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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1977:   Chromatin, Vol. XLII

Organizer: James Watson


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Symposium Participants    vForeword    xvNucleosome Structure I: Crystallographic AnalysisX-ray and Electron Microscope Analyses of Crystals of Nucleosome Cores J. T. Finch and A. Klug    1Scattering Studies of Chromatin Subunits J. F. Pardon, R. I. Cotter, D. M. J. Lilley, D. L. Worcester, A. M. Campbell, J. C. Wooley, and B. M. Richards    11DNA Structure in Chromatin and in Solution Studied by Electron Microscopy and Neutron and X-ray Scattering S. Bram, S. Kouprach, and P. Baudy    23Nucleosome Structure II: Conformational StudiesConformational States of Chromatin M. Zama, P.N. Bryan, P. F. Harrington, A. L. Olins, and D. F. Olins    31Ultrastructure of Chromatin Subunits during Unfolding, Histone Depletion, and Reconstruction C. L. F. Woodcock and L-L. Y. Frado    43Nucleosome Structure, DNA Folding, and Gene Activity R. D. Camerini- Otero, B. Sollner- Webb, R.. H. Simon, P. Williamson, M. Zasloff and G. Felsenfeld    57Internal Structure of the Nucleosome: DNA Folding in the Conserved 140-Base- pair Core Particle M. Noll    77Conformational Flexibility in DNA Structure as Revealed by Structural Studies of Drug Intercalation and Its Broader Implications in Understanding the Organization of DNA in Chromatin H. M. Sobell, B. S. Reddy, K. K. Bhan- dary, S. C. Jain, T. D. Sakore, and T. P. Seshadri    87Relation of Nucleosomes to DNA Sequences A. Prunell and R. D. Kornberg    103Domains in Chromatin Structure T. 1gó-Kemenes and H G. Zachau    109Nucleosome Structure III: The CoreThe Nucleosome Core Protein J. O. Thomas and P. J. C. Butler    119 Histone-DNA Interactions in Chromatin Core Particles R. T. Simpson, J. P. Whitlock, Jr., M. Bina-Stein, and A. Stein    127 Characterization of DNase-I Cleavage Sites in the Nucleosome L. C. Lutter    137 The Structure of Nucleosomes: The Arrangement of Histones in the DNA Grooves and Along the DNA Chain A. D. Mirzabekov, V. V. Shick, A.. V. Belyavsky, V. L. Karpov, and S. G. Bavykin    149 Evolutionary Conservation of Histone-Histone Binding Sites: Evidence from In- terkingdom Complex Formation S. Spiker and I. Isenberg    157Nucleohistone Assembly: Sequential Binding of Histone H3-H4 Tetramer and Histone H2A-H2B Dimer to DNA A. Ruiz-Carrillo and J. L. Jorcano    165Chromatin Assembly and Transcription in Eggs and Qocytes of Xenopus lae- viz R.. A. Lasky, B. M. Honda, A.. D. Mills, N. R. Morris, A. H. Wyllie, J. E. Mertz, F. M. De Robertis, and J. B. Gurdon    171Chromatin Structures of Main-band and Satellite DNAs in Drosophila melano- gaster Nuclei as Probed by Photochemical Cross-linking of DNA with Trioxsalen C.-K. J. Shen and J. F. Hearst    179

Chromatin Structure in Living Cells T. R. Cech, D. Potter, and M. L. Pardue Dynamics of Nucleosome Structure Studied by Fluorescence A. F. Dieterich, R.. Axel, and C. R.. Cantor    199

Electric Dichroism Studies of the Size and Shape of Nucleosomal Particles L. Klevan, M. Hogan, N. Dattagupta, and D. M. Crothers    207

Nucleosome Structure IV: H1 Interactions

The Multifunctional Role of Histone H1, Probed with the SV40 Mini- chromosome J. D. Griffith and G. Christiansen    215

Biochemical and Ultrastructural Analysis of SV40 Chromatin W. Keller, U. Müller, I. Eicken, I. Wendel, and H. Zentgraf    227

Histone Hi Involvement in the Structure of the Chromosome Fiber M. Renz, P. Nehls, and J. Hozie    245

H1 Histone and the Condensation of Chromatin and DNA R.. D. Cole, G. M. Lawson, and M. W. Hsiang    253

The Role of H1 in the Structure of Chromatin J. Gaubatz, R. Hardison, J. Murphy, M. E. Eichner, and R. Chalkley    265

Satellite DNA, Hi Histone, and Heterochromatin in Drosophila virus M. Blu- menfeld, J. W. Orf B. J. Sina, R. A. Kreber, M. A.. Callahan, and L. A. Snyder    273

Nucleosomes, Histone Interactions, and the Role of Histones H3 and H4 E. M. Bradbury, T. Moss, H. Hayashi, R. P. Hjelm, P. Suau, R. M. Stephens, J. P. Baldwin, and C. Crane-Robinson    277

Nucleosome Structure I: All Four Histones, H2A, H2B, H3, and H4, Are Required to Form a Nucleosome, but an H3-H4 Subnucleosomal Particle Is Formed with H3-H4 Alone P. Oudet, J. E. Germond, M. Sures, D. Gallwitz, M. Bel- lard, and P. Chambon    287

Nucleosome Structure II: Structure of the SV40 Minichromosome and Electron Microscopic Evidence for Reversible Transitions of the Nucleosome Struc- ture P. Oudet, C Spadafora, and P. Chambon    301

Chromosome Coiling and Assembly

Molecular Architecture of the Chromatin Fiber A. Worcel    313

v Bodies Are Close-packed in Chromatin Fibers A. L. Olins    325

A Direct Approach to the Structure of Eukaryotic Chromosomes J. Sedat and L. Manuelidis    331

Metaphase Chromosome Structure: The Role of Nonhistone Proteins U. K. Laemmli S. M. Cheng, K. W. Adolph, J. R.. Paulson, J. A. Brown, and W. R.. Baumbach    351

Metaphase Chromosome Architecture W. Wray, M. Mace, Jr., V. Daskal, and F. Stubblefield    361

Higher-order Structure of Mitotic Chromosomes A. Leth Bak and J. Zeuthen    367

Immunological Probes for Chromatin Structure M. Bustin, P. D. Kurth, E. N. Moudrianakis, D. Goldblatt, R. Sperling, and W. B. Ri