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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1947:   Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins, Vol. XII

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS    viiBELOZERSKY, A. N. On the nucleoproteins and polynucleotides of certain bacteria    1BOVIN, ANDRÉ. Directed mutation in colon bacilli, by an inducing principle of desoxyribonucleic nature: its meaning for the general biochemistry of heredity    7BRACHET, JEAN. The metabolism of nucleic acids during embryonic development    18CHARGAFF, ERWIN. On the nucleoproteins and nucleic acids of microorganisms    28COHEN, SEYMOUR S. The synthesis of bacterial viruses in infected cells    35DAVIDSON, J. N. Some factors influencing the nucleic acid content of cells and tissues    50ERRERA, MAURICE. In vitro and in situ action of ionizing radiations on nucleoproteins of the cell nucleus    60GREENSTEIN, JESSE P., CHARLES E. CARTER and HAROLD W. CHALKLEY. Enzymatic degradation of ribosenucleic and desoxyribosenucleic acids with an addendum on the effect of nucleates on the heat stability of proteins    64GULLAND, JOHN MASSON. The structures of nucleic acids    95HYDÉN, HOLGER. The nucleoproteins in virus reproduction    104KNIGHT, C. A. Nucleoproteins and virus activity    115MAZIA, DANIEL, TERU HAYASHI and KENNETH YUDOWITCH. Fiber structure in chromosomes    122MICHAELIS, L. The nature of the interaction of nucleic acids and nuclei with basic dyestuffs    131

MIRSKY, A. E. Chemical properties of isolated chromosomes    143

POLLISTER, ARTHUR W., and HANS RIS. Nucleoprotein determination in cytological preparations    147

RIS, HANS. The composition of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosis    158

SCHMIDT, GERHARD, RICARDO CUBILES and S. J. THANNHAUSER. The action of prostate phosphatase on yeast nucleic acid    161

SCHNEIDER, WALTER C. Nucleic acids in normal and neoplastic tissues    169

SCHULTZ, JACK. The nature of heterochromatin    179

SERRA, J. A. Composition of chromonemata and matrix and the role of nucleoproteins in mitosis and Meiosis    192

SPIEGELMAN, S., and M. D. KAMEN. Some basic problems in the relation of nucleic acid turnover to protein synthesis    211

STEDMAN, EDGAR, and ELLEN STEDMAN. The chemical nature and functions of the components of cell nuclei    224

TAYLOR, BABETTE, JESSE P. GREENSTEIN and ALEXANDER HOLLAENDER. The action of X-rays on thymus nucleic acid    237

THORELL, B. The relation of nucleic acids to the formation and differentiation of cellular proteins    247

WITKIN, EVELYN M. Mutations in Escherichia coli induced by chemical agents    256