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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1958:   Exchange of Genetic Material: Mechanism and Consequences, Vol. XXIII

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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Foreword    v
List of Participants    ix BURNET, F. M. Recombination-speculations from a medical angle    1 REPLICATION AND RECOMBINATION OF GENETIC MATERIAL MESELSON, M., and STAHL, F. W. The replication of DNA    9 FREESE, ERNST. The arrangement of DNA in the chromosome    13 HERSHEY, A. D. The production of recombinants in phage crosses    19 ANDERSON, THOMAS F. Recombination and segregation in Escherichia coli    47 RECOMBINATION OF GENETIC MATERIAL DEMEREC, M., GOLDMAN, I., and LAHR, E. L. Genetic recombination by transduction in Salmonella    59 PLOUGH, H. H. Linear order of gene loci in Salmonella in relation to prophage site    69 LURIA, S.E., FRASER, DOROTHY K., ADAMS, JANE N., and BURROUS, JEANNE W. Lysogenization, transduction, and genetic recombination in bacteria    71 CAMPBELL, ALLAN. The different kinds of transducing particles in the l-Gal system    83 HOTCHKISS, ROLLIN D., and EVANS, AUDREY H. Analysis of the complex sulfonamide resistance locus of Pneumococcus    85 AUSTRIAN, ROBERT, BERNHEIMER, HARRIET P., SMITH, EVELYN E. B., and MILLS, GEORGE T. Acquisition of new capsular type by Pneumococcus, a multifactor transformation    99 LEVINE, R. P., and EBERSOLD, W. T. Gene recombination in Chlamydomonasreinhardi    101DE SERRES, FREDERICK J. Recombination and interference in the ad-3 region of Neurospora crassa    111 CASE, MARY E., and GILES, NORMAN H. Recombination mechanisms at the pan-2 locus in Neurospora crassa    119 CATCHESIDE, D. G., and OVERTON, ANNE. Complementation between alleles in heterocaryons    137 ROPER, J. A. Nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions in Aspergillus nidulans    141 ROMAN, H., and JACOB, F. A comparison of spontaneous and ultraviolet-induced allelic recombination with reference to the recombination of outside markers    155 LEUPOLD, URS. Studies on recombination in Schizosaccharomyces pombe    161WELSHONS, W. J. The analysis of a pseudoallelic recessive lethal system at the Notch locus of Drosophila melanogaster    171 STUDIES OF CROSSING OVER AND SEGREGATION WEINSTEIN, ALEXANDER. The geometry and mechanics of crossing over    77

OKSALA, TARVO. Chromosome pairing, crossing over, and segregation in meiosis in Drosophila melanogaster females    197

SANDLER, L. Genetic studies on exchange in the compound X chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster    211

GERSTEL, D. U., and PHILLIPS, L. L. Segregation of synthetic amphiploids in Gossypium and Nicotiana    225


SPIESS, ELIOT B. Effects of recombination on viability in Drosophila    239

LEVITAN, MAX. Non-random associations of inversions    251

SRB, ADRIAN M. Some consequences of nuclear-cytoplasmic recombinations among various Neurosporas    269


MITCHELL, DONALD F. Inversion heterozygosity, recombination and variability of quantitative traits    279

CARSON, HAMPTON L. Response to selection under different conditions of .recombination in Drosophila    291

WHITE, M, J. D, Restrictions on recombiuation in grasshopper populations and species    307

LORKOVIC, Z. Some peculiarities of spatially and sexually restricted gene exchange in the Erebia tyndarus group    319


NANNY, D. L. Eigenetic factors affecting mating type expression in certain ciliates    327

GRANT, VERNE. The regulation of recombination in plants    337

STEBBINS, G. LEDYARD. Longevity, habitat, and release of variability in the plants    365


BRINK, R, ALEXANDER, Paramutation at the R locus in maize    379

EMMERLING, M, H. An analysis of intragenic and extragenic mutations of the plant color component of the Rr gene complex in Zea mays    393

MANGELSDORF, PAUL C. The mutagenic effect of hybridizing maize and teosinte    409