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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1968:   Replication of DNA in Microorganisms, Vol. XXXIII

Organizer: John Cairns


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Foreword    v
List of Previous Volumes    vi
Photographs of Some Symposium Participants    vii
List of Those Attending the Symposium    xi
ENGLUND, P. T., M. P. DEUTSCHER, T. M. JOVIN, R. B. KELLY, N. R. COZZARELLI, and A. KORNBERG: Structural and functional properties of Eseherichia coli DNA polymerase    1
GOULIAN, M.: Initiation of the replication of single-stranded DNA by Eseherichia coli DNA polymerase    11
GELLERT, M., J. W. LITTLE, C. K. OSHINSKY, and S. B. ZIMMERMAN: Joining of DNA strands by DNA ligase of E. coli    21
OLIVERA, B. M., Z. W. HALL, Y. ANRAKU, J. R. CHIEN, and I. R. LEHMAN: Onthe mechanism of the polynucleotide joining reaction    27
KHORANA, H. G., H. BÜCHI, M. H. CARUTHERS, S. H. CHANG, N. K. GUPTA, A. KUMAR, E. OHTSUKA, V. SGARAMELLA, and H. WEBER: Progress in the total synthesis of the gene for ala-Trna    35
GANESAN, A. T.: Studies on in vitro replication of Bacillus subtilis DNA    45
BAUTZ, E. K. F., F. A. BAUTZ, and W. RPGER: A biological assay for in vitro repair of phage T4 DNA    59
ROSENBERG, B. H., and L. F. CAVALIERI: Shear sensitivity of the E. coli genome: Multiple membrane attachment points of the E. coli DNA    65
AUGUST, J. T., A. K. BANERJEE, L. EOYANG, M. T. F. DE FERNANDEZ, K. HORI, C. H. KUO, U. RENSING, and L. SHAPIRO: Synthesis of bacterio- phage Qb RNA    73
WEISSMANN, C., G. FEIX, H. SLOR: In vitro synthesis of phage RNA: the nature of the intermediates    83
SPIEGELMAN, S., N. R. PACE, D. R. MILLS, R. LEVISOHN, T. S. EIKHOM, M. M. TAYLOR, R. L. PETERSON, and D. H. L. BlSHOP: The mechanism of RNA replication    101
MARINO, P., M. I. BALDI, and G. P. TOCCHINI-VALENTINI: Effect of Rifampicin on DNA-dependent RNA polymerase and on RNA phage growth    125
OKAZAKI, R., T. OKAZAKI, K. SAKABE, K. SUGIMOTO, R. KAINUMA, A. SUGINO, and N. IWATSUKI: In vivo mechanism of DNA chain growth    129
NEWMAN, J., and P. HANAWALT: Intermediates in T4 DNA replication in a T4 ligase deficient strain    145
RICHARDSON, C. C., Y. MASAMUNE, T. R. LIVE, A. JACQUEMIN-SABLON, B. WEISS, and G. FAREED: Studies on the joining of DNA by polynucleotide ligase of phage T4    151
SADOWSKI, P., B. GINSBERG, A. YUDELEVICH, L. FEINER, and J. HURWITZ: Enzymatic mechanisms of the repair and breakage of DNA    165
KIDSON, C.: Analysis of DNA fine secondary structure in relation to replication and transcription    179
HANAWALT, P. C., D. E. PETTIJOHN, E. C. PAULING, C. F. BRUNK, D. W. SMITH,L. C. KANNER, and J. L. COUCH: Repair replication of DNA in vivo    187
HOWARD-FLANDERS, P., W. D. RUPP, B. M. WILKINS, and R. S. COLE: DNAreplication and recombination after UV-irradiation    195
SETLOW, J. K., M. L. RANDOLPH, M. E. BOLING, A. MATTINGLY, G. PRICE, and M. P. GORDON: Repair of DNA in Haemophilus influenzae. II. Excision, repair of single-strand breaks, defects in transformation and host-cell modification in UV-sensitive mutants    209
TAKAGI, Y., M. SEKIGUCHI, S. OKUBO, H. NAKAYAMA, K. SHIMADA, S. YASUDA, T. MISHIMOTO, and H. YOSHIHARA: Nucleases specific for ultraviolet light- irradiated DNA and their possible role in dark repair    219
GROSSMAN, L., J. KAPLAN, S. KUSHNER, and I. MAHLER: Enzymes involved in the early stages of repair of ultraviolet-irradiated DNA    229
GANESAN, A. K., and K. C. SMITH: Recovery of recombination-deficient mutants of Escherichia coli K-12 from ultraviolet irradiation    235
TOMIZAWA, J., and H. OGAWA: Breakage of DNA in Rec+ and Rec- bacteria by disintegration of radiophosphorus atoms in DNA and possible causes of pleiotropic effects of RecA mutation    243
STEINBERG, R. A.: Effects of 32P-decay on chromosome transfer by a radiation- sensitive Hfr strain of Escherichia coli    253
BUTTIN, G., and M. R. WRIGHT: Enzymatic DNA degradation in E. coli: Its relationship to synthetic processes at the chromosome level    259
FRIEDBERG, E. C., and D. A. GOLDTHWAIT. Endonuclease II of E. coli    271
STRAUSS, B M. COYLE, and M. ROBBINS: Alkylation damage and its repair    277
ALBERTS, B. M., F. J. AMODIO, M. JENKINS, E. D. GUTMAN, and F. L. FERRIS: Studies with DNA-cellulose chromatography. I. DNA-binding proteins from E. coli    289
GROSS, J. D., D. KARAMATA, and P. G. HEMPSTEAD: Temperature-sensitive mutants of B. subtilis defective in DNA synthesis    307
MENDELSON, N. H.: Can defective segregation prevent initiation?    313
KOHLYAMA, M.: DNA synthesis in temperature-sensitive mutants of Escherichia coli    317
BERNSTEIN, H.: Repair and recombination in phage T4. I. Genes affecting recombination    325
BALDY, M. W.: Repair and recombination in phage T4. II. Genes affecting UV sensitivity    333
DRAKE, J. W., and E. F. ALLEN: Antimutagenic DNA polymerases of bacterio- phage T4    339
SPEYER, J. F., and D. ROSENBERG: The function of T4 DNA polymerase    345
CHIU, C-S, and G. R. GREENBERG: Evidence for a possible direct role of dCMP hydroxymethylase in T4 phage DNA synthesis    351
MOSIG, G., R. EHRING, and E. O. DUERE: Replication and recombination of DNA fragments in bacteriophage T4    361
AMATI, P., and R. FAVEE: Phage DNA synthesis in bacteria infected with T4 light particles    371
KOZINSKI, A. W.: Molecular recombination in the ligase-negative T4 amber mutant    375
SESNOWITZ-HORN, S., and E. A. ADELBERG: Profiavin treatment of Escherichia coli: Generation of frameshift mutations    393
DAVISON, P. F.: DNA replication: Physical factors    403
WANG, J. C., and N. DAVIDSON: Cyclization of phage DNAs    409
THOMAS, C. A., JR., T. KELLY, JR., and M. RHOADES: The intracellular forms of T7 and P22 DNA molecules    417
FREIFELDER, D.: Studies with Escherichia coli sex factors    425
HUDSON, B., D. A. CLAYTON, and J. VINOGRAD: Complex mitochondrial DNA    435
SINSHEIMER, R. L., R. KNIPPERS, and T. KOMANO: Stages in the replication of bacteriophage X174 DNA in vivo    443
DENHARDT, D. T., and A. B. BURGESS: DNA replication in vitro. I. Synthesis of single-stranded X174 DNA in crude lysates of X-infected E. coli    449
RUSH, M. G., and R. C. WARNER: Molecular recombination ma circular genome- X174 and S13    459
HSU, Y.: Regulation of the propagation of HR virus plasmid    467
GILBERT, W., and D. DRESSLER: DNA replication: the rolling circle model    473
FRANKEL, F. R.: DNA replication after T4 infection    485
FRANKEL, F. R., C. MAJUMDAR, S. WEINTRAUB, and D. M. FRANKEL: DNApolymerase and the cell membrane after T4 infection    495
WERNER, R.: Initiation and propagation of growing points in DNA of phage T4    501
HUBERMAN, J.: Visualization of replicating mammalian and T4 bacteriophage DNA    509
WEISSBACH, A., P. BARTL, and L. A. SALZMAN: The structure of replicative lambda DNA-electron microscope studies    525
TOMIZAWA, J., and T. OGAWA: Replication of phage lambda DNA    533
NAGATA, T., and M. MESELSON: Periodic replication of DNA in steadily growing E. coli: the localized origin of replication    553
CARO, L. G., and C. M. BERG: Chromosome replication in some strains of Escherichia coli K12    559
WOLF, B., M. L. PATO, C. B. WARD, and D. A. GLASER: On the origin and direction of replication of the E. coli chromosome    575
VIELMETTER, W., W. MESSER, and A. SCHUTTE: Growth direction and segregation of the E. coli chromosome    585
CERD-OLMEDA, E., and P. HANAWALT: The replication of Escherichia coli chromosome studied by sequential nitrosoguanadine mutagenesis    599
LEPECQ, J.-B., and R. L. BALDWIN: The starting point and direction of lDNA replication    609
MAKOVER, S.: A preferred origin for the replication of lambda DNA    621

BONHOEFFER, F., and W. VIELMETTER: Conjugational DNA transfer in E. coli    623
FISHER, K. W., and M. B. FISHER: Nalidixic acid inhibition of DNA transfer in E. coli K12    629
COHEN, A., W. D. FISHER, R. CURTISS, III, and H. I. ADLER: The properties of DNA transferred to minicells during conjugation    635
GUILD, W. R., A. CATO, JR., and S. LACKS: Transformation and DNA size: two controlling parameters and the efficiency of the single strand intermediates    643
RUPP, W. D., and G. IHLER: Strand selection during bacterial mating    647
OHKI, M., and J. TOMIZAWA: Asymmetric transfer of DNA strands in bacterial conjugation    651

BOTSTEIN, D., and M. LEVINE: Intermediates in the synthesis of phage P22 DNA    659
RYTER, A., Y. HIROTA, and F. JACOB: DNA-membrane complex and nuclear segregation in bacteria    669
HIROTA, Y., A. RYTER, and F. JACOB: Thermosensitive mutants of E. coli affected in the processes of DNA synthesis and cellular division    677
SUEOKA, N., and W. G. QUINN: Membrane attachment of the chromosomereplication origin in Bacillus subtilis    695
EARHART, F., G. Y. TREMBLAY, M. J. DANIELS, and M. SCHAECHTER: DNA replication studied by a new method for the isolation of cell membrane-DNA complexes    707

SIGNER, E., H. ECHOLS, J. WEIL, C. RADDING, M. SHULMAN, L. MOORE, and K. MANLY: The general recombination system of bacteriophage l    711
SIGNER, E. and J. WElL: Site-specific recombination of bacteriophage l    715
GINGERY, R., and H. ECHOLS: Integration, excision, and transducing particle genesis by bacteriophage l    721
KAISER, A. D., and R. WU: Structure and function of DNA cohesive ends    729
GOTTESMAN, M., and M. YARMOLINSKY: The integration and excision of the bacteriophage lambda genome    735
MOUSSET, S., and R. THOMAS: Dilysogenic excision: an accessory expression of the termination function?    749
EISEN, H., L. H. PEREIRA DA SILVA, and F. JACOB: The regulation and mech- anism of DNA synthesis in bacteriophage lambda    755
CALEF, E., and Z. NEUBAUER: Active and inactive states of the CI gene in some l defective phages    765
MATSUBARA, K., and A. D. KAISER: l dv, an autonomously replicating DNA fragment    769
DULBECCO, R.: The state of the DNA of polyoma virus and 5V40 in transformed cells    777
ROSNER, J. L., L. R. KASS, and M. B. YARMOLINSKY: Parallel behavior of F and P1 in causing indirect induction of lysogenic bacteria    785
IKEDA, H., and J. TOMIZAWA: Prophage P1, an extrachromosomal replication unit    791

BIRD, R., and K. G. LARK: Initiation and termination of DNA replication after amino acid starvation of E. coli 15T-    799
HELMSTETTER, C. E., S. COOPER, O. PIERUCCI, and E. REVELAS: On the bacterial life sequence    809
CLARK, D. J.: The regulation of DNA replication and cell division in E. coli B/r    823
SGARAMELLA, V., S. SPADARI, and A. FALASCHI: Isolation of the hybrid between ribosomal RNA and DNA of Bacillus subtilis    839
YOSHIKAWA, H., and M. HAAS: On the regulation of the initiation of DNA replication in bacteria    843

HOTCHKISS, R.: Metabolism and growth of gene substance: 1968    857