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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1975:   The Synapse, Vol. XL

Organizer: J.D. Watson


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xviiSTRUCTURAL ASPECTS OF SYNAPTIC FUNCTIONA Guide to the Synaptic Analysis of the Neuropil S. L. Palay and V. Chan Palay    1Preservation of Synaptic Structure by Rapid Freezing J. E. Heuser, T. S. Reese and D. M. D. Landis    17Stimulation-induced Depletion of Vesicles, Fatigue of Transmission and Recov- ery Processes at a Vertebrate Central Synapse M. V. L. Bennett, P. G. Model and S. M. Highstein    25The Structure and Permeability of Isolated Hepatocyte Gap Junctions D. A. Goodenough    37The Protein Components of the Gap Junction J. R. Duguid and J. P. Revel    45Permeable Junctions W. R. Loewenstein    49CHEMISTRY OF SYNAPTIC TRANSMISSIONRecent Studies on the Comparative Biochemistry of the Cholinergic Neuron M. J. Dowdall, G. Fox, K. Wachtler, V. P. Whittaker and H. Zimmermann    65Axonal Transport of Vesicles Carrying [3H] Serotonin in the Metacerebral Neu- ron of Aplysia californica J. H. Schwartz, J. E. Goldman, R. T. Ambron and D. J. Goldberg    83Differential Labeling of Glial Cells and GABA-inhibitory Interneurons and Nerve Terminals following the Microinjection of [b3H]Alanine, [3H]- DABA and [3H]GABA into Single Folia on the Cerebellum J. S. Kelly and F. Dick    93Modulation of Transmitter Release by Calcium Ions and Nerve Impulses R. Rahamimoff, S. D. Erulkar, E. Alnaes, H. Meiri, S. Rotshenker and H. Rahamimoff    107b-Bungarotoxin, a Phospholipase That Stimulates Transmitter Release R. B. Kelly, S.O. Oberg, P. N. Strong and G. M. Wagner    117Octopamine Neurons in Lobsters: Location, Morphology, Release of Octopamine and Possible Physiological Role E. A. Kravitz, P. D. Evans, B. R. Talamo, B. G. Wallace and B. A. Battelle    127Substance P and Excitatory Transmitter of Primary Sensory Neurons M. Otsu- lea and S. Konishi    135Electrogenic Effects of Neutral Amino Acids on Neurons of Aplysia californica J. S. Kehoe    145Cyclic Nucleotides, Protein Phosphorylation and Synaptic Function K. O. Beam and P. Greengard    157Molecular Basis for Postjunctional Conductance Increases Induced by Acetylcholine C. F. Stevens    169The Number of Acetyicholine Molecules in a Quantum and the Interaction between Quanta at the Subsynaptic Membrane of the Skeletal Neuromus- cular Synapse H. C. Hartzell, S. W. Kuffler and D. Yoshikami    175Analysis of Ccoperativity of Drug-Receptor Interaction by Quantitative lonto- phoresis at Frog Motor End Plates K. Peper, F. Dreyer and K. D. Muller    187Characterization of Torpedo californica Acetyicholine Receptor: Its Subunit Composition and Ligand-binding Properties M. A. Raftery, R. L. Vandlen, K. L. Reed and T. Lee    193Facets of the Structures of Acetyicholine Receptors from Electrophorus and Torpedo A. Karlin, C. L. Weill, M. G. McNamee and R. Valderrama    203Some Structural Properties of the Cholinergic Receptor Protein in Its Membrane Environment Relevant to Its Function as a Pharmacological Receptor J.-P. Changeux, L. Benedetti, J.-P. Bourgeois, A. Brisson, J. Cartaud, P. Devaux, H. Griinhagen, M. Moreau, J.-L. Popot, A. Sobel and M. Weber    211On the Interaction between Cobra a-Neurotoxin and the Acetyicholine Receptor A. Maelicke and E. Reich    231Turnover of Acetylcholine Receptors in Skeletal Muscle P. N. Devreotes and D. M. Fambrough    237The Biochemical Properties and Regulation of Acetylcholine Receptors in Nor- mal and Denervated Muscle J. P. Brockes, D. K. Berg and Z. W. Hall    253Control of ACh Sensitivity in Rat Muscle Fibers T. Lømo and R. H. Westgaard    263Persistence of Junctional Acetyicholine Receptors following Denervation E. Frank, K. Gautvik and H. Sommerschild    275Synaptic Organization and Acetylcholine Sensitivity of Multiply Innervated Autonomic Ganglion Cells S. Roper, D. Purves and U. J. McMahan    283GATING CURRENTS IN NERVEProperties of the Sodium Channel Gating Current F. Bezanilla and C. M. Armstrong    297Gating Mechanism for the Activation of the Sodium Conductance in Nerve Membranes E. Rojas    305GENETIC AND DEVELOPMENTAL APPROACHESAnatomy and Development of Identified Cells in Isogenic Organisms F. Le vinthal, E. Macagno and C. Levinthal    321Synaptic Specificity in the Cerebellar Cortex: Study of Anomalous Circuits Induced by Single Gene Mutations in Mice P. Rakic    333FORMATION AND MMNTENANCE OF SYNAPSESEnrichment of Nerve-Muscle Synapses in Spinal Cord-Muscle Cultures and Identification of Relative Peaks of ACh Sensitivity at Sites of Transmitter Release G. D. Fischbach, D. K. Berg, S. A. Cohen and E. Frank    347

Central Nervous System Synapses in Cell Culture P. G. Nelson    359

Synapse Formation and Neurotrophic Effects on Muscle Cell Lines Y. Kido- koro, S. Heinemann, D. Schubert, B. L. Brandt and F. G. Klier    373

Biochemical Studies on the Development of Primary Sympathetic Neurons in Cell Culture P. H. Patterson, L. F. Reichardt and L. L. Y. Chun    389

Physiological and Morphological Studies on Developing Sympathetic Neurons in Dissociated Cell Culture P. H. O'Lague, P. R. MacLeish, C. A. Nurse, P. Claude, E. J. Furshpan and D. D. Potter    399

The Formation of Neuromuscular Synapses M. R. Bennett and A. G. Pettigrew    409

Formation and Elimination of Synapses in Skeletal Muscles of Rat J. K. S. Jansen, D. C. Van Essen and M. C. Brown    425

Physiological Properties of Nerve-Muscle Junctions Developing In Vivo M. J. Dennis and C. A. Ort    435

Cell Junctions in Development, with Particular Reference to the Neural Tube J.-P. Revel and S. S. Brown    443


Responses of Spinal Motor Neurons to Section and Restoration of Peripheral Motor Connections M. Kuno    457

A Common Presynaptic Locus for the Synaptic Changes Underlying Short-term Habituation and Sensitization of the Gill-withdrawal Reflex in Aplysia E. R. Kandel, M. Brunelli, J. Byrne and V. Castellucci    465

Modification and Regeneration of Synaptic Connections in Cultured Leech Ganglia S. Miyazaki, J. G. Nicholls and B. G. Wallace    483

Repair of Specific Neuronal Pathways in the Leech D. Van Essen and J. K. S. Jansen    495

Topographic Polarity of the Optic Tectum Studied by Reimplantation of the Tectal Tissue in Adult Goldfish M. G. Yoon    503


Ultrastructural Analysis of Functional Changes in the Synaptic Endings of Turtle Cone Cells S. F. Schaeffer and E. Raviola    521

Transmission of Signals from Photoreceptors of Ganglion Cells in the Eye of the Turtle D. A. Baylor and R. Fettiplace    529

Synaptic Transmission from Photoreceptors to Bipolar and Horizontal Cells in the Carp Retina A. Kaneko and H. Shimazaki    537

Receptor Coupling in the Toad Retina G. L. Fain, G. H. Gold and J. E. Dowling    547

Signal Transmission from Photoreceptors to Ganglion Cells in the Visual Sys- tem of the Giant Barnacle S. Ozawa, S. Hagiwara, K. Nicolaysen and A. E. Stuart    563

Synaptic Chemistry of Identified Cells in the Vertebrate Retina D. M. K. Lam    571

Functional Architecture of Area 17 in Normal and Monocularly Deprived Ma- caque Monkeys D. H. Hubel, T. N. Wiesel and S. LeVay    581

The Functional Organization of Projections from Striate to Prestriate Visual Cortex in the Rhesus Monkey S. M. Zeki    591

Synaptic Competition in the Kitten's Visual Cortex C. Blakemore, R. C. Van Sluyters and J. A. Movshon    601

Adaptive Synaptic Connections Formed in the Visual Pathways in Response to Congenitally Aberrant Inputs R. W. Guillery and V. A. Casagrande    611


Basilar Membrane Motion G. Zweig    619

Nonlinear Interactions Underlying Visual Orientation Behavior of the Fly T. Poggio and W. Reichardt    635

Analyzing Natural Images: A Computational Theory of Texture Vision D. Marr    647

Peripheral Feedback in the Leech Swimming Rhythm W. B. Kristan, Jr. and G. S. Stent    663


The Synapse C. F. Stevens    675