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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1954:   The Mammalian Fetus: Physiological Aspects of Development, Vol. XIX

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS     vii REYNOLDS, S. R. M. Developmental changes and future requirements     1 PARKES, A. S. Some aspects of the endocrine environment of the fetus     3 BÖVING, BENT G. Blastocyst-uterine relationships     9 BØE, FINN. Vascular morphology of the human placenta     29 NICHOLAS, J. S. Mechanisms affecting embryonic growth     36 GLUECKSOHN- WAELSCH, SALOME. Some genetic aspects of development     41 RUSSELL, LIANE BRAUCH, and RUSSELL, WILLIAM L. Pathways of effects in the mother and the embryo     50 BROWNE, J. C. MCCLURE. Utero-placental circulation     60 BRAMBELL, F. W. ROGERS. Transport of proteins across the fetal membranes     71 HUGGETT, A. ST. G. The transport of lipins and carbohydrates across the placenta     82 BARRON, DONALD H., and MESCHIA, GIACOMO. A comparative study of the exchange of the respiratory gases across the placenta     93 BORN, G. V. R., DAWES, G. S., MOTT, J. C., and WIDDICOMBE, J. G. Changes in the heart and lungs at birth     102 LIND, JOHN, and WEGELIUS, CARL. Human fetal circulation: Changes in the cardiovascular system at birth and disturbances in the post-natal of the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus     109

CROSS, K. W. Respiratory control in the neonatal period     126

MCCARTHY, E. F. Hemoglobin and iron in the fetal and newborn mammal     133

WALKER, JAMES. Fetal and adult hemoglobin in the blood of the human fetus     141

RAIHA, C-E. Tissue metabolism in the human fetus     143

MILLER, J. A., JR. Effects of Variations in Body Temperature Upon to Asphyxia in the Neonatal Guinea Pig     152

MCCANCE, R. A., and WIDDOWSON, E. M. Water metabolism     155

MCCANCE, R. A., and WIDDOWSON, E. M. Metabolism and renal function in the first two days of life     161

JOST, ALFRED. Hormonal factors in the development of the fetus     167

HOET, JOSEPH P. Adrenocortical function in infants of diabetic mothers     182

VILLEE, CLAUDE A. The intermediary metabolism of human fetal tissues     186

POPJÁK, G. The origin of fetal lipids     200

CHINARD, FRANCIS P. Biochemical evaluation     209

HUGGETT, A. ST. G. Physiological evaluation     212

SMITH, CLEMENT A. Application to the newborn infant     214