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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1967:   Antibodies, Vol. XXXII

Organizer: John Cairns


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Foreword    v
List of Previous Volumes    viPhotographs of Some Symposium Participants    viiList of Those Attending the Symposium    ixINTRODUCTIONSIR MACFARLANE BURNET. The Impact of Ideas on Immunology    1STRUCTURE OF ANTIBODIESPUTNAM, F. W., K. TITANI, M. WIKLER and T. SHINODA: Structure and evolution of kappa and lambda light chains    9MILSTEIN, C. B., B. FRANGIONI, and J. R. L. PINK: Studies on the variability of immunoglobulin sequence    31APPELLA, E. and R. M. PERHAM: Structure of immunoglobulin light chains    37PRESS, E. M. and P. J. PIGGOT: The chemical structure of the heavy chain of human immunoglobulin G    45WAXDAL, M. J., W. H. KONIGSBERG and G. M. EDELMAN: The structure of a human gamma G immunoglobulin    53CEBRA, J. J.: Common peptides comprising the N-terminal half of heavy chain from rabbit IgG and specific antibodies    65EISEN, H. N., J. R. LITTLE, C. K. OSTERLAND and E. S. SIMMS: A myeloma protein with antibody activity    75STONE, M. J. and H. METZGER: The valence of a Waldenstrom macroglobulin antibody and further thoughts on the significance of paraprotein antibodies    83NIZONOFF, A., S. ZAPPACOSTA and R. JUREZIZ: Properties of crystallized rabbit anti-P azobenzoate antibody    89POLJAK R. J., D. J. GOLDSTEIN, R. L. HUMPHREY and H. M. DINTZIS: Crystallo- graphic studies of rabbit and human Fc fragments    95SINGER, S. J., L. I. SLOBIN, N. O. THORPE and J. W. FENTON, II: On the structure of antibody active sites    99WOFSY, L. and D. C. PARKER: Comparative studies of antibody active sites    111YOO, T. J., O. A. ROHOLT, and D. PRESSMAN: Hapten binding activity in isolated light polypeptide chains from rabbit antibody    117KOSHLAND, M. E.: Location of specificity and allotypic amino acid residues in antibody Fd fragments    119HAMERS, R. and C. HAMERS-CASTERMAN: Evidence for the presence of the Fc allotypic marker As8 and the Fd allotypic marker Asi in the same molecules of rabbit IgG    129EVOLUTION AND GENETICS OF ANTIBODIESHOOD, L., W. R. GRAY, B. G. SANDERS and W. J. DREYER: Light chain evolution    133BAGLIONI, C., D. CIOLI, G. GORINI, A. RUFFILLI and L. ALESCIO-ZONTA: Studies on fragments of light chains of human immunoglobulins: Genetic and biochemical implications    147SMITHIES, O.: The genetic basis of antibody variability    161CRICK, F. H. C., L. HOOD, O. SMITHIES, W. J. DREYER, C. MILSTEIN, B. PAPERMASTER, N. A. MITCHISON, J. J. CEBRA, D. W. TALMAGE, C. BAGLIONI, G. EDELMAN, N. JERNE: General discussion on theories of antibody variability    169NATVIG, J. B., H. G. KUNKEL and S. P. LITWIN: Genetic markers of the heavy chain subgroups of human gamma G globulin    178 HERZENBERG, L. A., J. D. MINNA and L. A. HERZENBERG: The chromosome region for immunoglobulin heavy chains in the mouse: allelic electrophoretic mobility differences and allotype suppression    181POTTER, M. and R. LIEBERMAN: Genetic studies of immunoglobulins in mice    187MAGE, R. G.: Quantitative studies on the regulation of expression of genes for immunoglobulin allotypes in heterozygous rabbits    203SYNTHESIS OF ANTIBODIESCOHN, M.: Natural history of the mycloma    211ASKONAS, B. A. and A. R. WILLIAMSON: Biosynthesis and assembly of immuno- globulin G    223FLEISCHMAN, J. B.: Synthesis of the rabbit gamma G heavy chain    233SCHARFF, M. D., A. L. SHAPIRO and B. GINSBERG: The synthesis, assembly and secretion of gamma globulin polypeptide chains by cells of a mouse plasma cell tumor    235GREENBERG, L. J. and J. W. UHR: DNA-RNA hybridization studies of immuno- globulin synthesizing tumors in mice    243LENNOX, E. S., P. M. KNOPE, A. J. MUNRO and R. M. E. PARKHOUSE: A search for biosynthetic subunits of light and heavy chains of immunoglobulins    249MELCHERS, F. and P. M. KNOPF: Biosynthesis of the carbohydrate portion of immunoglobulin chains: Possible relation to secretions    255MOROZ, C. and J. W. UHR: Synthesis of the carbohydrate moiety of gamma globulin    263KERN, M. and R. M. SWENSON: Biochemical studies of the intracellular events involved in the secretion of gamma globulin    265MACH, B., H. KOBLET and D. GROSS: Biosynthesis of immunoglobulin in a cell- free system    269

RALPH, P., M. BECKER and A. RICH: Immunoglobulin synthesis in a cell-free system    277

FAHEY, J. L. and I. FINEGOLD: Synthesis of immunoglobulins in human lymphoid cell lines    283

REISFELD, R. A.: Heterogeneity of rabbit light-poly peptide chains    291

HABER, E., F. F. RICHARDS, J. SPRAGG, K. F. AUSTEN, M. VALLOTTON and L. B. PAGE: Modifications in the heterogeneity of the antibody response    299

DUBISKI, S.: Synthesis of allotypically defined immunoglobulins in rabbits    311

CHOU, C. T., B. CINADER, and S. DUBISKI: Quantitative studies of antibody production by plaque-forming cells    317

PERNIS, B.: Relationships between the heterogeneity of immunoglobulins and the differentiation of plasma cells    333

FISHMAN, M. and F. L. ADLER: The role of macrophage-~RNA in the immune response    343

COHEN, E. P. and K. RASKA: Antigen-unique species of RNA in peritoneal cells of mice which do not adhere to glass    349

DREYER, W. J., W. R. GRAY, and L. HOOD: The genetic, molecular, and cellular basis of antibody formation: some facts and a unifying hypothesis    353


NOSSAL, G. J. V., K. D. SHORTMAN, J. F. A. P. MILLER, G. F. MITCHELL, and J. S. HASKILL: The target cell in the induction of immunity and tolerance    369

ADA, G. L., C. R. PARRISH, G. J. V. NOSSAL, and A. ABBOT: The tissue localiz- ation, immunogenic, and tolerance-inducing properties of antigens and antigen-fragments    381

ELLIS, S. T., J. L. GOWANS and J. C. HOWARD: Cellular events during the formation of antibody    395

DUTTON, R. W. and R. I. MISHELL: Cellular events in the immune response. The in vitro response of normal spleen cells to erythrocyte antigens    407

FELDMAN, M. and R. GALLILY: Cell interactions in the induction of antibody formation    415

MÄKELÄ, O: The Specificities of antibodies produced by single cells    423

MITCHISON, N. A.: Antigen recognition responsible for the induction in vitro of the secondary response    431

GELL, P. G. H.: Restrictions on antibody production by single cells    441

PAPERMASTER, B. W.: The clonal differentiation of antibody-producing cells    447

TILL, J. E., E. A. MCCULLOCH, R. A. PHILLIPS and L. SIMINOVITCH: Analysis of differentiating clones derived from marrow    461

BUSSARD, A. E.: Primary antibody response induced in vitro among cells from normal animals    465

LITT, M.: Studies of the latent period. I. Primary antibody in guinea pig lymph nodes 7½ minutes after introduction of chicken erythrocytes    477

TERZL, J.: Factors determining the differentiation pathways of immuno- competent cells    493

WIGZELL, T.: Studies on the regulation of antibody synthesis    507

SIMONSEN, M.: The clonal selection hypothesis evaluated by grafted cells reacting against their hosts    517

FAZEKAS, S. de ST. GROTH: Cross recognition and cross reactivity    525

SELA, M., B. SCHECHTER, I. SCHECHTER, and F. BOREK: Antibodies to sequential and conformational determinants    537

RAJEWSKY, K. and E. ROTTLANDER: Tolerance specificity and the immune response to lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes    547

WEIGLE, W. O. and E. S. GOLUB: Kinetics of the establishment of immunological unresponsiveness to serum protein antigens    555

HAUROWITZ, F.: Evolution of selective and instructive theories of antibody formation    559

BENACERRAF, B., I. GREEN, and W. E. PAUL: The immune response of guinea pigs to hapten-poly-L-lysine conjugates as an example of the genetic control of the recognition of antigenicity    569

SJÖQUIST, J., A. FORSGREN, G. T. GUSTAFSON, and G. STÅLENHEIM: Biological importance of the Fc-region of gamma globulins    577

METCALF, D.: Relation of the thymus to the formation of the immunologically reactive cells    583


JERNE, N. K.: Waiting for the End    591