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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1962:   Basic Mechanisms in Animal Virus Biology, Vol. XXVII

Organizer: Arthur Chovnick


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Foreword      v
List of Previous Volumes    vi Photographs of Some Symposium Participants    vii List of Those Attending the Symposium    ix STRUCTURE AND INTRACELLULAR LOCALIZATION OF VIRUSES CASPAR, D. L. D. AND A. KLUG. Physical Principles in the Construction of Regular Viruses    1 WILDY, P. AND D. H. WATSON. Electron Microscopic Studies on the Architecture of Animal Viruses    25 CASPAR, D. L. D., R. DULBECCO, A. KLUG, A. LWOFF, M. G. P. STOKER, P. TOURNIER, AND P. WILDY. Proposals    49 LWOFF, A., R. HORNE, AND P. TOURNIER. A System of Viruses    51 MORGAN, C., R. A. RIFKIND, AND H. M. ROSE. The Use of Ferritin-conjugated Antibodies in Electron Microscopic Studies of Influenza and Vaccinia Virus    57 BERNHARD, W., AND P. TOURNIER. Ultrastructural Cytochemistry Applied to the Study of Virus Infection    67 PROPERTIES OF THE VIRAL NUCLEIC ACID WEIL, R. The Subviral Infective Agent from Polyoma Virus    83 SCHAFFER, F. L. Physical and Chemical Properties and Infectivity of RNA from Animal Viruses    89 MECHANISM OF PENETRATION INTO THE CELLS HOLLAND, J. J., AND B. H. HOYER. Early Stages of Enterovirus Infection    101 HOYLE, L. The Entry of Myxoviruses into the Cell    113 MANDEL, B. Early Stages of Virus-Cell Interaction as Studied by using Antibody    123 REPLICATION OF THE VIRAL NUCLEIC ACID WECKER, E., AND A. RICHTER. Conditions for the Replication of Infectious Viral RNA    137 DARNELL, J. E., Jr. Early Events in Poliovirus Infection    149 LWOFF, A. The Thermosensitive Critical Event of the Viral Cycle    159 FRANKLIN, R. M.. AND D. BALTIMORE. Patterns of Macromolecular Synthesis in Normal and Virus-infected Mammalian Cells    175 JOKLIK, W. K. The Multiplication of Poxvirus DNA    199 HANAFUSA, H. Factors Involved in the Initiation of Multiplication of Vaccinia Virus    209 GREEN, M. Studies on the Biosynthesis of Viral DNA    219 SYNTHESIS OF THE CONSTITUENTS OF THE VIRAL CAPSID IN THE INFECTED CELLS SALZMAN, N. P., A. J. SHATKIN, AND E. D. SEBRING. On the Replication of Vaccinia Virus    237 SCHOLTISSEK, C., R. ROTT, P. HAUSEN, H. HAUSEN, AND W. SCHAFER. Comparative Studies of RNA and Protein Synthesis with a Myxovirus and a small Polyhedral Virus    245 KERR, I. M., E. M. MARTIN, M. G. HAMILTON, AND T. S. WORK. The Initiation of Virus Protein Synthesis in Krebs Ascites Tumor Cells Infected with EMC Virus    59 ATTARDI, G., AND J. SMITH. Virus Specific Protein and a Ribonucleic Acid Associated with Ribosomes in Poliovirus Infected HeLa Cells    271KATES, M., A. C. ALLISON, D. A. J. TYRELL, AND A. T. JAMES. Origin of Lipids in Influenza Viru    293 GENETICS OF ANIMAL VIRUSES

HIRST, G. K. Genetic Recombination with Newcastle Disease Virus, Polioviruses, and Influenza    303

CAIRNS, J. The Application of Autoradiography to the Study of DNA Viruses    311

GRANOFF, A. Heterozygosis and Phenotypic Mixing with Newcastle Disease Virus    319


ROIZMAN, B. Polykaryocytosis    327

ISAACS, A. Production and Action of Interferon    343

MARCUS, P. I. Dynamics of Surface Modification in Myxovirus-Infected Cells    351


VOGT, M. AND R. DULBECCO. Properties of Cells Transformed by Polyoma Virus    367

STOKER, M. AND P. ABEL. Conditions Affecting Transformation by Polyoma Virus    375

ITO, Y. Relationship of Components of Papilloma Virus to Papilloma and Carcinoma Cells    387

VOGT, P. K., AND H. RUBIN. The Cytology of Rous Sarcoma Virus Infection    395

TEMIN, H. M. Separation of Morphological Conversion and Virus Production in Rous Sarcoma Virus Infection    407

BALUDA, M. A. Properties of Cells Infected with Avian Myeloblastosis Virus    415

ABERCROMBIE, M. Contact-dependent Behavior of Normal Cells and the Possible Significance of Surface Changes in Virus-induced Transformation    427


HABEL, K. Antigenic Properties of Cells Transformed by Polyoma Virus    433

RUBIN, H. The Immunological Basis For Non-infective Rous Sarcomas    441

EVANS, C. A., R. S. WEISER, AND Y. ITO. Antiviral and Antitumor Immunologic Mechanisms Operative in the Shope Papilloma-Carcinoma System    453

KLEIN, G., AND E. KLEIN. Antigenic Properties of other Experimental Tumors    463


BURMESTER,B.R. Transmission of Avian Lymphomatosis    471

HOTCHIN, J. The Biology of Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Infection: Virus- induced Immune Disease    479

SEECOF, R. L. CO2 Sensitivity in Drosophila as a Latent Virus Infection    501

ZILBER, L. A. Interaction between Tumor Viruses and Cells in Cysts and Tumors Induced by these Viruses in various Animal Species    513


DULBECCO, R. Basic Mechanisms in the Biology of Animal Viruses    519