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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1955:   Population Genetics: The Nature and Causes of Genetic Variability in Population, Vol. XX

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS    ix DOBZHANSKY, THEODOSIUS. A review of some fundamental concepts and problems of population genetics    1 GENERAL POPULATION GENETICS THEORY WRIGHT, SEWALL. Classification of the factors of evolution    16 DEMPSTER, EVERETT R. Maintenance of genetic heterogeneity    25 KIMURA, MOTOO. Stochastic processes and distribution of gene frequencies under natural selection    33 CROW, JAMES F. General theory of population genetics: Synthesis    54 THEORY OF QUANTITATIVE GENETICS KEMPTHORNE, OSCAR. The correlation between relatives in random mating populations    60 HAYMAN, B. I. The description and analysis of gene action and interaction    79SPRAGUE, G. F. Problems in the estimation and utilization of genetic variability    87 COMSTOCK, R. E. Theory of quantitative genetics: Synthesis    93 SELECTION IN PLANTSMANNING, H. L. Response to selection for yield in cotton    103HASKELL, GORDON. Analyses of sexual-apomictic blackberry populations and their ecological consequences    111ROBINSON, H. F., and COMSTOCK, R. E. Analysis of genetic variability in corn with reference to probable effects of selection    127 SAKAI, KAN-ICHI. Competition in plants and its relation to selection    137 MATHER, KENNETH. Response to selection: Synthesis    158 SELECTION IN ANIMALS ROBERTSON, FORBES W. Selection response and the properties of genetic variation    166 FALCONER, D. S. Patterns of response in selection experiments with mice    178 BELL, A. E., MOORE, C. H., and WARREN, D. C. The evaluation of new methods for the improvement of quantitative characteristics    197

DICKERSON, G. E. Genetic slippage in response to selection for multiple objectives    213

ROBERTSON, ALAN. Selection in animals: Synthesis    225


FORD, E. B. Rapid evolution and the conditions which make it possible    230

ALLISON, A. C. Aspects of polymorphism in man    239

STONE, WILSON S. Genetic and chromosomal variability in Drosophila    256

SHEPPARD, P. M. Genetic variability and polymorphism: Synthesis    271


CARSON, HAMPTON L. The genetic characteristics of marginal populations. of Drosophila    276

NICHOLSON, A. J. Density governed reaction, the counterpart of selection in evolution    288

PREVOSTI, NTONIO. Geographical variability in quantitative traits in populations of Drosophila subobscura    294

BUZZATI-TRAVERSO, ADRIANO A. Populations in time and space Synthesis    300


WALLACE, BRUCE, and VETUKHIV, M. Adaptive organization of the gene pools of Drosophila populations    303

KING, JAMES C. Evidence for the integration of the gene pool from studies of DDT resistance in Drosophila    311

THODAY, J. M. Balance, heterozygosity and developmental stability    318


LERNER, I. MICHAEL. Concluding survey    334