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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1942:   The Relation of Hormones to Development, Vol. X

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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AVERY, GEORGE S., JR. Control of growth and differentiation in plants    1RIDDLE, OSCAR. General relationships of hormones to growth and development    7 ALLEN, EDGAR. Endocrine factors in atypical growths    15 BODENSTEIN, DIETRICH. Hormone controlled processes in insect development    17 BURNS, R. K., JR. Hormones and the growth of the parts of the urinogenital apparatus in mammalian embryos    27ENGLE, EARL T. Hormones and the problem of involution    35EPHRUSSI, BORIS. Analysis of eye color differentiation in Drosophila    40HAMNER, K. C. Hormones and photoperiodism    49 KOCH, F. C. Chemistry of hormones    61

LEVINE, MICHAEL. Formative influence of carcinogenic substances    70

LIPSCHÜTZ, A. Induction and prevention of abdominal fibroids by steroid hormones, and their bearing on growth and development    79

LONG, C. N. H. Pituitary hormones influencing growth in higher animals    91

SEVERINGHAUS, A. E. The relation of gonadotropic and thyrotropic hormones to develop- Ment    104

SONNEBORN, T. M. Sex hormones in unicellular organisms    111

VAN OVERBEEK, J. Hormonal control of embryo and seedling    126

WILLIER, B. H. Hormonal control of embryonic differenti,ation in birds    135

WITSCHI, EMIL. Hormonal regulation of development in lower vertebrates    145

ZIMMERMAN, P. W. Formative influences of growth substances on plants    152