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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1959:   Genetics and Twentieth Century Darwinism, Vol. XXIV

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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Foreword    v
List of Participants    ix MAYR, ERNST. Where are we?    1 THEORY OF THE GENE AND RAW MATERIALS OF EVOLUTION DOBZHANSKY, TH. Evolution of genes and genes in evolution    15 STUBBE, HANS. Considerations on the genetical and evolutionary aspects of some mutants of Antirrhinum, Hordeum, and Lycopersicon    31 BUZZATI-TRAVERSO, A. A. Selection, quantitative traits, and polygenic systems in evolution    41 NATURAL SELECTION AND RACE FORMATION MORLEY, F. H. W. Natural selection in relation to ecotypic and racial differentiation in plants    47 MOURANT, A. E. Human blood groups and natural selection    57 LAMOTTE, M. Polymorphism in natural populations of Cepaea nemoralis    65 CARSON, H. L. Genetic conditions which promote or retard race formation    87 SCHWANITZ, FRANZ. Selection and race formation in cultivated plants    107 BARNICOT, N. A. Darwin's view on the evolution of human races in the light of modem research    115 ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS SHEPPARD, P. M. The evolution of mimicry; a problem in ecology and genetics    131 EHRENDORFER, F. Differentiation-hybridization cycle and polyploidy in Achillea    141 COON,C.S. Race and ecology in man    153


KITZMILLER, J. B., and LAVEN, H. Speciation in mosquitoes    161

    1.  J.B. KITZMILLER. Race formation and speciation in mosquitoes     161

    2.  H. LAVEN. Speciation By Cytoplasmic Isolation    166

    3.  J. B. KITZMILLER and H. LAVEN. Evolutionary Mechanisms    173

BAKER, H. G. Reproductive methods as factors in speciation in flowering plants    177

WALLACE, BRUCE. The influence of genetic systems on geographical distribution    193


KURTEN, B. Rates of evolution in fossil mammals    205

ANDREWS, H. N. JR. Evolutionary trends in early vascular plants    217

HEBERER, G. The descent of man and the present fossil record    235

HUNT, EDWARD E., JR. The continuing evolution of modem man    245


SIMPSON, G. G. The nature and origin of supraspecific taxa    255

SMITH-WHITE, S. Chromosome evolution in the Australian flora    273

RENSCH, B. Trends towards progress of brains and sense organs    291

STEBBINS, G. L. The synthetic approach to organic evolution    305