

GREEN, M., J. T. PARSONS, M. PI‘A, K. FUJINAGA, H. CAFFIER, and I. LAND- GRAF-LEURS: Transcription of Adenovirus Genes in Productively Infected and in Transformed Cells    803

WESTPHAL, H. and E. D. KIEIIN: The in vitro Product of SV40 DNA Tran- scription and Its Specific Hybridization with DNA of SV40-Transformed Cells    819

TONEGAWA, S., G. WALTER, A. BERNARDINI, and R. DULBECCO: Tran- scription of the SV40 Genome in Transformed Cells and during Lytic Infection    823

MARTIN, M. A.: Characteristics of SV40 DNA Transcription during Lytic Infection, Abortive Infection, and in Transformed Mouse Cells    833

BALTIMORE, D.: RNA-Dependent Synthesis of DNA by Virions of Mouse Leukemia Virus    843

MIZUTANI, S. and H. M. TEMIN: An RNA-Dependent DNA Polymerase in Virions of Rous Sarcoma Virus    847

CHAMBERLIN, M. J.: Transcription 1970: A Summary    851