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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1960:   Biological Clocks, Vol. XXV

Organizer: Arthur Chovnick


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Foreword    v
List of Participants    ixBUNNING, ERWIN. Opening Address: Biological Clocks    1 GENERAL PROPERTIES OF CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS ASCHOFF, J. Exogenous and Endogenous Components in Circadian Rhythms    11 BRUCE, V. G. Environmental Entrainment of Circadian Rhythms    29 DECOURSEY, P. Phase Control of Activity in a Rodent    49 BROWN, F. A., JR. Response to Pervasive Geophysical Factors and the Biological Clock Problem    57 MERCER, D. M. A. Analytical Methods for the Study of Periodic Phenomena Obscured by Random Fluctuations    73 SWEENEY, B., AND J. W. HASTINGS. Effects of Temperature upon Diurnal Rhythms    87 RAWSON, K. S. Effects of Tissue Temperature on Mammalian Activity Rhythms    105 WILKINS, M. B. The Effect of Light upon Plant Rhythms    115 METABOLIC ASPECTS OF CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS HASTINGS, J. W. Biochemical Aspects of Rhythms: Phase Shifting by Chem- icals    131 SWEENEY, B. The Photosynthetic Rhythm in Single Cells of Gonyaulax Polyedra    145 EHRET, C. F. Action Spectra and Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Circadian Rhythms at the Cellular Level    149 MODELS FOR CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS PITTENDRIGH, C. S. Circadian Rhythms and the Circadian Organization of Living Systems    159 KLOTTER, K. General Properties of Oscillating Systems    185 KLOTTER, K. Theoretical Analysis of Some Biological Models    189 WEVER, R. Possibilities of Phase-control, Demonstrated by an Electronic Model    197 SCHMITT, O. H. Biophysical and Mathematical Models of Circadian Rhythms    207 KALMUS, H., AND L. A. WIGGLESWORTH. Shock Excited Systems as Models for Biological Rhythms    211 EHRET, C. F., AND J. S. BARLOW. Toward a Realistic Model of a Biological Period-measuring Mechanism    217 CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS IN PHOTO- AND THERMOPERIODISM WENT, F. W. Photo- and Thermoperiodic Effects in Plant Growth    221 HIGHKIN, H. R. The Effect of Constant Temperature Environments and of Continuous Light on the Growth and Development of Pea Plants    231 SCHWEMMLE, B. Thermoperiodic Effects and Circadian Rhythms in Flowering of Plants    239 HENDRICKS, S. B. Rates of Change of Phytochrome as an Essential Factor Determining Photoperiodism in Plants    245 BÜNNING, E. Circadian Rhythms and the Time Measurement in Photo- periodism    249 BÜNSOW, R. C. The Circadian Rhythm of Photoperiodic Responsiveness in Kalanchoë    257 LEES, A. D. Some Aspects of Animal Photoperiodism    261 HAMNER, K. C. Photoperiodism and Circadian Rhythms    269


HARKER, J. Endocrine and Nervous Factors in Insect Circadian Rhythms    279

HALBERG, F. Temporal Coordination of Physiologic Function    289

HELLBRÜGGE, TH. The Development of Circadian Rhythms in Infants    311

LOBBAN, M. C. The Entrainment of Circadian Rhythms in Man    325

MORI, S. Analysis of Environmental and Physiological Factors on the Daily Rhythmic Activity of a Sea Pen    333


CLOUDSLEY-THOMPSON, J. L. Adaptive Functions of Circadian Rhythms    345

CORBET, P. S. Patterns of Circadian Rhythms in Insects    357

RENNER, M. The Contribution of the Honey Bee to the Study of Time-Sense And Astronomical Orientation    361


Dedication to Gustav Kramer    369

LINDAUER, M. Time-Compensated Sun Orientation in Bees    371

HOFFMANN, K. Experimental Manipulation of the Orientational Clock in Birds    379

SCHMIDT-KONIG, K. Internal Clocks and Homing    389

PARDI, L. Innate Components in the Solar Orientation of Littoral Amphipods    95

BIRUKOW, G. Innate Types of Chronometry in Insect Orientation    403

BRAEMER, W. A Critical Review of the Sun-Azimuth Hypothesis    413

HASLER, A. D., AND H. O. SCHWASSMANN. Sun Orientation of Fish at Different Latitudes    429

SCHWASSMANN, H. O. Environmental Cues in the Orientation Rhythm of Fish    443

WALLRAFF, H. G. Does Celestial Navigation Exist in Animals?    451

SAUER, F., AND E. SAUER. Star Navigation of Nocturnal Migrating Birds    463

PAPI, F. Orientation by Night: The Moon    475


FINGERMAN, M. Tidal Rhythmicity in Marine Organisms    481

HAUENSCHILD, C. Lunar Periodicity    491

MARSHALL, A. J. Annual Periodicity in the Migration and Reproduction of Birds    499

WOLFSON, A. Regulation of Annual Periodicity in the Migration and Repro- duction of Birds    507