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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1985:   Molecular Biology of Development, Vol. L

Organizer: Joe Sambrook


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xvIntroductionJ.B. Gurdon    1Nuclear/Cytoplasmic Interactions in Early DevelopmentThe Mouse Egg's Receptor for Sperm: What Is It and How Does It Work? P.M. Was- sarman, J.D. Bleil, H.M. Florman, J.M. Greve, R..J. Roller, G.S. Salzmann, and F G. Samuels    11Localized Maternal mRNAs in Xenopus laevis Eggs D.L. Weeks, M.R. Rebagliati, R.P Harvey, and D.A. Melton    21Altered Morphogenesis and Its Effects on Gene Activity in Xenopus laevis Embryos M Jamrich, T.D. Sargent, and I.B. Dawid    31Germ Plasm and Germ Cell Determination in Xenopus laevis as Studied by Cell Trans- plantation Analysis C. C. Wylie, S. Holwill, M. O'Driscoll, A. Snape, and J. Heasman    37Nuclear Transfer in Mouse Embryos: Activation of the Embryonic Genome D. Solter, J. Aronson, S.F. Gilbert, and J. McGrath    45Molecular Analysis of the First Differentiations in the Mouse Embryo P Brulet, P Duprey, M. Vasseur, M Kaghad, D. Morello, P. Blanchet, C. Babinet, H. Conda- mine, and F. Jacob    51Cell Determination during Early Embryogenesis of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans E. Schieren berg    59Genes Affecting Early Development in Caenorhabditis elegans D. Hirsh, K.J. Kern- phues, D. T Stinchcomb, and R. Jefferson    69Studies on the Cytoplasmic Organization of Early Drosophila Embryos K. G. Miller, T.L. Karr, D.R. Kellogg, I. Mohr, M. Walter, and B.M. Alberts    79Developmental Expression of Cell-surface (Glyco)Proteins Involved in Gastrulation and Spicule Formation in Sea Urchin Embryos S.R. Grant, M.C. Farach, G.L. Decker, H.D. Woodward, H.A. Farach, and W.J. Lennarz    91Lineage and Segmentation/Pattern FormationGenes That Affect Cell Fates during the Development of Caenorhabditis elegans W. Fixsen, P. Steinberg, H. Ellis, and R. Horvitz    99Bicaudal Mutations of Drosophila melanogaster: Alteration of Blastoderm Cell Fate J. Mohler and E.F. Wieschaus    105Pattern Formation in the Muscles of Drosophila P.A. Lawrence    113The Decapentaplegic Gene Complex in Drosophila melanogaster W.M. Gelbart, V.E. Irish, R.D. St. Johnston, E.M. Hoffmann, R. Blackman, D. Segal, L.M. Posa- kony, and R. Grimaila    119Isolation and Structural Analysis of the Extra Sex Combs Gene of Drosophila E. Frei, D. Bopp, M. Burn, S. Baumgartner, J.-E. Edström, and M. Noll    127Molecular and Genetic Analysis of the hairy Locus in Drosophila D. Ish-Horowicz, K.R. Howard, S.M. Pinchin, and P. W. Ingham    135Genes Affecting the Segmental Subdivision of the Drosophila Embryo C. Nusslein- Volhard, H. Kluding, and G. Jürgens    145Homeotic MutantsRegulation of the Genes of the Bithorax Complex in Drosophila E.B. Lewis    155Anatomy and function of the Bithorax Complex of Drosophila F. Sdnchez-Herrero, J. Casanova, S. Kerridge, and G. Morata    165Domains of Cis-interaction in the Bithorax Complex W. Bender, B. Weiffenbach, F. Karch, and M. Peifer    173Regulation and Products of the Ubx Domain of the Bithorax Complex D.S. Hogness, H.D. Lipshitz, P.A. Beachy, D.A. Peattie, R.B. Saint, M. Goldschmidt-Clermont, P.J. Harte, E.R. Gavis, and S.L. Helfand    181Function and Expression of Ultrabithorax in the Drosophila Embryo M.E. Akam, A. Martinez-Arias, R. Weinzier, and C.D. Wilde    195Genetic Control of the Spatial Pattern of Selector Gene Expression in Drosophila P . W. Ingham    201Expression of the Homeo Box Gene Family in Drosophila M. Levine, K. Harding, C. Wedeen, H. Doyle, T. Hoey, and H. Radomska    209Expression of the Dorsal Gene R. Steward, L. Ambrosio, and P. Schedl    223The engrailed Locus of Drosophila melanogaster: Genetic, Developmental, and Molec- ular Studies Z. Ali, B. Drees, K.G. Coleman, E. Gustavson, T.L. Karr, L.M. Kauvar, S. J. Poole, W Speller, M. P Weir, and T Kornberg    229Embryonic Pattern in Drosophila: The Spatial Distribution and Sequence-specific DNA Binding of engrailed Protein P.H. O'Farrell, C. Desplan, S. DiNardo, J.A. Kas- sis, J.M. Kuner, F. Sher, J. Theis, and D. Wright    235Homeo BoxesHomeotic Genes, the Homeo Box, and the Genetic Control of Development W.J. Gehring    243Common Properties of Proteins Encoded by the Antennapedia Complex Genes of Dro- sophila melanogaster A. Laughon, S.B. Carroll, F.A. Storfer, P.D. Riley, and M.P. Scott    253Homeo Box Sequences of the Antennapedia Class Are Conserved Only in Higher An- imal Genomes W McGinnis    263The Xenopus Homeo Boxes E.M. DeRobertis, A. Fritz, J. Goetz, G. Martin, I. W Mattaj, F. Salo, G.D. Smith, C. Wright, and R. Zeller    271Mammalian Homeo Box Genes EH. Ruddle, C.P Hart, A. Awgulewitsch, A. Fain- sod, M. Utset, D. Dalton, N. Kerk, M. Rabin, A. Ferguson-Smith, A. Fienberg, and W. McGinnis    277Expression of Murine Genes Containing Homeo Box Sequences during Visceral and Parietal Endoderm Differentiation of Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells A.M. Colbeing-Poley, S.D. Voss, and P. Gruss    285Structure and Expression of Two Classes of Mammalian Homeo-box-containing Genes A. Joyner, C. Hauser, T. Kornberg, R. Tjian and G. Martin    291Human cDNA Clones Containing Homeo Box Sequences F. Boncinelli, A. Simeone, A. LaVolpe, A. Faiella, V. Fidanza, D. Acampora, and L. Scotto    301Tissue Specificity/Position EffectsThe Ac and Spin Controlling Element Families in Maize J. Banks, J. Kingsbury, V.Raboy, J. W. Schiefelbein, O. Nelson, and N. Fedoroff    307 Regulation of TcJ Transposable Elements in Caenorhabditis elegans S. W Emmons,K. Ruan, A. Levitt, and L. Yesner    313 Lineage-specific Gene Expression in the Sea Urchin Embryo E.H. Davidson, C.N.Flytzan is, J.J. Lee, J.J. Robinson, S.J. Rose III, and H.M. Sucov    321 Germ Line Specificity of P-element Transposition and Some Novel Patterns of Expres- sion of Transduced Copies of the white Gene G.M. Rubin, T. Hazelrigg, R.E.Karess, F.A. Laski, T. Laverty, R. Levis, D.C. Rio, F.A.. Spencer, and C.S. Zuker    329 On the Molecular Basis of Transvection Effects and the Regulation ofTranscription Z. Zachar, C.H. Chapman, and P.M. Bingham    337The 68C Glue Puff of Drosophila E.M. Meyerowitz, M.A. Crosby, M.D. Garfinkel, C.H. Martin, P.H. Mathers, and K. VijayRaghavan    347Hybrid Genes in the Study of Glue Gene Regulation in Drosophila M. Bourouis and G. Richards    355Expression of Genes Introduced into Transgenic MiceDevelopmental Regulation of Human Globin Genes in Transgenic Mice F Costantini, G. Radice, I Magram, G. Stamatoyannopoulos, T Papayannopoulou, and K. Chada    361Regulated Expression of a-Fetoprotein Genes in Transgenic Mice R. Krumlauf, R.E. Hammer, R. Brinster, V.M. Chapman, and S.M Tilghman    371Use of Gene Transfer to Increase Animal Growth R.E. Hammer, R.L. Brinster, and R.D. Palmiter    379Inducible and Developmental Control of Neuroendocrine Genes R.M. Evans, C. Weinberger, S. Hollenberg, L. Swanson, C. Nelson, and M.G. Rosenfeld    389Elastase I Promoter Directs Expression of Human Growth Hormone and SV40 T An- tigen Genes to Pancreatic Acinar Cells in Transgenic Mice D.M. Ornitz, R.D. Palmiter, A. Messing, R.E. Hammer, C.A. Pinkert, and R.L. Brinster    399Promoter Sequences of Murine aA Crystallin, Murine a2(I) Collagen or of Avian Sar- coma Virus Genes Linked to the Bacterial Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase Gene Direct Tissue-specific Patterns of Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase Expression in Transgenic Mice H. Westphal, P.A. Overbeek, J.S. Khillan, A.B. Chepelinsky, A. Schmidt, K.A. Mahon, K.E. Bernstein, J. Piatigorsky, and B. de Crombrugghe    411Studies of Immunodifferentiation using Transgenic Mice D. Baltimore, R. Gros- schedl, D. Weaver, F. Costantini, and T. Imanishi-Kari    417Transfer and Regulation of Expression of Chimeric Genes in Plants J. Schell, H. Kaulen, F. Kreuzaler, P. Eckes, S. Rosahl, L. Willmitzer, A. Spena, B. Baker, L. Herrera-Estrella, and N. Fedoroff    421Transgenic Plants R..B. Horsch, S.G. Rogers, and R. T Fraley    433Induced Developmental DefectsRetroviruses and Insertional Mutagenesis R. Jaenisch, M Breindl, K. Harbers, D. Jähner, and J. Löhler    439Early Developmental Mutations Due to DNA Rearrangements in Transgenic Mouse Embryos L. Covarrubias, Y. Nishida, and B. Mintz    447An Insertional Mutation in a Transgenic Mouse Line Results in Developmental Arrest at Day 5 of Gestation W.H. Mark, K. Signorelli, and F. Lacy    453Molecular Analysis of Krüppei, a Segmentation Gene of Drosophila melanogaster H. JäckIe, U.B. Rosenberg, A. Preiss, E. Seifert, D. Knipple, A. Kienlin, and R. Leh- mann    465Genetics of Polyamine Synthesis in Tobacco: Developmental Switches in the Flower R.L. Malmberg, I Mclndoo, A.C. Hiatt, and B.A. Lowe    475

Control of Gene Expression

spoOH: A Developmental Regulatory Gene for Promoter Utilization in Bacillus subtilis P Zuber and R. Losick    483

Constitutive and Coordinately Regulated Transcription of Yeast Genes: Promoter Ele- ments, Positive and Negative Regulatory Sites, and DNA Binding Proteins K.Struhl, W Chen, D.E. Hill, LA. Hope, and MA. Qettinger    489

A Simple Gene with a Complex Pattern of Transcription: The Alcohol DehydrogenaseGene of Drosophila melanogaster C. Savakis and M Ashburner    505

Identification of DNA Sequences Required for the Regulation of Drosophila AlcoholDehydrogenase Gene Expression J.W. Posakony, J.A. Fischer, and T. Maniatis    515

Developmental Control of Drosophila Yolk Protein 1 Gene by cis-Acting DNAElements P.C. Wensink, B. Shepherd, M.J. Garabedian, and M -C. Hung    521

Localization of Sequences Regulating Drosophila Chorion Gene Amplification and Expression L. Kalfayan, T. Orr- Weaver, S. Parks, B. Wakimoto, D. de Cicco, and A. Spradling    527

Studies on the Developmentally Regulated Expression and Amplification of Insect Chorion Genes EC. Kafatos, S.A. Mitsialis, N. Spoerel, B. Mariani, J.R. Lin- gappa, and C. Delidakis    537

The Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Expression of Two 5S RNA Genes D.D. Brown and M.S. Schlissel    549

Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation: Developmental Genetics of Nodule Formation N. Lang- Unnasch, K. Dunn, and F.M. Ausubel    555

Sex Determination

Master Regulatory Loci in Yeast and Lambda L Herskowitz    565

Aspects of Dosage Compensation and Sex Determination in Caenorhabditis elegans W.B. Wood, P. Meneely, P. Schedin, and L. Donahue    575

Sex Determination Pathway in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans: Variations on a Theme I Hodgkin, T. Doniach, and M Shen    585

Sex-lethal, A Link between Sex Determination and Sexual Differentiation in Droso- phila melanogaster E.M Maine, H.K. Salz, P. Schedl, and T. W. Cline    595

Control of Sexual Differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster J.M. Belote, M.B. McKeown, D.J. Andrew, T.N. Scott, and B.S. Baker    605

A Single Principle for Sex Determination in Insects R. Nöthiger and M. Steinmann- Zwicky    615

Sex Determination in Mice A. McLaren    623

Cell-cycle Effects

Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Division Control in Yeast S.I. Reed, M.A. de Barros Lopes, J. Ferguson, J.A. Hadwiger, J-Y Ho, R. Horwitz, C.A. Jones, A. T. Lorincz, MD. Mendenhall, T.A. Peterson, S. Richardson, and C. Wittenburg    627

Control of Sexual Differentiation by the ran1 + Gene in Fission Yeast D. Beach    635

Regulation of the Yeast HO Gene L. Breeden and K. Nasmyth    643

The Role of Mitotic Factors in Regulating the Timing of the Midblastula Transition in Xenopus J. Newport, T. Spann, J. Kanki, and D. Forbes    651

Chromosome Replication in Early Xenopus Embryos R.A. Laskey, S.E. Kearsey, M. Mechali, C. Dingwall, A.D. Mills, S.M Dilworth, and J. Kleinschmidt    657

Regulation of Histone Gene Expression M Busslinger, D. Schümperli, and M.L. Birnstiel    665

Pluripotent Cells/Oncogenes

A Comparison of Several Lines of Transgenic Mice Containing the SV40 Early Genes T. Van Dyke, C. Finlay, and A.J. Levine    671

Persistence and Transmission in the Mouse of Autonomous Plasmids Derived from Polyoma Virus M Rassoulzadegan and J. Vailly    679

The Ability of EK Cells to Form Chimeras after Selection of Clones in G418 and Some Observations on the Integration of Retroviral Vector Proviral DNA into EK Cells M.J. Evans, A. Bradley, M.R. Kuehn, and E.J. Robertson    685

Gene Transfer into Murine Stem Cells and Mice using Retroviral Vectors E.F. Wag- ner, G. Keller, E. Gilboa, U. Rüther, and C. Stewart    691

The Regulation of Gene Expression in Murine Teratocarcinoma Cells C.M. Gorman, D.P. Lane, C.J. Watson, and P.W.J. Rigby    701

Transformation of Embryonic Stem Cells with a Human Type-Il Collagen Gene and Its Expression in Chimeric Mice R.H. Lovell-Badge, A.E. Bygrave, A. Bradley, E. Robertson, MI Evans, and K.S.E. Cheah    707

Introduction of Genes into Embryonal Carcinoma Cells and Preimplantation Embryos by Retroviral Vectors J.F. Nicolas, J.L.R.. Rubenstein, C. Bonnerot, and F. Jacob    713

Conservation and Divergence of RAS Protein Function during Evolution C. Birch meier, D. Broek, T Toda, S. Powers, T. Kataoka, and M. Wigler    721

Proto-oncogenes of Drosophila melanogaster J.M. Bishop, B. Drees, A.L. Katzen, T.B. Korn berg, and M.A. Simon    727

Proto-oncogene fos Is Expressed during Development, Differentiation, and Growth J. Deschamps, R.L. Mitchell, F. Meijlink, W. Kruijer, D. Schubert, and I.M. Verma    733

Viral Enhancer Activity in Teratocarcinoma Cells P. Sassone-Corsi, D. Duboule, and P Chambon    747

Coordinate Expression of Myogenic Functions and Polyoma Virus Replication A. Felsani, R.. Maione, L. Ricci, and P. Amati    753

Cellular Differentiation

Structure and Regulated Transcription of DIRS-l: An Apparent Retrotransposon of Dictyostellium discoideum J. Cappello, K. Handelsman, S.M. Cohen, and H.F. Lodish    759

Regulation of Cell-type-specific Differentiation in Dictyostelium W.F. Loomis    769

Two Feedback Loops May Regulate Cell-type Proportions in Dictyostelium H. Mac Williams, A. Blaschke, and I. Prause    779

cAmp Receptors Controlling Cell-Cell Interactions in the Development of Dictyostelium P. Klein, D. Fontana, B. Knox, A. Theibert, and P. Devreotes    787

Regulation of Cell-type-specific Gene Expression in Dictyostelium R. Gomer, S. Datta, M. Mehdy, T. Crowley, A. Sivertson, W. Nellen, C. Reymond, S. Mann, and R.A. Firtel    801

Early Dictyostelium Development: Control Mechanisms Bypassed by Sequential Mutagenesis G. Gerisch, J. Hagmann, P. Hirth, C. Rossier, U. Weinhart, and M. Westphal    813

Cell Interactions Govern the Temporal Pattern of Myxococcus Development D. Kai- ser, L. Kroos, and A. Kuspa    823

Temporal and Spatial Control of Flagellar and Chemotaxis Gene Expression during Caulobacter Cell Differentiation R. Champer, R. Bryan, S.L. Gomes, M. Pur- ucker, and L. Shapiro    831

Developmental Neurobiology

Molecular Genetics of Drosophila Neurogenesis B. Yedvobnick, M.A.T. Muskavitch, K.A.. Wharton, M.E. Halpern, E. Paul, B.G. Grimwade, and S. Artavanis-Tsa konas    841

Gene Expression in Differentiating and Transdifferentiating Neural Crest Cells D.J. Anderson, R.. Stein, and R.. Axel    855

A Biological Clock in Drosophila M. W. Young, F.R.. Jackson, H.S. Shin, and T.A.. Bargiello    865

Cell Adhesion Molecule Expression and the Regulation of Morphogenesis G.M. Edel- man    877

Neurogenesis in Grasshopper and fushi tarazu Drosophila Embryos C. Q. Doe and Corey S. Goodman    891


G.M. Rubin    905