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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1956:   Genetic Mechanisms: Structure and Function, Vol. XXI

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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Foreword    v
List of Participants    ix I. CHEMICAL LEVEL CASPERSSON, T. Quantitative cytochemical determinations on endonuclear structures    1 KANAZIR, D., and ERRERA, M. Alterations of intracellular deoxyribonucleic acid and their biological consequence    19 BENDICH, AARON, PAHL, HERBERT B., and BEISER, SAM M. Chromatographic fractionation of deoxyribonucleic acids with special emphasis on the trans- forming factor of Pneumococcus    31 MIRSKY, A. E., OSAWA, SYOZO, and ALLFREY, V. G. The nucleus as a site of biochemical activity    49 WILKINS, M. H. F. Physical studies of the molecular structure of deoxyribose nucleic acid and nucleoprotein    75 HERSHEY, A. D., and BURGI, ELIZABETH. Genetic significance of the transfer of nucleic acid from parental to offspring phage    91 II. GENIC LEVEL STREISINGER, GEORGE, and FRANKLIN, NAOMI C. Mutation and recombina- tion at the host range genetic region of phage T2    103 DEMEREC, M. A comparative study of certain gene loci in Salmonella    113 WITKIN, EVELYN M. Time, temperature and protein synthesis: A study of ultraviolet-induced mutation in bacteria    123 WOLLMAN, E.-L., JACOB, F., and HAYES, W. Conjugation and genetic recom- bination in Escherichia coli K-12    141 BONNER, DAVID M. The genetic unit    163 PONTECORVO, G. Allelism    171 ROMAN, HERSCHEL. Studies of gene mutation in Saccharomyces    175 DUNN, L. C. Analysis of a complex gene in the House Mouse    187 III. CHROMOSOMAL LEVEL

MCCLINTOCK, BARBARA. Controlling elements and the gene    197

BEERMANN, WOLFGANG. Nuclear differentiation and functional morphology of chromosomes    217

KAUFMANN, BERWIND P., and MCDONALD, MARGARET R. Organization of the chromosome    233

LEVINE, R. P. Chromosome organization and gene recombination    247


GAY, HELEN. Nucleocytoplasmic relations in Drosophila    257

KING, THOMAS J., and BRIGGS, ROBERT. Serial transplantation of embryonic nuclei    271

CASPARI, ERNST, and BLOMSTRAND, INGBRITT. The effects of nuclear genes on the structure and differentiation of cytoplasmic particles    291

RUDKIN, GEORGE T., and SCHULTZ, JACK. An attempt to compare the sar- cosomes of diploids and triploids in Drosophila melanogaster    303

SCHULTZ, JACK. The relation of the heterochromatic chromosome regions to the nucleic acids of the cell    307

BRACHET, J., and CHANTRENNE, H. The function of the nucleus in the syn- thesis of cytoplasmic proteins    329

MARKERT, CLEMENT L. The ontogeny of divergent metabolic patterns in cells of identical genotype    339


ZWILLING, EDGAR. Genetic mechanism in limb development    349

HOECKER, GUSTAVO. Genetic mechanisms in tissue transplantation in the mouse    355

HADORN, ERNST. Patterns of biochemical and developmental pleiotropy    363

STERN, CURT. Genetic mechanisms in the localized initiation of differentiation    375