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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1981:   Organization of the Cytoplasm, Vol. XLVI

Organizer: James Watson


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Part 1
Symposium Participants    vForeword    xiPrinciples of Organization: Functional and Spatial Order in the CytoplasmMembrane Cytoskeletal Interactions in the Human Erythrocyte D. Branton    1Regulation of Intracellular Protein Traffic G. Blobel    7Organizing the Cytoplasm for Motility F. Solomon    17Principles of Organization: Water and the Cytoplasmic ArchitectureInterrelationships between Water and Cell Metabolism in Artemia Cysts. IX. Evidence for Organization of Soluble Cytoplasmic Enzymes J. S. Clegg    23Measurements of the Diffusion of Macromolecules Injected into the Cytoplasm of Living Cells J. W. Wojcieszyn, R. A. Schiegel, and K. A. Jacobson    39Does Blebbing Reveal the Convulsive Flow of Liquid and Solutes through the Cy- toplasmic Meshwork? G. Albrecht-Buehler    45Structural Organization of the Cytoplasm M. Schliwa, J. van Blerkom, and K. B. Pryzwansky    51Cytoplasmic and Axonal FlowActive Movement of Bundles of Actin and Myosin Filaments from Muscle: A Simple Model for Cell Motility S. Higashi-Fujime    69Contraction-Relaxation Cycle of Physarum Cytoplasm: Concomitant Changes in In- traplasmodial ATP and Ca++ Concentrations N. Kamiya, Y. Yoshimoto, and F. Matsumura    77Cytoplasmic Transport: Moving Ultrastructural Elements Common to Many Cell Types Revealed by Video-enhanced Microscopy R. D. Allen, J. L. Travis, J. H. Hay- den, N. S. Allen, A. C. Breuer, and L. J. Lewis    85Fine Structure and Organization of Microfilaments in Physarum as Revealed by Chemolixation and Freeze-etching K. E. Wohlfarth-Bottermann and W. Stockem    89Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Amoeboid Movement D. L. Taylor, J. Heiple, Y.-L. Wang, E. J. Luna, L. Tanasugarn, J. Brier, J. Swanson, M. Fechheimer, P. Amato, M. Rockwell, and G. Daley    101The Axon: A Prototype for Studying Expressional Cytoplasm R. J. Lasek and S. T. Brady    113Communication between Target Organs and Nerve Cells: Retrograde Axonal Transport and Site of Action of Nerve Growth Factor M. E. Schwab, R. Heumann, and H. Thoenen    125Studies on the Mechanism of Fast Axoplasmic Transport Using Microinjection into Single Giant Neurons D. J. Goldberg, D. A. Harris, and J. H. Schwartz    135Probing Mitochondria in Living Cells with Rhodamine 123 L. B. Chen, I. C. Sum- merhayes, L. V. Johnson, M. L. Walsh, S. D. Bernal, and T. J. Lampidis    141Elements of Organization: MicrotubulesExpression of Flagellar Protein Genes during Flagellar Regeneration in Chlamydo- monas C. D. Silfiow, P. A. Lefebvre, T. W. McKeithan, J. A. Schloss, L. R. Keller, and J. L. Rosenbaum    157Autoregulatory Control of the Expression of a- and b-Tubulins: Implications for Mi- crotubule Assembly D. Cleveland and M. Kirschner    171Drosophila a-Tubulin Genes and Their Transcription Patterns L. Kalfayan, J. Loew- enberg, and P. C. Wensink    185Amino Acid Sequence of a- and b-Tubulins from Pig Brain: Heterogeneity and Regional Similarity to Muscle Proteins H. Ponstingl, E. Krauhs, M. Little, T. Kempf, R. Hofer-Warbinek, and W. Ade    191Microtubule Treadmills and Their Possible Cellular Functions L. Wilson and R. L. Margolis    199Dynein-Microtubule Interactions: ATP-sensitive Dynein Binding and the Structural Polarity of Mitotic Microtubules L. T. Haimo and B. R. Telzer    207Taxol: A New Probe for Studying the Structure and Function of Microtubules S. B. Horwitz, J. Parness, P. B. Schiff and J. J. Manfredi    219Microtubule Stability and Assembly in Living Cells: The Influence of Metabolic In- hibitors, Taxol and pH M. De Brabander, G. Geuens, R. Nuydens, R. Wille- brords, and J. De Mey    227Tubulin Assembly Sites and the Organization of Microtubule Arrays in Mammalian Cells S. L. Brenner and B. R. Brinkley    241Microtubule Structure in Caenorhabditis elegans Neurons M. Chalfie    255Asters, Poles, and Transport Properties within Spindlelike Microtubule Arrays A. S. Bajer and J. Molè-Bajer    263Approaches to Potential Sliding Mechanisms of Cytoplasmic Microtubules P. Satir    285Elements of Organization: Intermediate FilamentsDifferentiated Structural Components of the Keratinocyte H. Green, E. Fuchs, and F. Watt    293Immunolabeling Studies of Cytoskeletal Associations in Cultured Cells S. J. Singer, E. H. Ball, B. Geiger, and W.-T. Chen    303Intermediate-size Filaments: Changes in Synthesis and Distribution in Cells of the Myogenic and Neurogenic Lineages H. Holtzer, G. S. Bennett, S. J. Tapscott, J. M. Croop, and Y. Toyama    317Use of Antibodies to Intermediate Filaments in the Characterization of Human Tu- mors F. C. S. Ramaekers, J. J. G. Puts, A. Kant, O. Moesker, P. H. K. Jap, and G. P. Vooijs    331Chemistry and Biology of Neuronal and Glial Intermediate Filaments R. K. H. Liem, C. H. Keith, J. F. Leterrier, E. Trenkner, and M. L. Shelanski    341Desmin- and Vimentin-containing Filaments and Their Role in the Assembly of the Z Disk in Muscle Cells E. Lazarides, B. L. Granger, D. L. Gard, C. M. O'Connor, J. Breckler, M. Price, and 5. I. Danto    351Modification of Vimentin Polypeptides during Mitosis R. Bravo, S. J. Fey, P. Mose Larsen, and J. E. Celis    379Epithelial Tonofilaments: Investigating Their Form and Function Using Monoclonal Antibodies E. B. Lane and M. W. Klymkowsky    387In Vivo Disruption of the Cytokeratin Cytoskeleton in Cultured Epithelial Cells by Microinjection of Antikeratin: Evidence for the Presence of an Intermediate- filament-organizing Center B. S. Eckert, R. A. Daley, and L. M. Parysek    403Intermediate Filaments M. Osborn, N. Geisler, G. Shaw, G. Sharp, and K. Weber    413Differentiation-related Patterns of Expression of Proteins of Intermediate-size Fila- ments in Tissues and Cultured Cells W. W. Franke, E. Schmid, D. L. Schiller, S. Winter, E. D. Jarasch, R. Moll, H. Denk, B. W. Jackson, and K. Illmensee    431Structure of Vimentin 10-nm Filaments Probed with a Monoclonal Antibody That Recognizes a Common Antigenic Determinant on Vimentin and Tropo- myosin S. H. Blose, F. Matsumura, and J. J.-C. Liv    455Heterogeneity of Intermediate Filaments Assembled In Vitro P. Steinert, W. Idler, M. Aynardi-Whiiman, R. Zackroff, and R. D. Goldman    465Plectin: A High-molecular-weight Cytoskeletal Polypeptide Component That Copu- rifles with Intermediate Filaments of the Vimentin Type C. Wiche, H. Herrmann, F. Leichtfried, and R. Pytela    475Formation of an ATP-dependent Microtubule-Neurofilament Complex In Vitro M. S. Runge and R. C. Williams, Jr    483Part 2Elements of Organization: MicrofilamentsActin Multigene Family of Dictyostelium M. McKeown and R. A. Firtel    495Approaches for Isolating Genes Encoding the Cytoskeletal Proteins and for Reintro- ducing the Genes into Cultured Cells S. H. Hughes, J. Sorge, G. P. Thomas, J. Feramisco, L. Chow, and J. Garrels    507Actin Structure, Polymerization, and Gelation T. D. Pollard, U. Aebi, J. A. Cooper, W. E. Fowler, and P. Tseng    513How Actin Filaments Pack into Bundles D. J. DeRosier and L. G. Tilney    525Calcium-modulated Multifunctional Proteins Regulating F-Actin Organization K. Weber and J. R. Glenney, Jr    541Control of Assembly of Dictyostelium Myosin and Actin Filaments J. A. Spudich, E. R. Kuczmarski, J. D. Pardee, P. A. Simpson, K. Yamamoto, and L. Stryer    553Function of Cytoplasmic Flow in Photosensory Transduction and Phase Regulation of Contractile Activities in Physarum K. E. Wohlfarth-Bottermann and I. Block    563

Actin Gelation and the Structure of Cortical Cytoplasm T. P. Stossel, J. H. Hartwig, H. L. Yin, K. S. Zaner, and O. I. Stendahl    569

Actinogelin: A Ca4 + -sensitive Regulatory Protein of Microfilament Organization N. Mimura and A. Asano    579

a-Actinin and Vinculin from Nonmuscle Cells: Calcium-sensitive Interactions with Actin K. Burridge and J. R. Feramisco    587

Organization of Actin Meshworks in Cultured Cells: The Leading Edge J. V. Small, G. Rinnerthaler, and H. Hinssen    599

Vinculin and a-Actinin: Interaction with Actin and Effect on Microfilament Network Formation B. M. Jockusch and G. Isenberg    613

Proteins and Complexes That Affect Actin-filament Assembly and Interactions S. Lin, J. A. Wilkins, D. H. Cribbs, M. Grumet, and D. C. Lin    625

Cell Surface: Surface Organization

Partial Sequence and Turnover of Rat Liver Gap Junction Protein J.-P. Revel, B. J. Nicholson, and S. B. Yancey    633

Liver Gap Junctions and Lens Fiber Junctions: Comparative Analysis and Calmodulin Interaction E. L. Hertzberg and N. B. Gilula    639

Immunoreactive Forms of Human Erythrocyte Ankyrin Are Localized in Mitotic Structures in Cultured Cells and Are Associated with Microtubules in Brain V. Bennett and J. Davis    647

Relationships between Microfilaments, Cell-substratum Adhesion, and Fibronec- tin R. O. Hynes, A. T. Destree, and D. D. Wagner    659

Involvement of Vinculin in Contact-induced Cytoskeletal Interactions B. Geiger    671

Flagellum as a Model System for Studying Dynamic Cell-surface Events R. A. Blood- good    683

Directed Membrane Flow on the Pseudopods of Caenorhabditis elegans Spermato- zoa T. M. Roberts and S. Ward    695

Packing of Clathrin into Coats B. M. F. Pearse and R. A. Crowther    703

Surface Uptake by Fibroblasts and Its Consequences M. S. Bretscher    707

Recycling of Cell-surface Receptors: Observations from the LDL Receptor Sys- tem M. S. Brown, R. G. W. Anderson, S. K. Basu, and J. L. Goldstein    713

Functional and Structural Studies on Clathrin Triskelions and Baskets E. Unge- wickell, E. R. Unanue, and D. Branton    723

Receptor-mediated Endocytosis by Clathrin-coated Vesicles: Evidence for a Dynamic Pathway J. L. Salisbury, J. S. Condeelis, N. J. Maihle, and P. Satir    733

Microinjection of Anticlathrin Antibodies into Cultured Fibroblasts: Clathrin-coated Structures in Receptor-mediated Endocytosis and in Exocytosis J. Wehland, M. C. Willingham, M. G. Gallo, A. V. Rutherford, J. Rudick, R. B. Dickson, and I. Pastan    743

Intracellular and Extracellular Components Involved in the Formation of Ventral Surfaces of Fibroblasts W. Birchmeier, T. A. Libermann, B. A. Imhof, and T. E. Kreis    755

Cell Surface: Synthesis, Exocytosis, Endocytosis

Mapping Structural Proteins of Cultured Cells by Monoclonal Antibodies J. J.-C. Lin    769

Synthesis and Assembly of the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Glycoprotein A. Zilber- stein, M. D. Snider, and H. F. Lodish    785

The Golgi Apparatus, Coated Vesicles, and the Sorting Problem J. E. Rothman, E. Fries, W. G. Dunphy, and L. J. Urbani    797

Mechanisms for the Incorporation of Proteins into the Plasma Membrane D. Sabatini, D. Colman, E. Sabban, J. Sherman, T. Morimoto, G. Kreibich, and M. Adesnik    807

Calcium-dependent Regulation of Chromaffin Granule Movement, Membrane Contact, and Fusion during Exocytosis H. B. Pollard, C. E. Creutz, V. Fowler, J. Scott, and C. J. Pazoles    819

Are Lysosomes a Site of Enveloped-virus Penetration? M. Marsh, K. Matlin, K. Simons, H. Reggio, J. White, J. Kartenbeck, and A. Helenius    835

Cell Surface: Microvilli

Structure and Function of the Brush-border Cytoskeleton P. T. Matsudaira and D. R. Burgess    845

Regulation of Contractility, Cytoskeletal Structure, and Filament Assembly in the Brush Border of Intestinal Epithelial Cells M. S. Mooseker, E. M. Bonder, B. G. Grimwade, C. L. Howe, T. C. S. Keller III, R. H. Wasserman, and K. A. Wharton    855

Characterization and Ultrastructural Role of the Major Components of the Intestinal Microvillus Cytoskeleton A. Bretscher    871

The Cytoskeleton of Intestinal Microvilli Contains Two Polypeptides Immunologically Related to Proteins of Striated Muscle E. Coudrier, H. Reggio, and D. Louvard    881

Mechanisms of Organization: Calcium Regulation and Phosphorylation of Cytoplasmic Components

Multifunctional Role of Calmodulin in Biologic Processes R. W. Wallace, E. A. Tallant, and W. Y. Cheung    893

Regulation by and of Calmodulin in Mammalian Cells A. R. Means and J. G. Chaf- ouleas    903

Molecular Events in cAMP-mediated Reverse Transformation A. H. Lockwood, D. D. Trivette, and M. Pendergast    909

Regulation of Actin-Myosin Interaction by Reversible Phosphorylation of Myosin and Myosin Kinase R. S. Adeistein, M. D. Pato, J. R. Sellers, P. de Lanerolle, and M. A. Conti    921

Regulation of Myosin-filament Assembly by Light-chain Phosphorylation J. Ken- drick-Jones, P. Tooth, K. A. Taylor, and J. M. Scholey    929

Cytoskeletal Targets for Viral Transforming Proteins with Tyrosine Protein Kinase Activity B. M. Sefton, T. Hunter, E. A. Nigg, S. J. Singer, and G. Walter    939

Mechanism of Transformation by Rous Sarcoma Virus: Events within Adhesion Plaques L. Rohrschneider, M. Rosok, and K. Shrive    953

Nucleus and Cytoplasm

Nuclear Lamina and the Structural Organization of the Nuclear Envelope L. Gerace and G. Blobel    967

Synthesis and Assembly of the Polypeptide Subunits of Photosystem I J. E. Mullet, A. R. Grossman, and H.-H. Chua    979

Molecular and Cellular Effects of Heat-shock and Related Treatments of Mammalian Tissue-culture Cells G. P. Thomas, W. J. Welch, M. B. Mathews, and J. R. Feramisco    985

Function of Cytoplasmic Fibers in Syncytia E. Wang, D. S. Roos, M. H. Heggeness, and P. W. Choppin    997

Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Architecture in Cells and Tissue: Form, Functions, and Mode of Assembly S. Penman, A. Fulton, D. Capco, A. Ben Ze'ev, S. Wit- telsburger, and C. F. Tse    1013

Summary Organization of the Cytoplasm B. R. Brinkley    1029