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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1950:   Origin and Evolution of Man, Vol. XV

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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Foreword    v
List of Participants    vii Population as a Unit of Study STRANDSKOV, H. H. The genetics of human populations    1 BUZZATI-TRAVERSO, A. Genetic structure of natural populations and interbreeding units in the human species    13 THIEME, FREDERICK P. Problems and methods of population surveys    25 BATES, MARSTON. Concluding remarks of the chairman    35 Origin of the Human Stock SCHULTZ, ADOLPH H. The specializations of man and his place among the catarrhine primates    37 SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD. Some principles of historical biology bearing on human origins    55 WASHBURN, S. L. The analysis of primate evolution with particular reference to the origin of man    67 HOWELLS, W. W. Concluding remarks of the chairman    79 Classification of Fossil Men MCCOWN, THEODORE D. The genus Palaeoanthropus and the problem of superspecific differentiation among the Hominidae    87 STEWART, T. D. The problem of the earliest claimed representatives of Homo sapiens    97 MAYR, ERNST. Taxonomic categories in fossil hominids    109 KROGMAN, WILTON MARION. Concluding remarks of the chairman    119 Genetic Analysis of Racial Traits (I) BÖÖK, J. A. Clinical and genetical entities in human populations, with some remarks on schizo- phrenia, manic-depressive psychosis and mental deficiency in a North Swedish population    123 KEMP, TAGE. The frequency of diseases affected by heredity in Denmark    129 NEEL, JAMES V. The population genetics of two inherited blood dyscrasias in man    141 SNYDER, LAURENCE H. Concluding remarks of the chairman    159 Genetic Analysis of Racial Traits (II) LAUGHLIN, W. S. Blood groups, morphology and population size of the Eskimos    165 SPUHLER, J. N. Genetics of three normal morphological variations: Patterns of superficial veins of the anterior thorax, peroneus tertius muscle and number of vallate papillae    175 LASKER, GABRIEL WARD. Genetic analysis of racial traits of the teeth    191

REED, SHELDON C. Concluding remarks of the chairman    205

Genetic Analysis of Racial Traits (III)

RACE, R. R. The eight blood group systems and their inheritance    207

MOURANT, A. E. The blood groups of the peoples of the Mediterranean area    221

BOYD, W. C. Three general types of racial characteristics    233

OLIVER, CLARENCE P. Concluding remarks of the chairman    243

Race Concept and Human Races

COON, CARLETON STEVENS. Human races in relation to environment and culture with special refer- ence to the influence of culture upon genetic changes in human populations    247

BIRDSELL, JOSEPH B. Some implications of the genetical concept of, race in terms of spatial analysis    259

MONTAGU, M. F. ASHLEY. A consideration of the concept of race    315

LUNDMAN, BERTIL. Anthropological maps of the Nordic countries    337

ANGEL, J. LAWRENCE. Population size and microevolution in Greece    343

DUNN, L.C. Concluding remarks of the chairman    353


GARN, STANLEY MARION. The constitutional modification of mendelian traits in man    355

SELTZER, CARL C. Constitutional aspects of juvenile delinquency    361

SHELDON, WILLIAM H. The somatotype, the morphophenotype and morphogenotype    373

HOOTON, E. A. Concluding remarks of the chairman    383

Perspectives of Future Research

DOBZHANSKY, THEODOSIUS. Human diversity and adaptation    385

KLOCKHOHN, CLYDE, and GRIFFITH, CHARLES. Population genetics and social anthropology    401

STEM, CURT. Concluding remarks of the chairman    409