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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1965:   Sensory Receptors, Vol. XXX

Organizer: John Cairns


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Foreword    v
List of Previous Volumes    viPhotographs of Some Symposium Participants    viiList of Those Attending the Symposium    ixGENERAL PHYSIOLOGYGRUNDFEST, H. Electrophysiology and Pharmacology of Different Components of Bioclectric Transducers    1EASTON, D. M. Impulses at the Artifactual Nerve End    15LOEWENSTEIN, W. R. Facets of a Transducer Process    29GRAZIADEI, P. Sensory Receptor Cells and Related Neurons in Cephalopods    45MECHANORECEPTORSGOLDMAN, D. E. The Transducer Action of Mechanoreceptor Membranes    59GÖRNER, P. A Proposed Transducing Mechanism for a Multiply-Innervated Mechanoreceptor (Trichobothrium) in Spiders    69THURM, U. An Insect Mechanoreceptor. I: Fine Structure and Adequate Stimulus    75 II: Receptor Potentials    83SHEPHERD, G. M., and D. OTTOSON. Response of the Isolated Muscle Spindle to Different Rates of Stretching    95OTTOSON, D., and G. M. SHEPHERD. Receptor Potentials and Impulse Genera tion in the Isolated Spindle During Controlled Extension    105HEARINGWERSÄLL, J., Å. FLOCK, and P.-G. LUNDQUIST. Structural Basis for Directional Sensitivity in Cochlear and Vestibular Sensory Receptors    115FLOCK, A. Transducing Mechanisms in Lateral Line Canal Organ Receptors    133HAWKINS, J. E. Cytoarchitectural Basis of the Cochlear Transducer    147LAWRENCE, M. Dynamic Range of the Cochlear Transducer    159NAFTALIN, L. Some New Proposals Regarding Acoustic Transmission and Trans Duction    169DAVIS, H. A Model for Transducer Action in the Cochlea    181OLFACTORY RECEPTORSBEIDLER, L. M. Comparison of Gustatory Receptors, Olfactory Receptors, and Free Nerve Endings    191MOULTON, D. G. Differential Sensitivity to Odors    201TUCKER, D., and T. SHIBUYA. A Physiologic and Pharmacologic Study of Olfactory Receptors    207LETTVIN, J. Y., and R. C. GESTELAND. Speculations on Smell    217ELECTRICAL AND CHEMICAL RECEPTORSEYZAGUIRRE, C., and H. KOYANO. Origin of Sensory Discharges in Carotid Body Chemoreceptors    227MURRAY, R. W. Receptor Mechanisms in the Ampullac of Lorenzini of Elasmo branch Fishes    233BENNETT, M. V. L. Electroreceptors in Mormyrids    245BOECKH, J., K. E. KAISSLING, and D. SCHNEIDER. Insect Olfactory Receptors    263 WOLBARSHT, M. L. Receptor Sites in Insect Chemoreceptors    281ADLER, JULIUS. Chemotaxis in Eseherichia coli    289

VINNIKOV, J. A. Principles of Structural, Chemical, and Functional Organization of Sensory Receptors    293


HUBBARD, R., D. BOWNDS, T. YOSHIZAWA. The Chemistry of Visual Photo- Reception    301

BRIDGES, C. D. B. Absorption Properties, Interconversions, and Environmental Adaptation of Pigments from Fish Photoreceptors    317

WEALE, R. A. Highlight Intensities and Photo-Chemical Reactions of Human Visual Pigments in situ    335

XVALD, G., and P. BROWN. Human Color Vision and Color Blindness    345

EAKIN, R. M. Evolution of Photoreceptors    363

TRUJILLO-CENOZ, O. Structural Organization of the Arthropod Eye    371

YAMADA, E., and T. ISHIKAWA. Fine Structure of the Horizontal Cells in someVertebrate Retinae    383

DOWLING, J. E., and B. B. BOYCOTT. Neural Connections of the Retina: Fine Structure of the Inner Plexiform Layer    393

HAGINS, W. A. Electrical Signs of Information Flow in Photoreceptors    403

KUIPER, J. W., J. T. LEUTSCHER-HAZELHOFF, Linear and Nonlinear Responses from Compound Eye of Caliphora erythrocephala    419

BORSELLINO, A., M. G. F. FUORTES, and T. G. SMITH. Visual Responses in Limulus……429

BENOLKEN, R. M. Regenerative Transducing Properties of a Graded Visual Response    445

STIEVE, H. Interpretation of the Generator Potential in Terms of Ionic Processes    451

BROWN, K. T., K. WATANABE, M. MURAKAMI. Early and Late Receptor Potentials of Monkey Cones and Rods    457

CONE, R. A. Early Receptor Potential of the Vertebrate Eye    483

PAK, W. L. Some Properties of the Early Electrical Response in the Vertebrate Retina    493

LETTVIN, J. Y., J. R. PLATT, G. WALD, K. T. BROWN. General Discussion: Early Receptor Potential    501

REICHARDT, W. E. Quantum Sensitivity of Light Receptors in the Compound Eye of the Fly Musca    505

SCHOLES, J. Discontinuity of the Excitation Process in Locust Visual Cells    517

PURPLE, R. L., and F. A. DODGE, Interaction of Excitation and Inhibition in the Eccentric Cell in the Eye of Limulus    529

BARLOW, H. B. Optic Nerve Impulses and Weber's Law    539

BYZOV, A. L. Functional Properties of Different Cells in the Retina of Cold Blooded Vertebrates    547

TOMITA, T. Electrophysiological Study of the Mechanisms Subserving Color Coding in the Fish Retina    559

DEVALOIS, R. L. Analysis and Coding of Color Vision in the Primate Visual System    567


BORSELLINO, A., R. POPPELE, C. A. TERZUOLO. Transfer Functions of the Slowly Adapting Stretch Receptor Organ of Crustacca    581

COHEN, M. J. The Dual Role of Sensory Systems: Detection and Setting Central Excitability    587

BURKHARDT, D. and M. GEWECKE. Mechanoreception in Arthropoda    601

GETTRUP, E. Sensory Mechanisms in Locomotion: The Campaniform Sensilla ofthe Insect Wing and their Function during Flight    615

AMOORE, J. E. Psychophysics of Odor    623